The King Battle – Range Rover HSE Vs Supercharged

For producing a luxury sport utility vehicle, the Range Rover is the most famous day by day. Presently, the Range Rover lineup includes the HSE, Supercharged, and Autobiography models.

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Comparison Table of Range Rover HSE Vs Supercharged

Now, we show the comparison diagram between HSE vs. Supercharged, follow the below.

Range Rover HSE

Range Rover Supercharged

The base price for HSE is 56k. The base price for Supercharged is 69k.
The HSE’s customers voting score is 21.5% The Supercharged customers voting score is 78.5%
Range Rover HSE is one of the faster vehicles. Faster vehicles Supercharged have more powerful equipment and better handling due to the Dynamic Response System.
The engine capacity of HSE is a supercharged 3.0L V6. The engine capacity of Supercharged is 5.0L V8.
The HSE’s horsepower and wheels are lower than Supercharged. The Supercharged models are higher horsepower and wheels than HSE.

Now, we express more information about this issue that will help you to decide the favourable one.

Range Rover HSE

Product details

The Range Rover HSE comes with a plug-in mixture powertrain at $95,950 costs. An electronic motor and a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that generates a combined  398 horsepower

For $96,150, you acquire 395 horsepower inline-six engine. Additionally, you get a 20-way power-adjustable front seat, Power-reclining back seats, and warmed up rear seats.

Alternatively, you can receive ventilated front and rear seats plus 22-way power-adjustable massaging front seats for $2,090.


Nowadays, Range Rover HSE comes with more features like below:

  • It gives you a blind spot monitor for so much enjoyment.
  • Also, it comes with matrix LED headlines that help to find out in the cover of oncoming wagons.
  • The Range Rover HSE bids adjustment heated door mirrors. When you press on a switch, the glass will fold away easily.
  • 16-22 way leather warmed front seats can be bestowed more relaxed.

We have tried to provide you the latest version of HSE’s features.


Range Rover HSE has a starting manufacturer’s recommended price of $90,900. And add the destination charge $1,295. However, Long- wheelbase versions have started $111,245.

Range Rover Supercharged

 Product Details

Generally, Supercharged models have formulated 518 horsepower and  575 in tunned-up SVR edge. And Supercharged V-8 models are smooth, guttural, and astoundingly quick.

You can get the eight-speed automated transmission and all-wheel drive.

There’s yet a ton of lust with this ‘base’ model, adding 21-inch wheels, a power sunroof, a 13-speaker Midday sound system, and 16-way power-adjustable exciting front seats. Plus, leather upholstery, blind, -spot monitoring, and a 360-degree outer cam system.


Though Range Rover HSE & Supercharged come with varied relevant features, we point out here some update features.

Supercharged offers you robust powertrain choices, 140 miles per hour speed, spacious seats, amazing off-road proficiency, and more.

Alternatively, the maximum Range Rover Sports Supercharged has 16-20 way flexible leather inner seats and leather decorations.

Cost / Price

Range Rover Supercharged, long-wheelbase version, from $111,245 have the V8 as current.

Alternatively, the Supercharged 518-horsepower V8 engine starts at $105,950 and moves toward similar equipment.

Highs and Lows of HSE Vs Supercharged

Generally, every brand carries highs and lows point that infers its quantity. So, Range Rover HSE and Supercharged have some pros and cons, look at below.

Highs of HSE

Lows of HSE

  • Have a luxurious Interior.
  • Also, have the real off-road capacity.
  • Plug-in combination choice.
  • And a diesel-engine option.
  • High cost.
  • Uncomfortable handling.


Highs of Supercharged

Lows of Supercharged

  • Luxurious looking.
  • Still qualified for dominating off-road.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Happy handling.
  • The cabin’s not as niches as the price infers.
  • Best choice packages are expensive, wagon infotainment.

What’s New for Both Models in  2020

Though we try to provide you an updated data about this topic, in 2020 includes new features in these cases.

At a glimpse of HSE 2020

  1. Mild-hybrid & plug-in-hybrid, powertrain options.
  2. Turbocharged inline-six-cylinder rebuilds supercharged V6.
  3. New colours and the utmost styling options are available.

At a glimpse of Supercharged 2020

  1. A new 22-inch wheel design.
  2. Two new gorgeous colors expand.
  3. Extra horsepower put in.

Hopefully, our content has contributed you the depth information about Range Rover HSE Vs Supercharged. Be sure you handily choose which is the valid one for you and will get a more fantastic moment with a luxury brand and you.