7 Best Replacement Spark Plugs for 5.4 Triton – Top Picks of The Year

When you want to go for a spark plug replacement, having a complete insight is necessary. From a failed patent Edmond Berger and then later the famous Albert Champion’s placed patent, we were able to get this amazing invention that is known for being a vital part of vehicles.

It’s always good to have some worthy notes known before going for a spark plug replacement. So today we’ll be focusing on finding the best replacement spark plugs for 5.4 triton. There’s going to be seven models from the 2021 market that tops.

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Replacement Spark Plugs Name


Motorcraft SP515 Spark Plug

The Motorcraft spark plug is equipped with an OE standard that allows 12,000 miles durability to stand longer without any problem. It also ensures the engine performs well.
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AD Auto Parts Spark Plug

Set of 8 pieces, the spark plug allows precise fitting and usage benefits including domestic and imported trucks. It also has resistance against discharge.
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King Auto Parts 5.4L Spark Plugs

This spark plug set has a winding design that allows good cutback of weight to get ideal energy outputs. It also stops the snag of low emissions.
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Best Replacement Spark Plugs For 5.4 Triton

Product’s Name Key Benefits Price
Motorcraft SP515 Spark Plug Improve Engine Performance Details On Amazon
AD Auto Parts Spark Plug Increase Engine Low Emissions Details On Amazon
King Auto Parts 5.4L Spark Plugs Improves Engine Energy Outputs Details On Amazon
ENA ENASP110108 SP515 Spark Plugs Nice Design And Outline Details On Amazon
Herko Automotive Spark Plugs Heatproof And Safe Details On Amazon
King Auto Parts DG508 Spark Plugs Increase Engine Speed Details On Amazon
King Auto Parts DQ50101D Spark Plugs Reduce Misfires And Voltage Failure Details On Amazon

Let’s not wait any more minutes and jump right into complete reviews for each of these fantastic spark plug options.

1. Motorcraft SP515 Spark Plug– Improve Your Engine’s Performance with This One

For the best replacement spark plugs for 5.4 triton, the Motorcraft spark plugs are a great option. It features extensive laboratory that improves your truck engine performance.

The pack of 1 spark plug comes with genuine parts that are built for Ford Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. The brand offers 12 months of limited warranty on 12,000 miles for your truck smoother process. It is equipped with OE standard that assures performance under loads.

On top, the spark plug has worth materials and design excellence for longer service life. It helps to avoid misfires and bucking.


  • It has good durability.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • The product increases truck speed.
  • Easy to fit and remove.
  • It is fuel-efficient.


  • Most people don’t like the quality.

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2. AD Auto Parts Spark Plug– Get the Dependable Spark Plug for Precision Fit

A pack of 8, the AD Auto Parts spark plugs features great design that needs no extra effort to install. It’s recommended to use on your Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

The spark plug features platinum high melting points to avoid erosion. It also gives 60,000 to 100,000 miles intervals on changes while sustaining the engine process. With this feature, your truck is able to improve function on road.

It features top quality and accurate fit that increases your driving process and speed. It gives a smooth ride without sacrificing your comfort.


  • Easy to replace.
  • Good quality.
  • Great option for OEM parts.
  • It helps to cure misfire and backfire.
  • The product has good MPG and idle.


  • We don’t like their customer service.

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3. King Auto Parts 5.4L Spark Plugs– Enjoy the Higher Energy Output with This One

The King Auto Parts spark plugs features higher energy outputs that convert the energy to heat and light. It contains luxury copper that gives low emissions and specific use on your engine.

With unique winding design, the 5.4 Triton Spark Plugs feature quality service by reducing size and weight. It comes with easy application process for its smart layout. The package has 8 ignition coils that help to reduce misfires.

It also gives the highest voltage power to assure improvement on your driving style. The brand offers 1 year of limited warranty.


  • It solves engine erosion and misfire.
  • Good for increasing truck speed.
  • It has wonderful quality.
  • The installation is flawless.
  • It lasts longer.


  • A few customers find it hard to replace.

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4. ENA ENASP110108 SP515 Spark Plugs– Contract Rapid Heat Transfer with This One

The ENA ENASP110108 spark plugs feature cold heat ranges to transfer rapid heat on your engine. It comes with good quality that reduces corrosion and rust for saving bucks.

It features good fitment for 2004 to 2008 Ford including F150, F250, F350, F450 and F550 vehicles. The spark plugs feature OE standard firing pin and ground electrode to avoid overheating in your engine. It also removes misfires and incorrect voltage failure.

The pack of 8 comes with quick-start facility that gives your vehicle a smoother acceleration. And, all these features come at an affordable price.


  • It has excellent quality.
  • The installation process is good.
  • It helps the truck to run smoothly.
  • The price is inexpensive.
  • It has great gas mileage.


  • The brand offers no return options.

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5. Herko Automotive Spark Plugs– Built with High Grade Materials for Your Ford 5.4L

The Herko Automotive spark plugs constructed with high-quality materials for Ford 5.4L. It comes with premium platinum high melting points to get rid of corrosion.

This spark plug is 100% tested all through the entire built-up terms for worry-free performance. It comes with 1 year of replacement warranty from the brand. This warrant is only for defects on materials from the day it purchased.

It also fits well on most vehicles such as Ford, SUVs, and Jeeps. The spark plug is made carefully for your engines to increase speed free from coil failure.


  • Good replacement for old-style engines.
  • Quick to assemble.
  • It has a good price.
  • The spark plug accelerates the truck functions.
  • It’s good for OME parts.


  • The description is hard to understand.

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6. King Auto Parts DG508 Spark Plugs– Withstand Longer Durability with This One

The King Auto Parts DG508 spark plugs feature long-lasting performance to catch heat stress in your engine. It comes with high heat resistance compound to get rid of the heating problem.

It features OE standard gears that help your engine to achieve higher process while the vehicle is operating. The set has ignition coil that made of high-grade materials to install at ease. It features low emissions and high energy outputs.

On top of that, the brand offers 1 year of warrant benefits for their customers. They give premium features at a good price.


  • Perfect for extra stock storage.
  • They offer great customer supports.
  • Very easy to install.
  • It gives confidence while driving.
  • A great deal of 8 spark plugs.


  • It’s compatible with a few vehicles.

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7. King Auto Parts DQ50101D Spark Plugs– Design To Keep Your Truck Engine Work Harder

The King Auto Parts DQ50101D spark plugs feature straight boots that help your engine to perform well. It features easy using design that allows you to fit on the truck.

Made of high-quality copper, the spark plugs give your engine low emissions and high energy outputs. It also features exceptional winding design to reduce the size and weight. With this feature, you can easily carry loads on your truck without sacrificing comfort and speed.

The spark plugs give amazing benefits to get rid of misfires and bucking problems under loads. It offers high voltage power to mount well.


  • Trouble-free to fit.
  • The product is strong.
  • Great customer service.
  • 1 year of warranty service.
  • It helps to remove misfire.


  • For the quality, it’s quite expensive.

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Factors To Consider When Buying Spark Plugs for 5.4 Triton

There are lots of factors you should consider for the best spark plug for 5.4 triton. The quality, features, and construction need to think off before choosing any spark plug. Read down below to find out the considerate factors:

Pick Depending on the Quality

Good spark plugs always come in higher quality that lasts longer. For that reason, you should pick spark plugs based on its quality that assures performance and coverage. The OE standard products are highly appreciated to give the optimal quality for long-term benefits.

Look for the Higher Melting Point Features

In most engines, the spark plugs have different melting points to assure good performance. A spark plug with platinum’s high melting power for up to 60,000 to 100,000 miles. So, you should go for a spark plug that has higher melting points at higher voltage power.

Consider the Easy Applicator Spark Plugs

Depending on your vehicle, you should pick a spark plug that simple to approach. Obviously, you don’t want a product that gives you hard times on installing on the engine. Make sure to consider the easy applicator spark plugs for specific uses, low-emission, and high energy.

The Brand Warranty is Important

The manufacturer warranty is a smart thing to consider. This thing helps a lot when the material of spark plugs has some faults. Most brands offer one year of warranty for their beloved buyers. So, while choosing a spark plug, you should consider the warrants.

How To Know It’s Time To Change Spark Plugs?

There are many signs that a driver could notice just by looking, touching and even listening to spark plugs. It happens because of the old and defected spark plugs. In spite of everything, this small part does the most jobs. So, notice the following sign to know when to replace:

  • Most technicians believe that when spark plugs start to fail, the check engine light pops on. So when you see the symptoms, it’s better to replace them.
  • Another sign you’ll see if it’s bad is your car has trouble to start off. This thing indicates you to replace the old one as soon as possible.
  • If your spark plugs are at fault, it’ll slowly reduce your car gas mileage. It means you may need to fill up the gas more often that needs to swap.
  • The engine makes irritated sound when your spark plugs are faulty. So, while notice rough sound on the engine, replace your old spark plugs.

The Battle: SP515 Spark Plug Vs SP546

SP515 Spark Plug Vs SP546

Both SP515 and SP546 spark plugs are great in their own attitude on the engines. However, most buyers who tested both spark plugs responses differently on each experience.

Starting from the SP515 spark plugs, it comes with platinum melting points to get rid of erosion. Plus, it helps your engines to changes sparks for up to 60,000 to 100,000 miles. The SP546 also features similar features yet give less efficiency while heating the engine fuel to burn.

But, the SP546 comes with standard seats coil spring to higher the compress function. It gives better contacts internally when the ignition coil is installed. The SP151 spark plugs are less effective to compress while in contact with the ignition coil for spring style.

While looking at the variable cost of gas, the SP515 works better to generate less fuel for ignition. It gives relief to your engine functions as well as pocket to save extra spending. If compared to the SP546, it doesn’t save that fuel economy.

When it comes to performance, the SP515 spark plugs rock on top. The SP515 spark plugs come with design to gives your engine unmatched coverage than SP546.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why need a spark plug?

A spark plug is an important part of vehicles that make sure to sparks the fuel by heating power. It fits into the engine’s cylinder head that connects to the ignition coil. It ensures to generate high voltage power to heat the fuel and create ignition inside your engine.

How long a spark plug last?

Based on the most spark plugs, it should have a factory service time of 100,000 to 120,000 miles. The platinum and iridium spark plugs should last for 100,000 miles or more when the engine isn’t spending oil.

Which one better iridium or platinum spark plugs?

Iridium and platinum spark plugs are great for the engine. Yet, iridium is 8X tougher than platinum spark plugs. It has 700° higher heating point by keeping wear personality. That makes it 30% longer than the platinum spark plugs.


And that was all about finding the best replacement spark plugs for 5.4 triton. Hopefully, the idea and concept related to a spark replacement are clear now. You just need to pick the most suitable choice out of these 7 now. And then go for hiring someone to do the replacement for you or simply do-it-yourself. Good Luck!