Solution Included – The Most Common Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valve Problems

Do you have a plan to purchase a Ford car? Or you have already bought one or want to learn about ford fuel tank selector valve problems. If you want to know all this information, so this article is a complete package for you.

As the information, you will know all the essential issues of ford fuel problems. Also, you will be learned how those events happen and then, in that case, what you should do to close that. Also, you should search the review report of the fuel system before making your decision.

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Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valve Problems With Solutions

Ford fuel tank selector valve generally connect with the switch that usually sees in under the seat of the driver. When the switch turns over, then it sends to the signal to the selector valve, and very often, one of the tanks may close.

Ford Company has many models of the car like ford F-150, F-250, and so on. You will have to know that as it has several functional models so far, their problems will be different. For a car, you may be facing some common issues, –

  • The selector valve has problems, and the fuel tank will not open or close.
  • The selector valve doesn’t work in the starting position.
  • Fuel system problem.
  • Overfill of the fuel tank.

Method 1: One tank has problems where another one is running well

It’s a widespread problem for the ford fuel tank selector valve. Generally, selector valves consist of six valves, and the selector valve has multiple fuel sending and returns functions.

Problem 1:

If the selector valve has malfunctioned issues, then the fuel tank will not open as well close correctly. In that case, only one fuel tank is responsible for wok whether another one is not working.


To make the solution, you have to go step by step.

First, you have to check the fuel selector valve switch.

Second, also check the wire to know that the wire cable is ok or loose.

Third, after checking if you will get, there is no problem then you have to go for the small motor. This one is related to the selector valve switch. So, you have to repair that.

And after that, you may smoothly come out from this problem.

Method 2: The Selector valve cannot respond during your ford truck starting time

Sometimes, you may face such kind of problem. It happens for the old ford truck.

Problem 2: At the running stage, the selector valve doesn’t get a response to starting

You may face this if you buy the second-hand ford truck, and somehow the previous owner took out that selector valve. In that case, you have to run the car through the front tank straight, and most approximately, you can’t start that.

Solution 2:

In that situation,

First, you have to remove the selector valve.

Second, you can add a check valve for your better performance instead of the selector valve.

And the most important is that if you want to buy the ford tank selector valve car, you should go for the new one.

Method 3: Fuel system problem in ford truck

Problem 3:

In dual tanks truck, if the front tank works well, the rear shell has no fuel. When the switch encloses with the rear tank, it pulls gas from the front one. So, you may get lousy fuel from there.

Solution 3:

First, you have to check the rear pump is it running or not. The tank pump doesn’t work through the switch valve. So, if it is no running, there is no option to switch.

Second, you will unplug the frame of the pump and have to set the dash switch to the rear.

Third, you have to turn the key to run the rear tank.

Fourth, then you will switch to the front tank. If it is not responding, then you have to replace it.

Method 4: Overfilling of the fuel in the tank

Problem 4:

Sometimes, the fuel comes from the rear tank to the front one, and overfilling is natural

Solution 4:

First, you can rebuild the selector valve.

Second, you can choose the second option means; you have to replace the fuel pump instead of the tank.

Third, you can also apply another unique option. So, what is that? You can remove all those parts of the front tank, selector valves. You have to keep the front one.

Besides all those problems, you can observe so many issues about ford fuel tank selector valve problems. You can read out the several reviews of that company about their products and so on.

If you look review, you will know some statistics of ford fuel problems. Even this article can help you by showing. Like-

  • For the 1996 Ford F-150 in 2004, one client stated that from the front tank fuel leaks and it occurs when both the tank fills up with fuel, and the rear tank use first.
  • For 1996 Ford F-150, in 2002, one said, when he switches the front tank, it becomes to build pressure and gas come out from the rear shell.
  • Another one claimed, when he fuels the rear tank, the first basin is overflowing along with he has not taken any dealership.

You will get knowledge such type of several issues of fuel selector valve along with the solution that should do in your situation? Sometimes, you may find the selector valve problems, parts, and so on issues. So, those entire forums will be helpful for you.

Now, hopefully, it is quite clear to you which kind of problem you may face and also what’s the next step to do. Before making any decision, all information must help you to make the final selection. Or, if you face a problem, you will find out the perfect solution to Ford fuel tank selector valve problems.

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