Peterbilt 386 Dash Lights Not Working- How to Fix?

Is your Peterbilt 386 dash light not working again? The main culprit behind this can be a fuse blown out. However, there sometimes happens that many truckers face sudden glitches on the dash, which can be fixed by resetting the dashboard also.

Well, like some other truck drivers, it might happen with you too that you turn on the engine and find no power to dash. It might not be a major issue at all. Sometimes, a blown-out fuse on the circuit can make the dash cut out off the power.

Are you not sure about the reasons yet? Then, let’s make you aware of the causes and possible fixes you can try if you have some mechanical basics.

Why Peterbilt 386 Dash Lights Not Working?

If there are no other major issues, only the dash lights are not working, the maximum chance here goes for the Peterbilt 386 electrical problems in the fuse box.

Can’t you find the fuse box of Pete vehicles? The fuse box for the dashboard circuit is inside the front cab of the truck on the driver’s side. If you can’t find it on the driver side, it must be on the passenger side (depends on different models).

Check this listing of the possible causes for the Peterbilt no power to dash issue

Reasons for Dash Light Not WorkingPossible Fixes to Try
Blown fuse in the dashboard panelEither replace the blown bulb or replace the fuse box
Any connection loss in grounding connectionTighten & secure the connection with clamps
Normal glitch on the dash programReset the dashboard
Rust on the connectorsClean the connectors or replace the wiring harness and secure all the connections again
Only dimmer workingECU software update resets the program

These 5 causes are the primary reasons that can lead the dashboard to not working. Did you try to find out if your one is having any such issue or not? Check now.

If you have some basic knowledge about the circuit diagram and are capable of opening the dashboard panel, then see whether there are any blown fuses.

A blown fuse will seem like a burnt-out, or the connection is lost. However, sometimes burning smell from the fuse box is also a sign that the fuse is blown out.

Besides, a glitch in the dashboard program is very common. So, before getting into any significant replacement, try resetting the dashboard once. Who knows this was a slight glitch that was stopping dash from showing any power?

How to reset the dashboard? First, get in the truck and turn off the brakes and keep the doors off. Then turn the key on and let it cycle up to 30 seconds. After that, turn the key off.

Repeat this 3 to 4 times and see it will reset the dashboard, and if there was no fuse rather the glitch, you would have the lights on the dash again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the fuse for my dashboard?

You can find the fuse box of a Peterbilt dash inside the truck in front of the driver or passenger side(Depending on different truck models).

How do you tell if a fused light is blown?

Check the fuse light closely; if there is no end-to-end connection secured, the fuse is blown. However, some blown fuses seem to smell burned out.

What causes dash lights to not work?

Mostly, a blown-out fuse in the dashboard circuit program causes the dash light not to work. Replacing the corrupted fuse does the job so far.