How To Clean a Sticky Dashboard – Simple & Easy Way

Are you disgusted seeing your dashboard so Sticky? Well, read this article to get the right solution to clean it.

Dashboard refers to the front panel of the driver seat of any vehicle Dashboard is close to engine parts, so it gets dirty and sticky quickly. It gets sticky mainly for the heat of the engine that creates gunks.

When your dashboard becomes sticky, you will see sticky substances like gunk on your dashboard, and it seems like a coat of sugary candies.

Have no worries. In this article, we bring some easy and simple methods on how to clean a sticky dashboard.

How to Clean a Sticky Dashboard in Simple Ways

To clean a sticky dashboard is not a huge task. You can clean it easily by following some steps. Here, we have shown easy ways on how to clean your sticky dashboard.

Method 1: Domestic Way

Let’s see the way with the equipment that you can find at your home.

Step 1: Take a clean, unused cloth

At first, take any unused fabric and clean the surface areas of the dashboard. You need to use clean cloth; otherwise, it may bring more trashes.

Step 2: Mix some detergent into the water

Now, take some lukewarm water and mix some detergent into it.

Step 3: Dip the cloth Into the detergent mixed water

Now take a clean towel and dip it properly into the detergent mixed water.

Step 4: Rub the cloth on the dashboard

Now rub the cloth on the dashboard. And keep rubbing until you see black oily gunks are coming off.

Step 5: Clean with a Dry Cloth

When your rubbing is complete with that wet cloth, take a dry cloth and wipe the dashboard.

Now you can see your dashboard having no more stickiness. In this way, you can easily clean your super sticky dashboard.

Method 2: Using A Dashboard Cleaner

Well, if you feel messy to clean with detergents, then you can use any good branded dashboard cleaner or tur cleaner. Let’s see the process to clean using a cleaner.

Step 1: Spray the Cleaner on the dashboard

If your cleaner is in a spray system container, then spray it on all over your sticky dashboard. And if your cleaner is liquid type, then take a clean cloth and pour some tur cleaner on the cloth.

Stp 2: Rub on the Dashboard

Now take a clean cloth or the cloth with dashboard cleaner and rub on the dashboard. Keep rubbing until you see some grainy black gunks are coming off.

Step 3: Wipe Out with a Dry Clean Cloth

Now wipe out your dashboard with a dry clean cloth.

Now you will find your dashboard no more sticky. If you want no expenses and clean your dashboard with the equipment you can have in your home, then you can follow method-1. But if you don’t want to take so much trouble and you don’t have to worry about your pocket, then you can go with method-2.


You can use any cleaning brush instead of cloth. It will make cleaning more quickly.

Final Words

So, the article is about how to clean a sticky dashboard. And we have shown two effective and best ways to clean your sticky dashboard. Well, follow anyone from these two methods suitable for you and get your dashboard sticky free again!