For What Reasons F150 Auto Start Stop Not Working? Check Now!

Are you concerned that the f150 auto start-stop not working? Auto start-stop is a modern car technology. This technology is used in nine of ten cars as it is economical for driving and environmental-friendly. The main reason behind the auto start-stop is not working can be the low charge of the battery.

When the battery charge is low, the Battery Management System will switch off the function. It is a protective mechanism to save the battery. Also, many other reasons can cause disabling the auto start-stop function of your f150.

Are you not aware of the reasons that happen to stop auto start-stop? Then here are we to tell you the issues and their possible solution. Please have a deep look at this article.

What Are The Causes Behind Ford F150 Auto Start Stop Not Working

When your Ford f150 auto start stop is not available, you first need to find if the system is enabled or not. There is a button on the dash mark with a ring around A. If the light on this button is on, this will indicate the system is enabled.

If the light is on and the start-stop system is still unavailable, there is a computer problem. There may F150 auto start/stop manual restart is required.

On the other hand, if the light is not on, it may be a problem with the battery.

Have  a look at the possible issues and their solution listed in the table below

Causes for Not WorkingSome Possible Solutions to Try
Vehicle charging issueCheck battery
High/Low  temperatureCheck AC/heater
SeatbeltBuckle up
Bad batteryReplace the battery
Fuse burnoutReplace the fuse

Listed 5 problems are the most common reason that your 2018 f150 auto start stop not working or other year Fords. Have you detected the problem that stopping the auto start-stop technology? If not, then try to work them out now.

A start-stop system needs a large amount of electrical current to work. If your battery has no charge enough or diverts power to other electronics, the Battery management system will stop the function.

If you replaced your battery and did not choose the correct battery for your car, this can also be a reason that stops auto start-stop.

Outside temperature can also cause this if it is too hot or cold. The start-stop function may not work in hot/cold weather when you need more current for a fan to cool your hot engine or a higher starting current for a cold engine to get its efficiency.

Another reason for this is the fuse that supplies power to the system gets burned. If this is the reason, then find the fuse box, open it with a screwdriver. There will be a diagram that will show which fuse is for what. Pull out the fuse that you need and replace it if it is burned.

There are some other reasons for not working auto start-stop. When a parking assistant is active or reverse gear is selected, it will not work.

If you do not wear a seatbelt, your truck’s doors or the hood is not closed properly; it may also happen. The car will automatically disable start-stop while driving up a steep hill.

Whether you cannot detect the proper reason for your Ford f150 auto-start-stop, take your truck to a mechanic for proper checking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does auto start/stop really save gas?

Yes,  Auto start/stop saves gas. The auto start-stop will stop the engine when you are in long traffic or in waiting for a traffic signal to change with the idle engine. So this system saves fuel that is burned while your car is idle at a stop. This fuel is not negligible.

Can Auto Start-Stop be disabled on f150?

Yes, the f150 has a button to turn off the auto Stop-Start system. Generally, the auto start-stop button is located on the dashboard above the central touchscreen display. To disable this feature, you have to press the button.
Remember that the feature must disable each time you start your vehicle. Otherwise, you can install a 2021 Ford F150 auto start-stop eliminator in your truck.

What is the availability of auto start/stop technology on F-150?

The Ford vehicles are available with Auto Start-Stop are the F-150 2.7-liter EcoBoost; 2017 F-150 2.7-liter EcoBoost, 3.5-liter EcoBoost, 3.5-liter EcoBoost. 2018 F-150, 2019 F-150, 2021 F-150.

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