Best Ignition Coils For Ford F150 – Top 7 Picks To Discover

All the energy responsibilities fall under this very important part called the ignition coil. The component helps to make a spark that will eventually ignite fuel in gasoline engines.

These are the hulk of a transportation system that needs to be built good, have worthy quality and ability to tackle in various conditions.

And so, it’s pretty important to pay attention to buying the best coil pack for 5.4 triton that actually meets your expectations and realilty equally.

Hurry? Here’re Our Top Picks…

Ignition Coils Name


Motovecor DG508 Ignition Coil

This Ignition coil is an ideal pick that solves the snag of backfire, truck stalling, and coil failure. It also has a lifetime quality assurance.
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ENA ENAIC115401 Ignition Coil

With great performance and reliability, this ignition coil has an OE standard design to use in any truck. It also ensures fast and easy set up with no struggle.
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MegaFlint MF-Y508 Ignition Coil

Achieve 15% faster energy, the MegaFlint ignition coil has OE standard quality to cut low emission effortlessly. It also ensures high-quality output overall for truck mileage.
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By the way, let’s grab the initial list of 7 best ignition coils for ford f150:

  1. Motovecor DG508 Ignition Coil– Make Your Truck Perform Like a New One***Ford Owners 1st Picks
  2. ENA ENAIC115401 Ignition Coil– Heavy Duty Coil for a Smooth Drive***2nd Best Alternative
  3. MegaFlint MF-Y508 Ignition Coil– Upgrade 15% More Power for Your Ford F150***Go Getter One
  4. King Auto Parts DG508GREEN Ignition Coil– Find Higher Energy Output with This One
  5. ENA ENAICJ1151 Ignition Coil– An Expert Racing Coil for Most Road Conditions
  6. ENA ENAICK1154 Ignition Coil– Improve Your Truck stability in the Worst Weather
  7. ENA ENAICK1151 Ignition Coil– Get High Performance under Lots of Stress

Best Ignition Coils For Ford 150

Product’s Name Key Benefits Price
Motovecor DG508 Ignition Coil Increase Truck Speed Details On Amazon
ENA ENAIC115401 Ignition Coil Reduce Fuel Consumption Details On Amazon
MegaFlint MF-Y508 Ignition Coil Improves Truck Driving Ability Details On Amazon
King Auto Parts DG508GREEN Ignition Coil Reliable And Durable Details On Amazon
ENA ENAICJ1151 Ignition Coil Good For Intense Pressure Details On Amazon
ENA ENAICK1154 Ignition Coil Lessen Misfires And Bucking Details On Amazon
ENA ENAICK1151 Ignition Coil Restore Power And Energy Details On Amazon

Let’s have a detailed look at each of these worthy models below in the reviews…

Most Of The Ford Owners Buy This One

###1. Motovecor DG508 Ignition Coil– Make Your Truck Perform Like a New One

The Motovecor DG508 ignition coil has unique features and high components to perform well. It solves the common vehicle problem like coil failure, vehicle stalling, and misfires, etc.

It gives lifting power to increase horsepower and speed while driving with your truck. In fact, the coil gives combustion efficacy with a good amount of heat available from fuel burning.

The Ford F150 ignition coils feature OE certified manufacturer for buyers to use safe products. With this feature, your truck will get 15% more energy for performance and durability.

The ignition coil helps your truck low voltage to transfer into high voltage power by the spark plug. It generates high-efficiency power to give your truck a strong energy conversion.

The DG508 coil comes with amazing benefits to your truck fuel economy to spend less. It increases ignition speed to improve your truck driving ability by saving the fuel.


  • It takes 15 minutes to install.
  • The coil has brilliant value.
  • It helps to restore lost bottom end power.
  • The product gives smooth functions.
  • It gives very efficient and stable results.


  • Some buyers don’t please with its quality.

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2. ENA ENAIC115401 Ignition Coil– Heavy Duty Coil for a Smooth Drive

For the best ignition coils for Ford F150, the ENA ENAIC115401 ignition coil is a great option. It has a pack of 8 that made of the highest-grade materials for your truck’s smoother drive.

This coil features high electric resistance that’s reliable and durable under intense pressure or loads. It truly gives your truck the strength to run at the full speed.

It comes with a tough and rough design made of the quality copper for lifelong usage and support. The ignition coil gives positive energy to perform well from corrosion and abrasion.

The ignition coil is compatible with Ford 4.6L, Lincoln and Mercury vehicle. It also suits well with Expedition, Explorer, Mustang, Mark and Mountaineer vehicles to install.

In most cases, the ENAIC115401 coil gives great capacity to remove misfires and bucking. It has spark plugs that highly forces electricity to arc across the gap for creating a good spark.


  • It has a perfect fit.
  • The coil gives high energy.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Great as a temporary measure.
  • Smooth and more profitable.


  • Most buyers don’t like its performance.

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3. MegaFlint MF-Y508 Ignition Coil– Upgrade 15% More Power for Your Ford F150

The MF-Y508 ignition coil from the popular brand MegaFlint has amazing power on the pickup truck. It comes with 15% more power than the most OE coils.

The MegaFlint brand offers 5 years of lifetime warrants support on the parts and accessories. They provide the OE standard product with quality service for their beloved buyers to please.

It comes with the highest quality copper that gives OE level durability on most vehicles. The ignition coil gives 100% new and high-quality auto parts to perform well on the road.

The product is engineered specifically for 1998 to 2008 Ford 2 valve modular engines. Besides, it works great on the Mustang, Lincoln, Mercury, and Crown Victoria vehicles.

For the most part, the coil features low-emissions and high energy outputs to improve your truck speed.


  • It helps the fuel company to spend less.
  • The coil helps the truck to perform well.
  • It has a decent price point.
  • A dependable coil to restore power and energy.
  • Super easy to attach.


  • We find it good for short-term usage.

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4. King Auto Parts DG508GREEN Ignition Coil– Find Higher Energy Output with This One

Searching for the F150 ignition coil reviews? It’s right here. The King Auto Parts brand comes at a decent price with 4 spark plugs to get higher energy outputs for the most trucks.

The OE standard ignition coils are made to give the best support for your truck. The brand gives quality testing products to their beloved buyers for the best possible performance.

It is quite simple to fit for the high-grade materials that allow specific applications. And, the product features an excellent set of 8 coils in all black.

The coil features high heat resistant compound on the plug boot to resist heat stress or pressure. With this feature, your truck is able to increase its lifespan for longer performance.

By and large, the brilliant product gives low-emissions and high energy outputs for vehicles. It has high quality components with 1 year of limited warrants to trust their features.


  • Very simple to install.
  • It gives smother and positive performance.
  • Good price for the OME parts.
  • It has good quality and features.
  • They offer helpful customer service.


  • The power connector isn’t easy to engage.

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5. ENA ENAICJ1151 Ignition Coil– An Expert Racing Coil for Most Road Conditions

Made of high-grade materials, the ENA brand offers dependable features under extreme stress and pressure. They give the optimal solution to your racing truck for achieving high goals.

This model is a good Ford F150 ignition coil replacement to consider for better performance. It gives reliable driving adjustments with no trouble of misfire or coil failure on the road.

It has high electric resistance option that helps your truck to perform well in any conditions. The coil gives support on the vehicle to transfer the needed speed as soon as possible.

The ENAIC1151 coil gives high voltage power through the spark from plug discharge. It helps your truck to generate high-efficiency energy at high speed.

On top of that, the ignition coil features stable design to get rid of oxidation and scratches. It has thick layers to avoid the abrasion problem.


  • It’s super strong for long-term service.
  • The coil has a very reasonable price.
  • It helps the truck to run longer.
  • The setup is super quick and easy.
  • It reduces bucking and misfiring.


  • This coil is compatible with a few vehicles.

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6. ENA ENAICK1154 Ignition Coil– Improve Your Truck stability in the Worst Weather

Looking for 2006 ford F150 coil pack replacement? For that, the ENA ENAICK1154 ignition coil is a great option. It gives stability to your truck to drive well in the bad weather conditions.

The coil is made with imported quality copper and epoxy that gives thick surface that lasts longer. It also helps the coil to stay away from abrasion and metal stain from corrosion.

With unbelievable features, this coil sure rocks for a novice to get quality at an affordable price. It also comes with a limited warranty from the brand official site or contact.

The ignition coil comes with 2 prong connectors and straight black boots for easy installation. It also fits OE equipment at ease on most vehicles to set up.

In general, The ENAICK1154 ignition coil helps your truck to avoid leaking of fuel. It takes care of the coil failure problem by keeping the perk plug in an optimum condition.


  • Great for getting the job done.
  • It has stable parts.
  • Comes at a decent price point.
  • Compatible with most of truck types.
  • It removes backfire.


  • Most people find it hard to remove.

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7. ENA ENAICK1151 Ignition Coil– Get High Performance under Lots of Stress

The ENA ENAICK1151 ignition coil features stable and durable design to perform well in the road. It helps your truck to increase power under heavy stress and force.

It’s made of the highest-grade materials for solving common problems like backfire or misfire. The coil comes with reliable and long-lasting surfaces to handle well under the worst road conditions.

The Ignition coil is compatible with the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles including 1999 to 2005 series. It also works well with Crown Victoria 1998 to 2011 and SOHC Supercharged.

Just like other coils, it comes with fast ignition to convert low voltage to high voltage power by a strong spark plug. It also helps to improve power with high generated energy.

The ENA brand is really confident on their products that they offer 1 year of warranty supports. They give full replacement on the given conditions from the day of purchase.


  • It gives perfect fit and handling.
  • The install is pretty straight forward.
  • A great bang for everyday use.
  • The brand offers limited warrants support.
  • It fits OE components at ease.


  • For safe connection, use dielectric grease.

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What To Look On Ignition Coils?

Getting the best ignition coils for Ford F150 needs considerations on a few factors. The price, quality, and the number in the pack need to give attention while choosing ignition coils. Read down below to find out more:

Look for the Durable One

The toughness of an ignition coil is the top aspect to think before choosing it. You should pick a coil that has a reliable and durable exterior to make the vehicle run smoothly. So, pick the high electric resistance ignition coils that assure durability under loads.

Decide on the Accessories of Ignition Coils

Accessories of ignition coils are a plus point for your truck engine to perform better. The coil accessory is mostly known as a spark plug that helps to fire up the engine. With the spark plug, your truck can shift voltage to high-efficiency power.

Pick Based on the Design and Quality

You should pick ignition coils depending on the design and quality. The ignition coils made of quality copper design are highly cherished to improve your truck riding style for lifelong support. It also helps from rust and scratches. So, note that before choosing any ignition coils.

Consider the Manufacturer Support

The manufacturer’s support is helpful in many ways. Usually, most brands offer 3 to 5 years of warrants for their lovely customers to enjoy a quality service. Yet, a few come with 1 year of quality guarantee. So, make sure to choose a brand on its warrants style.

Ford F150 Coil Pack Replacement Cost

While thinking of getting a coil pack, it’s really important to learn its replacement cost. It has different replacement costs depending on the model of your car. The affordable coils cost 75 dollars while the expensive one charges 300 or more dollars in range.

Most of the replacement cost has 50 to 100 dollars per hour labor cost if it begins done professionally. If you want to repair your car, then it may cost at least 150 to 200 dollars. You may need to spend even more if you prefer to go to a dealership.


And with that you already know the finding the best ignition coils for ford f150 is a lot more than what you think. However, with the right set of information, you can easily make a choice that actually comes worthy of your valuable money possession.

So, don’t make a hasty decision and think, which one out of these 7 really meets your expectations best. Good Luck!