7 Best Fan Clutch For Dodge Cummins – A Pocket Conscious List

With more than twenty billion dollars of sales profits, Cummins is making a lot of people scream with admirability. The engine probably reminds you of Dodge Ram and typically these are common engine choices for the vehicle. The fortune 500 company is rocking with the sales of this extremely appreciable engine.

Being in four diverse categories, Cummins is fantastic in functionality and effectiveness. When you think about finding a clutch for the Cummins, it needs to be a serious task to focus on.

Today, let talk about what best fan clutch for dodge Cummins picks are rocking 2021.

Best Fan Clutch For Dodge Cummins

Product’s Name Key Benefits Price
OAW 12-CR3282 Cooling Fan Clutch Increase Engine Working Speed Details On Amazon
Electronic Radiator Cooling Fan Clutch Consistent And Supportive Details On Amazon
Mopar 55056990AC Cooling Fan Clutch Stops Reheat Issue Details On Amazon
US Motor Works 22059 Fan Clutch Increase Fuel Efficiency Details On Amazon
Mechapro 2775 Cooling Fan Clutch Fine For Better Performance Details On Amazon
Topaz 2781 Cooling Fan Clutch Works Silently And Smoothly Details On Amazon
KINCARPRO 2798 Cooling Fan Clutch Easy To Handle Details On Amazon

We have complete reviews for the 7 clutch recommendations next.

Most Of The Ford Owners Buy This One

1. OAW 12-CR3282 Cooling Fan Clutch– Give Your Truck Engine Fast Acceleration with This One

 Why Buy It: For the best clutch for Dodge Cummins, the OAW brand is a great option. This brand offers great cooling power that helps to improve your truck acceleration faster.

This fan clutch comes with Original Equipped fits that make sure it fits in the most engines. Not only that, but it also fits better than the aftermarket and lasts longer.

It also comes with 30 days of returnable polity if you find any mistake in materials or other logical faults. With this option, you can enjoy perfect repair or replacement.

On top of that, this cooling fan clutch features pleasant exchangeable option with Hayden 3282. With this benefit, you can easily mount it in any truck that used this version of clutch.

The 12-CR3282 cooling fan clutch comes with great features for a driver’s riding. If you prefer better speeding up engine, then it’s a better choice.


  • Excellent customer service.
  • Great option to solve heating issues.
  • It appears with a fixed cooling fan.
  • Tested for use in the road.
  • The welding rod works amazing.


  • This fan clutch is not for racing purposes.

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2. Electronic Radiator Cooling Fan Clutch– Get Improved Engine Power with This One

Why Buy It
Looking for the best Dodge Cummins fan clutch review? Let’s start with it. The Electronic Radiator fan clutch serves optimal features that give your truck better engine power to run.

This fan clutch comes with great fitment that’s fully compatible with the 2003 to 2009 Dodge Ram 2500. Also, it fits perfectly on the Dodge Ram 3500 engine.

It as well comes with amazing performance to give your engine better operative control while on road. Plus, the fan clutch helps your truck to go faster with no trouble of engine high heat.

With the perfect size, this fan clutch is made for setting in the truck front areas. This thing helps greatly for the first-timer while fitting.

For the most part, the cooling fan clutch is great for amazing control during cruising. Those who want better energy and performance on their engine, it’s what you need the most.


  • Made of good quality components.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes at a reasonable price point.
  • Great option for engine temperature control.
  • It increases the performance of the truck.


  • Most people find the wire too short.

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3. Mopar 55056990AC Cooling Fan Clutch– A Reliable and Lasting Option for Your Ram 2500

Why Buy It
Unlike other models, the Mopar fan clutch comes with reliable features for 2500 and 3500 Rams. It also gives your truck the word of durability that lasts for a longer period of time.

This cooling fan clutch comes with amazing bracket shroud with hexagon bolts to fit smoothly. With these parts, you can without difficulty install it to your truck engine.

Made in the USA, this fan clutch comes with genuine OEM parts and accessories to ensure dependability. It also gives trusted standard to use in the road with no mishaps.

Besides, it is backed by the Mopar brand’s for up to 12 months with 12,000 miles of warranty. This thing assures you of the longevity that it performs.

The Mopar brand comes with affordable, consistent and long-term quality for every driver to enjoy better. They also give factory state performance for the perfect restoring benefits.


  • It takes no effort to fit.
  • The fan clutch lasts longer.
  • It fits the 2004 Dodge Ram.
  • The brand offers a limited warranty option.
  • It solves the heating problem.


  • Most people find it too expensive.

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4. US Motor Works 22059 Fan Clutch– Stop Your Engine to Get Overheated with This One

Why Buy It
Designed with unique quality, the US Motor Works fan clutch gives an amazing cooling effect. It also helps your truck engine to feel cool even when running for hours.

This fan clutch comes with CNC machined which means a manufacturing method to order the faction of factory parts. It actually begins done with pre-programmed computer software.

Plus, the US Motor Works brand features all-aluminum body to assure durability and coverage. It also gives better strength against engine high performance to get rid of reheat issues.

On top, it comes with strong bearing with high temp moly grease. This thing is most helpful on gears and splines that metal slides against metal when it’s under high pressure.

In general, the fan clutch is good in design and quality for domestic and import trucks. The brand offers the highest quality material for their beloved buyers to enjoy worth service.


  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The fan clutch made of strong material.
  • Trouble-free to fit.
  • It comes with OE standard parts.
  • Good for noise-free performance.


  • There are a couple available in stoke.

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5. Mechapro 2775 Cooling Fan Clutch– Increase Your Engine Fuel Economy with This One

Why Buy It
This fan clutch by the Mechapro brand comes with modern facilities to save your fuel and bucks together. It also helps your truck engine to run faster without spending much fuel.

In addition, the fan clutch features amazing warranty for up to 3 years. The brand assures 100,000 kilometers of assurance for every buyer with lasting value.

It also manufactured in ISO 2009 certified features for reliable performance. With this option, you don’t need to worry about accidents or leakages while riding on the road.

This cooling fan clutch also comes with boosting engine power to help your truck operate serenely. With this option, you can drive in peace easily with irksome noise.

Overall, the fan clutch is right for a novice as it results in smooth transitional speed and reduces air pressure. It’s also compatible with Ford F-150 Dodge Ram engine.


  • It fits on most trucks.
  • The fan clutch has a decent value.
  • Great option for a novice.
  • It gives less heating extension.
  • The fan clutch has full availability in stroke.


  • Some buyers don’t like it fixed design.

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6. Topaz 2781 Cooling Fan Clutch– Find Your Engine’s Silent Working with This One

Why Buy It
Nothing is better than a peaceful fan clutch on an engine which the Topaz brand is expert to serve. This brand also comes with quiet operating clutch to give you and your family a cozy ride.

The cooling fan clutch comes with good quality at an affordable price point. With this feature, you can enjoy better cooling performance in a reasonable value.

With premium performance, this Topaz brand comes with 1 year of warranty benefits to find replacement. This thing helps the most when having trouble with material issues or faults.

It’s also compatible with the 1997 to 2004 Dodge Ram 3.9L, 4.7L, & 5.9L engines. And, the fan clutch suitable for 2001 Dodge Ram 4.1L engine.

On the whole, the cooling fan clutch has good durability and worth for the novice. It’s also great with the original car parts fitment.


  • The performance is exceptional.
  • Good price point to get.
  • It takes 20 minutes to set up.
  • The short-shaft works amazing.
  • It works amazing to operate quietly.


  • This fan clutch’s not as reliable as other models.

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7. KINCARPRO 2798 Cooling Fan Clutch– Simple Conduct to Install at Ease with This One

Why Buy It
KINCARPRO is another brand that stays on top for its simplicity to handle style on most trucks. This fan clutch also helps buyers to set up freely at home.    

It’s a masterpiece to solve the common issues of engine working for better driving. Also, the fan clutch can improve your engine excessive drag and less operation speed issues.

With 2 years of quality assurance, the brand gives the safest options for your engine to fulfill the desire. Plus, they assure the quality at first and gives smart solution to bad engine run.

This durable fan clutch comes with mechanical stability to protect it from rust issues. It also helps you without extra bucks to spend on parts.

In short, this fan clutch is great to boost engine boundaries and weaknesses. It’s suitable for the 1990-1999 Dodge D250 Ram 2500 engine.


  • It helps to reduce excessive free play.
  • Great replacement for the old one.
  • Improves trucks working on the road.
  • It has 2 years of warranty support.
  • For the price, it’s tough to beat.


  • It’s hard to install.

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What to Look for the Fan Clutch for Dodge Cummins?

Choosing the best clutch for dodge Cummins needs some consideration. The following details will guide you to pick the right one for the car engine.

Decide on the Performance

A good fan clutch gives better acceleration, fuel efficiency and increases power. As the good-performing fan tends to avoid drag, you can solve the most critical issue on the engine. So, remember to pick one based on the performance.

Choose Noise Free Fan Clutch

You should always go with a fan clutch that includes quiet operation on the engine. Now, this thing is important if you don’t want to hear irritating loud noise while driving a truck.

Pick One Based on Its Cooling System

Most people prefer better cooling options in a fan clutch for their truck engines. It’s essential to keep your engine cool while being operated for a longer time. So, go for the cooling fan clutch.

Don’t Forget the Quality Guarantee

The quality claim is essential to learn before choosing the fan clutch. Most brands offer 1 to 3 years of assurance on the parts and accessories. Therefore, choose wisely based on the quality claim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why a fan clutch needs replacement?

Fan clutch at some point gets older and stops working. One of the major signs of a bad fan clutch is its overheating engine issue. Other than that, it will gradually run at decreased power, loud noise and acceleration by spending more fuel.

How to test a fan clutch?

To check a fan clutch, you should start by spinning the fan harder on an engine as a fresh attempt. Make sure the engine hasn’t been started the day you test. Depending on its rotation, you’ll find the answer. If the fan rotates 5 times, it means you should get a new one.

How to install a fan clutch?

Installing a fan clutch needs some essential materials to continue. After removing the fan and shroud, you should clean the area. And then, install the new fan clutch by tightening the bolts.


Clutches have quite limitations and facilities. You need to find the best fan clutch for dodge cummins that can provide you with the extreme horsepower holding ability on street. However, these are typically hard to control on-road as well. So, you must know what you are looking for. Make sure you mull over what purpose the truck is used for. So that you can decide the consequences yourself.

Clutches are not indestructible parts. But still, you can make a durable decision by spending a good amount of time researching during the pre-purchase phase.