Best Tires for Ford F150 4X4 Truck – 7 Picks For Ford Lovers

Ask anybody in North America about Ford F-1450 and they’ll surely recognize it. The full-size pickup truck is extremely popular and it deserves to be for the excellent hauling and towing capability. Whether you call it the most advanced truck or the king of fuel efficacy, the model really shines for its excellent performance. And so, finding the best all terrain tires for ford f150 4×4 is not something you can consider less seriously.

When you want to find tires for this truck, not any choice will work. And so, we are here with 7 best tires for ford f150 4×4 truck.

7 Best Tires for Ford F150 4X4 Truck

Let’s not waste any more time and have a look at the finest seven tire picks with complete reviews below…

1. Falken Wildpeak AT3W 265/70R17 Tire– Run on the Toughest Road in Comfort

The Wildpeak AT3W tire features amazing stability and ground-support to run at the tough road with comfort. It has any weather rugged capacity to perform well.

The f150 all terrain tires feature heat diffuser tech in the inferior sidewall to protect the internal parts. With that, you are able to carry as much as you needed on a truck without thinking of heating problems.

With 3D Canyon sipe technology, you are able to get rid of high torque to resists tread wear. It also gives extra power and strength to handle bumpy roads with no trouble.

It also features hostile upper sidewall that protects its surface from sharp rocks for shelter. And, the offset shoulder blocks give extra off-road grip at low pressures.

On top of it, this bestselling model has great tire pattern that helps to enhance your truck solidity. It also prevents stones to be trapped in the grooves.


  • 5 years of warrant benefits.
  • Works great on wet & rough conditions.
  • It has an affordable price.
  • Aggressive tire for trucks.
  • Light-weighted and noiseless process.


  • We would like it more if they improve quality.

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2. Falken Wildpeak AT3W 275/60R20 Tire– Get Better Performance and Terrain with This One

The 275/60R20 tire from the Falken brand features top-notch rocky terrain and good ability on street. Engineered for adventure and all-weather use, it never disappoints on performing well.

It comes with a max load capacity of 2679 LBs to handle on the given weights or heavy loads. In other words, you are able to carry many loads on your truck while driving with this tire.

This tire comes with an optimized tread design along with silica thread parts. With this tread design, you can enjoy driving on 3 special areas such as rainy, snowy and wear performance.

It also features 3D Canyon Sipes technology to the lower sidewalls to avoid high torque. With this feature, you can drive even on uneven paths.

For the most part, the tire has amazing durability and strength to run in any area without difficulty. It has 60% tire aspect ratio width.


  • Super simple to assemble.
  • It grips well on most surfaces.
  • Nice and smooth at highway speed.
  • It’s very steady with firewood loads.
  • A badass option for a quiet operation.


  • Some buyers are disappointed at its price.

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3. Federal Couragia M/T Radial Tire– Conquer the Heaviest Loads for Your Truck

The Couragia Radial tire by the famous brand Federal features good maintenance to hold weights on lifted trucks. It comes with conquering surfaces to carry trickiest loads easily.

With incredible traction, it helps you to enjoy driving at the mud, dirt or rough condition. The tire has 2 or 3 ply sidewall plys to find more grips while driving on the tricky surface.

The ultimate off-road tire features rugged performance with a high tread ply rating. It gives better capabilities and limitations to carry weights and perform well at the same time.

It comes with great tread pattern that clears distant substances to guarantee stable ability on roads. The tread pattern offers easy cleaning benefits on mud and debris.

By and large, the tire has durable exterior to protect it from rock and stones. It also gives your truck to run smoothly with less noise.


  • Great tires for the price.
  • The tread-wear is amazing in quality.
  • It performs well on mud and dirt surfaces.
  • Grips and terrain support are good.
  • The tire is heavy-duty and long-lasting.


  • Most buyers upset with their customer service.

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4. Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Tire– A Premium Lifelong Support for Your Light Truck

Another brand that can’t be unnoticed is the Hankook that perfect in all sectors. The brand offers amazing durability that lasts longer to support the light trucks.

It comes with amazing wraparound tread that gives a jagged and rough look to run on any area. On top, this gives your truck an increased puncture resistance ability to avoid tire leakage.

The DynaPro ATM RF10 model comes with deep 2 step sipes extend tread life to run smoothly. With this feature, your light-weighted truck is able to enhance performance on wet roads.

Also, the tire comes with 7% to 8% wider footprint than the other tires to give better mileage. Not only that, it can save your truck from consuming gas and gives road contact for terrain.

The tire features good side groves and designs that save from small rocks. It also helps your truck to get more predictable concerns.


  • The tire gives nice sound while driving.
  • It has a slayer looking design.
  • Good traction in mud and snowy area.
  • It lasts for a long time.
  • Good handling and comfortable performance.


  • On Amazon, the product has no warranty.

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5. Milestar Patagonia M/T Radial Tire– More like Rockstar with Killer Impact

The Patagonia M/T tire comes with a slayer impact with high-void design and optimal quality. It gives amazing impact on off-road to drive on any surface with no fear of tire puncture.

This ford f150 tires feature high-impact tread design that gives hardline biting edges on self-cleaning. In fact, it gives better outer protection to get rid of rocks attaching on tire.

It comes with spread out off-center tread blocks that gives improved traction and grips on the road. With this feature, you can enjoy driving on any weather without compromising higher grips.

The radial tire also comes with 3-ply sidewalls that give extra shelter against impact damage. It’s a lifesaver while driving on rough areas to get rid of stone drilling and rock crawling.

On the whole, the all-terrain tire gives better gas mirages to avoid spending gas or fuel. It also gives smoother running ability on any trucks.


  • Comes at a decent price.
  • It is comfortable for a long drive.
  • Great tires for any trucks.
  • It gives good balance and grips.
  • The tire work great on the rainy surface.


  • It gives loud noise while driving.

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6. Pirelli Scorpion ATR All-Terrain Tire– No More Limits for Your Violent Off-road Drive

The Scorpion ATR tire from the well-known brand Pirelli comes with fantastic design and performance. It gives your truck faster and smoother driving experience with no boundaries.

It comes with a hi-tech footprint that is wider to support the ground for multipurpose drive. It gives your truck a better and stronger running ability and balances to perform well.

With unique tread design, you are able to clean the tire without hard work or rubbing. It also gives good shelter for not to face any rocks or dirt attached roughly to the tire.

It also comes with excellent traction grip on the wet, rough and snowy surfaces to run smoother. Plus, this feature helps on avoiding aquaplaning, top brake efficiency and other damages.

The long-lasting tire comes with easy and comfortable installing benefits that can be fit in a few minutes. It also has reinforced structure to drive on rough roads.


  • The installation process is easy.
  • It has tough sidewalls that last long.
  • The brand comes with lifetime warrants.
  • It helps to avoid impact damage.
  • Lovely traction for all weather.


  • A few customers find the tire heavy.

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7. Westlake SL369 A/T Radial Tire– Reach to Your Destination with Better Gas Mileage

The Westlake SL369 A/T tire comes with high traction that consumes less gas for better mileage. It not only helps on saving gas but also saves your extra bugs from gas bills.

For rough conditions, the tire comes with aggressive outline and large voids to run smoother. This feature helps your truck to drive effectively on wet, rough and loaded conditions.

It also comes with sipping and grove design to catch maximum footing while working. With this option, the tire runs faster to create more gripping and biting edges during rainy conditions.

The tire comes with proven tread pattern design that helps to give proper control both on and off-road. It also gives you an effortless self-cleaning surface to clean without difficulty.

In general, the all-terrain tire runs comfortably and quietly on bumpy and rough roads. It helps to maintain balance while the truck holding lots of heavy loads.


  • It has an inexpensive price point.
  • Comes with good customer service.
  • For long-term usage, it’s a great choice.
  • Easy to mount and balance.
  • Great for heavy loaded activity.


  • On wintery weather, it lacks traction.

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Factors for Choosing the Right Tires for Ford F150 4×4

Factors for Choosing the Right Tires for Ford F150 4×4

Tires are to support the load of your vehicles; help drag the truck onward and stop well. There are few things that need to look for getting the best tires for ford f150 4×4. Read down below to catch:

Decide Based on Your Driving Ability

A good tire depends on when you choose it based on your driving ability. So, find the balance tire that matches your driving ability while carrying loads. Bear in mind your truck managing will go wrong if you go with a big-size tire.

Think of the Fuel Efficiency

You should always go with a tire that is highly fuel-efficient. It’s better to use a tire that helps the truck to spend less fuel. So, when you are going to choose the tires, make sure to think of fuel efficiency for saving extra bugs.

New or Used Tires?

Choosing used tires will sure save your money but for a short time. That considers a loss project. A good decision on investment is to get the latest one that assures to come with no defects or tear. So, pick the new one that sometimes comes at a cheap price than a used one.

Look at the Tread Wear

The bumpy and rough road states wear tires faster if you ride truck. For that reason, you should always pick tires that can bear any surface such as wet, rough and snowing conditions. A wrongly chosen tire at the wrong surface will cause damage so try to pick wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the right tire pressure for my vehicle?

The right tire pressure is written in the door jamb or in the manual. Normally, the suggested pressure is up to 30 and 35 PSI to sustain your vehicle. It gives your vehicle the best life and performance.

How many times do I should check tire’s air pressure?

Most specialists suggest checking your vehicle’s tires air pressure once in a month. Yet, try to check your tire’s air pressure daily as they lack invisibly. When you don’t see the ground with straight flat lines, it means your vehicle tire is fine.

How many times tires are supposed to be replaced?

You should replace it every 25,000 to 50,000 miles based on the tire condition. It’s easy to find when you need to replace only by looking at them. When you see the tires are worn out and plain, you better replace them.


And that’s it for today’s hot topic on finding the best tires for ford f150 4×4. These seven picks are definitely a must try and each tire comes with their own functions and efficacy. Make sure you mull over these before making a choice and pick the right suitable tire. Good Luck!