Easy & Safe Way – How to Change Front Brake Pads on Dodge Ram 2500?

Do you need to change the brake pads on your Dodge Ram 2500? Then, this is only for you!

Brake pads are very crucial things in automobile vehicles. And Ram 2500 is basically heavy-duty vehicles, which always has been so durable and reliable. Moreover, Ram 2500 claims such features that no one has in the market.

But as it has engine parts and they need to replace or repair with time. So as the brake pads also. If you see your brake pads are having a notch, getting rusted, or even doing squeaks, then be sure you need to change your brake pads.

However, in this article, you will know a detailed guide about how to change front brake pads on Dodge Ram 2500 with all safety practices.

How To Change Front Brake Pads On Dodge Ram 2500

Tools You Need For Changing Brake Pads

When you are going to change the brake pads, you must ensure that you have all the tools you need. Because in the mid of working, you will get so annoyed when you don’t have the right tools beside you. So, let’s check out the tools that you will need here to change the pads.

  • Car Lifter or Jack stand for lifting the car up
  • Torx Wrench ratchet or C clamp for
  • Adjustable or fixed size range wrench based on your bolt size
  • Wire brush for cleaning rust
  • Hammer
  • Mechanical hand gloves for protection from grease and dirt
  • New brake pads
  • Brake lubricant (if not provided with brake pads)

These are the overall tools and equipment that you need while doing the task of changing brake pads. But get the right size of the metric socket if you are using it to loosen the bolts. Because there are quite various sizes available according to different sizes of bolt used in the parts.

Again you can have this in your knowledge that there are different types of brake pads also. You don’t need to use the same kind of brake slides that you have now.

There are- metallic brake pads, ceramic brake pads, semi-metallic, organic, etc. But as you are going to change the brake pads of Dodge Ram, which is highly used for carrying loads so, you should choose the brake pads having more sustainability and more durability. For that, you may select semi-metallic or metallic, for it provides more power in braking.

Steps to Change Front Brake Pads

After knowing the tools that you need then, let’s check out the steps for how to change front brake pads on Dodge Ram 2500.

Step 1: Uplift Your Car

As you are going to change your front brake pads and you will find these pads beside the wheels so, uplift your car from the front side. You can hold it lifted with the help of a car lifter or a jack stand. But keep patience while lifting the vehicle using a jack stand as the stand gradually raises. It’s up to you which one you prefer.

Step 2: Take out the Tire

Now open the front tire. For that, you can use the Torx wrench ratchet to loosen the lug nuts. And then your wheel will come out quickly.

Step 3: Take off the caliper from the mounting bracket

After you have removed the tire, you will see the caliper covering the brake slides. You have to remove this covering caliper. Now, check there are two clips on the two poles of the caliper. You have to remove these clips. Well, this step is going to be a little long, but read it with patience to understand the process easily.

Take the Torx wrench and try to loosen the bolt. Here you need to be careful of one thing when you are turning the wrench; you will see the pin is also turning or moving. If it moves or turns, then the bolts will not going to come out.

So, what you have to do is hold the insider bolt with a  range wrench according to the bolt size. Or you can use an adjustable wrench to hold it, then turn the outsider bolt downwards. But don’t lose the clip out until you have done loosen both clips.  Once you have loosened both bolts, then take out the bolts using hands and keep them aside safely because you need them again while attaching.

Now, take off the caliper and place it carefully on any side, or you can even hang it around so that it does not get damage anyhow or any pipeline.

**NOTE: Be careful you don’t bend or cut the brake line connected with the caliper. So, you better hang the caliper nearby there using a curved wire.

Step 4: Take out the slides

After removing the caliper, you will see thin, rusted metal slides of the brake pads on both sides of the mounting bracket. Take out the slides pushing back with the flat side of the hammer.

Don’t worry if your one has only one pad on one side. It may vary from car to car. But the process of taking out is the same.

Step 5: Clean the Dust with Wire Brush

Now, clean the rust and dust inside the mounting bracket with the help of a  wire brush. Well, you don’t need to take out the bracket as you only changing the pads, not the rounded rotor. If you think you need to change the rotor also then you should take out this.

Step 6: Push the Pistons Back  In the Caliper

Now, take the brake pads and caliper and insert the slide pads into the caliper. Now, with the help of a metric socket or a twisting C clamp, push the pistons back in the caliper.  Just twist and twist, then take out the tool and the brake pads.

Step 7: Attach the Clips of the Brake Pads

Attach the clips that given with the new brake pads. To attach them, you don’t need any tool. You just need to connect it technically, the right one on the right side, and the left one on the left.

Step 8: Place the Brake Pads inside the Bracket

Now take the brake pad and place it inside carefully where the older one was placed. Place it in such a way that two clips will be faced outside. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself while inserting the slide because it sometimes may get scratch while inserting the metallic one.

Step 9: Grease and Attach the Caliper Back

Your brake pads changing is almost done. Now you have to attach the caliper back. Before you place them, take some brake lubricants and grease the places where brake pads are going to touch.

Now, hold the brakes inside with the fingers and place the caliper. Push the caliper carefully and set it as it was before.

Step 10: Tighten the Caliper Bolt

Now take those two bolts that you loosen at first. Insert and tighten them with hands first, then using the Torx wrench or C clamp rotate and tighten them. Of course, you have to hold the bolt with the range wrench while tightening, just like the bolt loosening method. Tighten up both the bolts in this way.

Following the same methods stepwise, you have to change your vehicle’s front brake pads of the other side.

Now, you are done changing your front brake pads. Make sure you wear hand gloves before going to change it. The gloves will save your hands from getting dirty and greasy.

Final Words for You

The article includes step by step method on how to change front brake pads on Dodge Ram 2500with all the necessary tools. After reading it, you can easily change your brake pads on your own and no need for other’s help on such an issue anymore.