7 Best Cam For 302 Ford Truck With Buying Guide

A camshaft replacement is not rocket science. But it’s always good to be enough cautious since you’ll be spending money on the thing. If you want to badly upgrade your Ford 302, you can trust on a new camshaft to help you achieve that.

But also, you need to make a wise choice on the cam so that it provides you with the finest HP, torque and the right feel.

No Time? Well, Get Our Top 3 Picks…

Cam Name


Comp Cams CL12-212-2 Cam and Lifter Kit

With 2,000-6,000 RPM, the cam and lifter kit has a great duration at 0.050 inches and a 110-degree lobe separation angle. It also allows you to drive fast.
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Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Camshaft Kit

This camshaft kit comes with excellent performance and assists power brakes to get a better duration. It also has quicker opening lobe profiles.
Available On Amazon
Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones Camp and Lifter Kit

The Lunati camp ad lifter kit comes with a hydraulic flat tappet and mild bracket racing. It on top great for street performance.
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Too hurry? Here’s the list of 7 best cam for 302 ford truck:

  1. Comp Cams CL12-212-2 Cam and Lifter Kit– High Powered Flat Cam for Small Block Engine***Most Popular
  2. Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Camshaft Kit– Enjoy Better Performance at a Moderate Price***Overall Best
  3. Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones Camp and Lifter Kit– Get Mild Bracket Racing Feel with This One***Recommended
  4. Edelbrock 2122 Camshaft Kit– A Smooth Idling Cam to feel like Street Racing
  5. Ford M6250E303 Certified Cam– A Killer Cam to Race Faster & Smoother
  6. Ford M-6500-R302 Hydraulic Roller Lifters– A Set of 16 Lifters to Improve Speed
  7. Falcon Performance Cam & Lifter Kit– Reliable & Reasonable Camshaft for Daily Usage

Best Cam For 302 Ford Trucks

Product’s Name Operating Range Key Benefits Price
Comp Cams CL12-212-2 Cam and Lifter Kit 2,000 – 6,000 RPM Increase Power Speed Details On Amazon
Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Camshaft Kit 1600 – 5800 RPM Reduce Fuel Consumption Details On Amazon
Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones Camp and Lifter Kit 2000 – 6000 RPM Improve Truck Acceleration Details On Amazon
Edelbrock 2122 Camshaft Kit 5500 RPM Nice For Mild Engine Details On Amazon
Ford M6250E303 Certified Cam 2500 – 5500 RPM Reduce Fuel Consumption Details On Amazon
Ford M-6500-R302 Hydraulic Roller Lifters 3400 RPM Increase Throttle Response Details On Amazon
Falcon Performance Cam & Lifter Kit– 1200-4700 RPM Reliable And Practical Details On Amazon

Let’s start knowing the good and bad about these seven picks to find out your ideal pick below in the reviews…

1. Comp Cams CL12-212-2 Cam and Lifter Kit– High Powered Flat Cam for Small Block Engine

Why It's Best
The Comp Cams brand comes with higher speed that is great for small-block engines or street machines. They offer amazing benefits and high power to match well with the street machine.

For the best cam for 302 ford truck, the CL12-212-2 cam is a good option. It has vast operating range for up to 2000 to 6000 RPM that is considered the highest among our list.

With high RPM power, the cam comes with 9.5:1 compression that is perfect with aftermarket torque converts. It helps your vehicle to get more power by consuming less fuel or oil.

It’s rather simple on the valve-train parts that can be used with mild ratio rocker arms. Also, you can enjoy it with the traditional performance valve springs.

The USA popular product comes with clear-cut instruction to understand the installation process better. It has a 110-degree lobe separation angle.


  • Easy to fit.
  • Perfect for getting the job done.
  • Comes at a sensible price.
  • It has a lubricant.
  • The service on extra advice is helpful.


  • Not suitable for small block V6 engines.

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2. Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Camshaft Kit– Enjoy Better Performance at a Moderate Price

Why It's Best
Looking for the best camshaft for ford 302 engine? The Xtreme Energy camshaft from the Comp Camp brand is what you need to look at. It’s better with 2000 plus stall.

The camshaft comes with 1600 to 5000 RPM operating range that is super helpful for your daily truck drive. Also, it allows your vehicles to go at a lower or higher speed when feeling necessary.

It also has exceptional design with the quicker opening lobe profiles to give receptiveness. With this option, you are able to perform better on street carbureted function.

The Hydraulic flat cam is compatible with the Chevrolet GEN1 small blocks counting 262,265,267 and others. Yet, it doesn’t fit LT1 or LT4 and 1985 or newer factory roller blocks.

For the most part, the product has a valve lift of 0.477 and 0.480 inches and 110-degree lobe separation angle. It’s an all-rounder for your vehicle to improve horsepower.


  • The idle looping sound gives nice noise.
  • It increases vehicles power.
  • Comes with a decent vacuum.
  • Amazing street performance.
  • Good for mid or mild engines.


  • A few buyers find it lacking in quality.

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3. Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones Camp and Lifter Kit– Get Mild Bracket Racing Feel with This One

Why It's Best
A brand that is hard not to mention on our list is the Lunati. This brand 10120102LK model is known as one of the best cam for 302 ford truck for its mild bracket racing power and ability.

It comes with budget careful power assembly that helps to increase power by spending less fuel and oil. With that, you are able to save your money from extra spending.

The cam comes with amazing operating range of 2000 to 6000 RPM input voltage. It indicates the highest and lowest voltage limits that a power supply operates.

Lunati brand offers an assembly lubricant that you can easily use in the cam to attach well. And, they give logical manual guide to learn its usability with no trouble.

In general, this American popular cam has modern profile with the bare bones line. It helps to increase throttle response and speeding up for better noise.


  • Wonderful quality at this price.
  • It has nice vehicles noise.
  • Made and manufactured in the USA.
  • Simple to install and remove.
  • Good in value.


  • The product isn’t good for 350 TBI 5.7.

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4. Edelbrock 2122 Camshaft Kit– A Smooth Idling Cam to feel like Street Racing

Why It's Best
The Edelbrock 2122 camshaft is a smart and smooth idle speed to enjoy street racing. It comes with hydraulic flat tappet style camshaft and lifter to attach with no trouble.

It comes with a fast opening hole that’s excellent to perform well for the street applications. The ford 302 truck cam gives enhanced throttle response and more space under the lift curve.

This brilliant cam for daily truck drivers has total power to make the best torque from the low-end to the mid-range. It has 2000 to 5000 RPM operating speed at least fuel-consumption.

In fact, the camshaft has intake duration of 270 degrees and exhaust duration of 280 degrees. It shows how much your vehicle’s engine is going to take the breath of air and fuel.

The intake valve lift has factory rocker arm ratio up to 0.448 inches.  Not only that, it has exhaust valve lift with factory rocker arm ratio up to 0.472 inches.


  • Easy to take away.
  • Good quality and features.
  • Perfect on the 302 engine.
  • Great customer service.
  • It has a lube to use.


  • We find it not right for ZJ 4.0.

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5. Ford M6250E303 Certified Cam– A Killer Cam to Race Faster & Smoother

Why It's Best
The M625OE303 Certified cam is designed by Ford brand that gives 5.0L heavy-duty body. It has amazing features and good quality to maintain your good driving with a manual medium.

With this powerful hydraulic roller camshaft, you can work well to operate high horse motor. It helps your truck to avoid consuming extra fuel even at the high speed for a happy drive.

As it’s a camshaft, you’ll need to find 120 lbs valve and seat pressure 295 lbs. Both intake and exhaust valve helps your camshaft to lift with no trouble for fitting rightly.

Unlike other brands, this cam genuinely fit well on 1985 and later 302 roller cam blocks. And, it can fit on 1984 non-roller cam 289-302 blocks and 1997 factory roller cam 351W blocks.

The Ford brand is popular for its unique design and quality to give the enjoyment of truck noise in a calm manner. It works well only with mass air induction systems.


  • It sounds amazing.
  • Easy to attach and let go.
  • Great in quality.
  • Works great with carburetors.
  • 24 months of lifetime warranty.


  • Most people find it expensive.

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6. Ford M-6500-R302 Hydraulic Roller Lifters– A Set of 16 Lifters to Improve Speed

Why It's Best
Another mention of the Ford brand that is impossible not to appreciate. The R302 series is known as the best roller cam for 302 ford truck that comes with 16 pieces in one set.

It’s rather perfect for street and strip racing performance to enjoy higher horse powered motor. The 5.0L Mustang gives fully operated at top speed for manual transmission only.

This roller lifter has a unit that works perfect with air and fuel injection and carbs. And, you are able to get rid of losing extra bugs on fuel and diesel.

The R302 fits well on Ford 302 blocks that are originally prepared with hydraulic roller cams. Also, it supports on 1985 to 2001 roller cam blocks to fit rightly.

Just like other brands, it has valve springs of 120 lbs and seat pressure with the least 295 lbs. The cam gives higher power to deliver better performance.


  • It’s rather quick to install.
  • The customer support is useful.
  • High-quality camshaft for a novice.
  • Perfect for factory roller engines.
  • Great price on the product.


  • For installation, the intake manifold needs to remove.

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7. Falcon Performance Cam & Lifter Kit– Reliable & Reasonable Camshaft for Daily Usage

Why It's Best
The Falcon Performance brand offers top-notch options and features that are trustworthy and practical. It’s perfect for daily usage that not only affordable but also lasts long.

It has Class A torque that comes with ADV duration of intake and exhaust valve. The cam has duration for up to 280 on intake valve and duration for up to 290 on exhaust valve pressure.

Also, the camshaft comes with operating power range for up to 1200 to 4700 RPM to deliver better performance. With this RPM, you are able to drive your truck at a higher or lower range.

The RV torque camshaft has value lift that is the amount of lifting off of the camshaft by the valve. It has intake valve lift of 0.448 inches and exhaust valve lift of 0.472 inches.

By and large, the camshaft comes with great quality that stands for a long time. It has duration of 0.50 inches of intake 204 and exhausts 214 in total.


  • It doesn’t need any effort to put in.
  • Come with warranty benefits.
  • It has more power than a stock cam.
  • The camshaft is inexpensive.
  • Great option for daily use.


  • Some buyers don’t like their customer service.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Camshaft For 302 Ford Truck

Factors to Consider When Buying Camshaft For 302 Ford Truck

Finding a good quality cam at a decent value is seems impossible if not doing enough study. For those of you who don’t have time to research, we have come with some excellent tricks that help well to find one-piece. Without wasting time, let’s get started:

Consider the Operating Range

There is no such thing that would help your truck engine effectively to run at the speed of a cheetah than good operating rage cams. Depending on the operating power range, you are able to increase your driving skill as well.

Most brands come with camshafts for up to 1,600 to 6000 RPM operating power range for driving faster and smoother. So, make sure to go with a camshaft that features a higher operating range.

Check the Vacuum

The camshaft should come with a vacuum option that helps to create a better duration for riders to assist power brakes. Nearly all camshafts come with a good power vacuum that helps you to ride in comfort without fearing over brake power faults or mishaps.

On top of that, it makes sure you are driving with better power and comfort. If you want your truck engine to perform super gentle and smooth to respond, it’s vital to pick a camshaft that includes more vacuum pressure.

Look at Camshaft Profile

Based on the profile of a cam, you are able to drive with more throttle responses and acceleration. Usually, the camshaft has an asymmetrical lobe design that helps the truck’s engine to drive with less noise and friction. A good profiled cam also allows the truck to react quickly.

Good Price Point

Before going to the market, you want to consider the price and quality of a camshaft. Commonly, the higher price tag you choose the better quality you get. So, take time to save your money and work hard so that you can go with a quality camshaft for your truck’s engine.

Pick Fuel Efficient Camshaft

A good quality camshaft will always come with a better duration of intake and exhaust. Mostly, the camshaft comes with 260 degrees of intake and 270 of exhaust duration. This thing helps greatly for keeping your truck fuel spent less even if you ride longer. So, go with a camshaft that gives better gas mileage.

Inspect the Material

If you are a regular driver, you must check the material of a camshaft before picking one. Most cams are made of steel and cast iron for lasting longer and giving protection against wear and tear snags. It also helps you to drive well even when carrying huge loads.

Go with Good Performing One

Depending on your driving power and torque, you should go with a high performing camshaft. For that, a higher range option of a cam gives better opt to drive smooth in any road conditions. So, ensure to pick one that helps your truck engine to perform well.

How to Install Cam for 302 Ford Truck?

How to Install Cam for 302 Ford Truck

After getting a quality cam for your 302 Ford truck, you want to know the installation process. For that, you want to follow some steps for installing in the proper way. Start with, keeping your workplace clean before doing the actual process.

Make sure you have everything that comes with your camshaft package. Plus, you want to decide whether to use big dowels or shorter one for different applications. Once you have planned to install a big or short one, place a screwdriver into the surface of the cam.

Don’t forget about lubricating your camshaft lobes and bearings contact points for a smooth installment. Skim the camshaft inside the engine and place it in the back of the block. Use the bolt in the camshaft thrust plate. Making the crankshaft at the 12 o’clock position, you want to do this process.

For street use, you want to slide the crankshaft sprocket above the crank. Make sure the notch is even in the sprocket with the tooth.

Then, put the chain and cam gear on the camshaft and dowel. Use any sticky glue on the cam bolt. Use lube under the head and slide on the washer. And, you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is cam?

The cam is basically used to the main system of an engine. It works by rotating that pushes the valves to open in tune with the crankshaft gear. On top of that, the camshaft helps your truck engine to work faster, smoother, and better with no snags.

When to replace camshafts?

If you find your truck’s engine is reacting odd or varying its behavior of driving, it indicates that the camshaft is out of date. Usually, a bad camshaft cuts power, stumbles frequently, and spends maximum gas or fuel. It also lessens the power of rushing and balance.

Do camshafts make noise?

Most camshafts are made to reduce irksome noises that are created from the top of the engine. Yet, if you are using a worn camshaft in your truck, then it may create some noise. The deeper noise actually comes from the below where the crankshaft is placed.

How to lube a camshaft?

To lube a camshaft, you definitely want to do it rightly with some quick and easy steps. Use the lube that comes with your package and put around the camshaft lobe areas. The lobes have oiling holes which makes it easier to lube.


And that’s all for today’s discussion. We hope you will spend enough time and effort to find out your ideal choice from these 7 best cam for 302 ford truck picks. No matter which one you pick, it’s going to serve you well. We are quite confident with these 7 fantastic pieces that come with exciting workability, efficacy, and a realistic price range. Good Luck on Getting the Right One!