Know the Best Way of How to Remove Paint Stains from Car

Got paint stains on your car? Oh no, these paint stains seem so horrific on vehicles. Don’t panic! Keep calm and read our article to know the best and easy way to remove these unwanted stains from your car.

If you have parked your car near any construction site or gone through newly painted roads, then your vehicle can get paint stains sometimes.

Well, after long-time research and experimenting, we have found out some simple and easy methods you can try at your home. So, read this article that is written on how to remove paint stains from your car.

Know what Type of Paint Stain Is It

Paint stains seem hard enough to remove. But it’s not that much hard also. You can remove them on your own without going to any car servicing center. Your car can get paint stains from different types of paint, and it may be-

  • Still in liquid form of stains
  • Hardly dried stains
  • From spray paint
  • From road paint

You can have a look at the image below and get some ideas if your one also has this type of stains or kind of similar to these.  Whatever the paints are, overall, the methods for removing them are the same. So, follow the ways given here.

Methods for How to Remove Paint Stains from Car

When you have known the paint stains reason or type of paint stains, then let’s check out the ways.

Method A: Using a Wax Cleaner

If your car has got some stains from liquid paints and the stains are the liquid type or dried paint, even any road paint, then using a cleaner wax is going to be the best option for you. To know how to use wax cleaner on cars, follow these steps.

Step 1: Clean the Outer Dirt

At first, clean the outer dirt, or any other particles sprinkled over.  Because you are going to use a polymer-based clay for waxing. So when you use it, the first task is to clean the targetted area before applying the wax cleaner.

Step 2: Take Out & Use the Wax

Now, take out the waxing clay. If it’s a bigger one you have bought, take half a portion of it by cutting. Use some lubricants on it to make the clay easy to shape. Make a plain rectangular type shape and gently rub it on the stains. Keep rubbing until you see the stains coming out.

Step 3: Take a fiber Cloth & Clean

Take a fiber cloth or towel that is smooth and rub it on the stained area and wipe it properly.

Notes: You can reuse the clay again. And for that, you have to store it into an airtight plastic bag immediately after use. It will keep the softness of the clay.

If you still see some colorless stains yet remained then, follow the steps ahead — otherwise no need for the below action.

Step 4: Use a Tar remover

Take a  clean cloth and pour some tar remover onto it. Then, rub the cloth on the stains. You will see the stains removed.

To use a tar remover, you can buy a tar remover or bug remover or sticker remover. It is mainly needed when the stain is from any road paints.

Method B: Using Acetone Alchohol

If your stains are from any latex or oil-based paint or even any spray paint, then acetone or acetone alcohols work much. Steps for it-

Step 1: Take a Clean Rough Towel

Take a clean but rough towel and pour some acetone or only alcohol on it.

Step 2: Rub the Towel

Now, hardly rub the towel on your stained areas. Keep rubbing until the stains get removed

If still, you see stains remained then, pour more acetones and repeat the steps.

Method C: Using a Nail Polish Remover

Well, girls, you heard it right.- the nail polish remover. It sometimes works when its a stain from spray paint. So, it’s a wow for the girls as they will have this thing available at home. But boys may need to look for them in the stores with a little bit embarrassing.

Well, it’s not something different to use the nail polish remover. Girls know it best as it’s the same as removing nail polishes.

The method for using nail polish is the same as the Method-B- using acetones.

Method D: Using Petrol/Diesel/Kerosene

In some cases, when people look for some cheaper ways, this method is for them. You can use petrol or diesel or kerosene and use it to remove your paint stains. Here, also, the process of applying is the same as Method-B.

Remember, using diesel or kerosene may remove your original paint sometimes if you use more.

Method E: Paint Over It Again

Well, if you don’t want to take any trouble of toiling hard then, you can paint over it again.  You can give a coat on your original paint, but it will never be going to be helpful if the stains are heavy and visible enough.

Which One to Choose

Here, we have discussed almost all the effective but easiest method for you. If you are thinking much about which one to choose among them, then we suggest method-A which is waxing with clay. It is the most effective and mostly tried by people. And it will leave no harm or other troubling also.

Final Words for You

The article contains easy methods on how to remove paint stains from car. We have tried to present the best but easy methods. Know the ways and choose the suitable and perfect one for removing paint stains from your vehicle as others have been benefitted by these methods also.