Easy Tricks – How to Remove Transmission Cooler Lines from Radiator Dodge

Trying so hard, but the transmission cooler line does not come off? Have no worries, read this article to know the shortcut and quick tips.

To cool down the engine parts of automobile vehicles, you will see transmission cooler lines are connecting to different dodges. Most of the time, you can see transmission cooler lines connecting in two sides. One is with a radiator dodge to receive the energy liquids and the other to have lubricants type materials to cool down the transmission line.

Well, the transmission lines need to change or sometimes repair when you see that you can’t change the gear or the engine parts get overheated. Then, the first thing you have to do is remove the lines. It is connected in such a way that it needs to apply some trick to remove it.

So, in this article, we discuss some quick tricks about how to remove transmission cooler lines from radiator dodge. Read it to know the smart trick.

How To Remove Transmission Cooler Lines From Radiator Dodge

The transmission cooler lines connected in such a way that at first, you need to how it is set up before removing. It will make you understand fast to learn the tricks.

So, there is a clip of wire, sized especially to sustain the lines so tight. You will see two or three curved parts of these clip wire from the outside. What you have to do is remove the wire clip or press the raised part inside the screw technically.

Here, we will show you two techniques using two supercool lines detaching tool.

Technique 1: Using the small line detaching clip

You can buy this small clip type tool. It comes both in plastic and metal shape. The image of the clips is shown here. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Uplift the Car Or Go Under the Vehicle

Well, you will find these transmission cooler lines under the shell of your vehicle. So, at first, you need to uplift the car or go under the car and find the transmission lines generally remain with gear parts.

 Step 2: Remove the Plastic Cap

Most of the time, you can see a plastic cap over the line connecting areas. It is to keep the connecting parts compressed. So, remove it first. If your ones don’t have this plastic part, then no need to worry, skip this step.

Step 3: Attach the Clip Tool

Take the line detaching tool and attach it around the pipeline.

Step 4: Press It Harder Inside The Connected Part

Now. Take it inside the connecting screw sliding along the line and press inside it.

You will see the line comes off so quickly.

Notes: the clip tool is of two types — one with three extended parts for a quick press and the other without any raised part. When you have the one without any raised areas, you must press a little harder to detach the lines from the clip wires.

Technique 2: Using a Screw Driver Shape Tool

The tool looks like a screwdriver but different in the edge. Its edge part is sharp and angled. Let’s see how to use this and remove the lines. But before that, you must follow the first two steps of technique-1, of course.

Step 1: Put the Pointy Part inside the Extended Clip Wire

In the transmission lines connecting to the screw, you can see three extended shapes of the curved wire. Take the tool and put the pointy part inside any of the extended wire.

Step 2: Pull harder Technically

Now pull the wire harder in the outer direction. When the clip wire is coming off, you must hold it from another side so that it doesn’t attach again from different sides.

You can see your the wire clip comes off. Now. Pull the transmission line it will easily come out.

Which Technique To Follow?

Two quick techniques discussed here are effective enough. But the difference is applying technique-1 will just remove the line. And following technique-2 will remove the clip wire also that you have to set up the shaped wire clip again at the time of connecting. So, most of the people prefer to go with technique-1.

Final Words

The article consists of two quick tricks on how to remove the transmission cooler lines from the radiator dodge. So, read it and know the tricks. Then, remove the lines of your own devices without wasting time seeking help from others.