Honda Fit Vs Jazz – A Total Comparison

Are you in a dilemma to choose between Honda Jazz and Honda fit? Then, read our article to get a clear idea of Honda Fit vs Jazz.

Fit and Jazz- both are two car models of the same leading brand Honda. The Japanese automobile company Honda has always been producing exclusive products since the beginning of their journey.

But it sometimes becomes difficult to compare and choose a specific one from the different varieties of the same brand. To help you out in this regard, you have brought this article.

Here, you will have all the comparing details necessary to differentiate between Honda Fit and Jazz.

Comparing Between Honda Fit Vs Jazz

Well, these are two car models, and to know about them deeply, you have to know about the mechanical features along with the outer differences. So, here we sum up all the features and present them in easy comparison of Honda Fit vs Jazz for you.

Basic Info about Honda Fit and Jazz

Honda Fit is for JDM(Japanese Domestic Market)  since 2001. But it has also been manufacturing in western countries like the USA. Based on user demands and choices of region to region, it has been coming with different features.

On the other hand, Honda Jazz is for exporting mainly since 1982. It Has been marketing in Asian countries. The authorized seller from different states has to deal with it.

Let’s Check out the Interior Criterias of Honda Fit &Jazz

As driving with ease fact the most in any car,  let us start with the seats.


You will find the front seat of Honda Fit super spacious and comfortable in driving. Five seats with foldable technology on every side. You can even fold up the back seats and make much space for the cargo areas. Again, you can make your front seat fully down to backward also. You can drive with your legs spread or squeezed as you desire.

In Honda Jazz, the seats are spacious, indeed comparing the car’s outer tiny look. Like the Fit, its seats are also foldable in tall, extended, and utility modes. And this technology of Honda cars known as the magic seat that makes so many spaces in your tiny looking vehicle. Again driver seat can be adjustable in height, and the armrests with the seat let you be in ease while driving.


Honda Fit comes with five hatchback system doors. So, you can open the doors stretching back or pulling in upwards. It has a V shape design in the outer front part that makes it looks classy. There is also a red edge in the front line makes it look classy.

On the other hand, Honda Jazz’s front door is wide enough for easy access. And the more extensive viewing option on the widen mirror makes your driving so comfortable. Again, the doors of the Honda Jazz opens in 3 levels. So, no mess while entering.

Both have a signal indicator light on the door side.


Because of the magic seat, Honda Fit offers a large spacing option in the cargo areas. So, you can load as much as you desire by folded the seats. Ther is a backup camera obviously on the backside of Honda Fit.

In Honda Jazz, you can load up to a maximum 350 L., And for the magic seat, you can load any sized or shaped of things you need.

Steering Wheel

Both Honda Fit and Jazz comes with a handy 15-inch telescope type steering wheel. The steering has multi-functional options. You can change the distance of the wheel also. And the steering of  Honda Jazz can mount any audio and even control telephones.

In the sport version of Honda Fit, the wheel you will find wrapping with leather and the remote-controlled keys for entering.

Driving  Options

In Honda Jazz, you are going to find the chances of both auto and manual transmission options. You will love driving with 354mm booting space. Its hybrid version has a climate control system inside that always manages the inner temperature of the car.

The backside parking sensor and the parking camera helps in smooth parking.

Whereas, in Honda Fit, you won’t find here manually transmitting options. But you will find a TPMS(Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) indicator which can help you check the tire pressure enduring limitations, tire changing indications, etc. Again the feature of indicating collisions ahead, space keeping signs while parking lets you drive like a pro.


Honda Fit has a larger or smaller gasoline engine based on which regions it is. The maximum speed for the Fit series is 180 Km/h. The 130 hp of the engine does not give much fun in driving, but it’s an economic one indeed. You will get the gear with different stage accelerating modes along with a sport mode.

Honda Jazz has an engine of SOHC i-VTEC (Single Over Head Cam in Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control), or DOHCi-DTEC(Diesel Technology Electronic Control)  can run up to 220km/h. It has a gear with 6 stage acceleration modes. The engine and brake of Jazz run in harmony. It leads to an automatic synchronizing technology of the engine with the tires.

Other Amusing Features

Both Honda Fit and Honda Jazz have the feature of connecting your mobile through Bluetooth or wifi, voice recognition system, map navigating options call receiving, internet connecting even with Carplay app, and so on.

Speaking about FM frequency, in Fit, you have to install the local frequency. And it comes with two speakers on the front side whereas Jazz has four speakers 2 in the front and two beside the rear seats. And Jazz has the frequency tuned with local frequency.

Hopefully, this is enough information to get bright ideas on Honda Fit vs Jazz. Now let’s have a look at the quick comparison table of less essential features.

Quick Comparison at A Glance

Honda Fit


Honda Jazz

 180 km/h  Max   Speed  220 km/h
The 1.5-liter engine provides 130hp(Horsepower)      Engine  The 1.3-liter engine provides 101 bhp(Brake Horse Power)
5 level with a sports mode    Gear level  6 level gearing
Doesn’t has this feature  Hilly place alert  Get alerted & use auto brake technologies
No cup container space Cup container  A cup containing space on the left side of the steering
A little bit Economical     Facilities  Gives  luxurious facilities

Which One is For You

So, these are all ins and outs of Honda Fit vs Jazz. If you are looking for a budget-friendly and frugal type providing all facilities, then you can select Honda Fit. But be sure that Honda Fit is not suitable to drive on Snowy areas.

Final Words

In the article, we discuss almost all the information on Honda Fit vs. Jazz. We assure you that after reading this, you will have explicit knowledge of which one to choose to meet up your desired driving.