Easy To Learn – How To Clear Ford OBD1 Codes

Don’t know how to clear Ford OBD1 codes? Worry not! Read our post, and you’ll get the solution by the end of it.

In many passenger and light-duty vehicles, automakers incorporated the OBD1 system. It controls the vehicle’s engine, the flow of the fuel, and all the electronic sensors.

Now, after any modification of your Ford vehicles, you may want to reset the machine. And the “check engine” light may continue flashing. So you have to reset the codes.

In this article, we have introduced some easy techniques to reset the codes of ford OBD1. So, you’ll get the whole idea of clearing the codes of Ford OBD1.

What is Ford OBD1

The term OBD stands for “On-board diagnostics.” It’s a self-diagnostic system of any vehicle. It goes through all the electronic sensors of the vehicle and diagnoses all kinds of problems.

Now, OBD1 is a diagnostic system that only supports cars from 1985 to 1995. And it supports Ford, Nissan, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, GMC, etc. In 1996, automakers introduced another diagnostic system OBD2. And since then to the present, all the cars have an OBD2 system.

Since the present-day cars have OBD2, their system is different from that of OBD1 cars. And so, they have different methods to reset their machine codes after modifications.

How To Clear Ford OBD1 Codes

The reset of the on-board monitoring device eliminates all problem codes within the network. But different cars have different methods to clear the codes. And so, the methods that the OBD1 of a Ford vehicle needs to clear codes are different than that of other vehicles.

There are several ways to clear the codes of Ford OBD1. And they are:

  1. Disconnect Ground Cable/Negative Terminal
  2. Jumper Wire
  3. OBD1 code reader
  4. Auto-Parts Store Service
  5. Disconnect Ground Cable

1. Most of the time, people use to clear codes by disconnecting the ground battery cable


  • Put your vehicle in KOEO, mode which means, key-on-engine-off.
  • Open the vehicle’s hood and.
  • Remove the black ground cable, or the negative terminal of the battery with an appreciate wrench.
  • Leave it like this for 5~15 minutes.
  • Reconnect the ground cable safely.
  • Now, close the hood and go inside the car.
  • Switch the engine on and let is reach the operating temperature.
  • Now, drive your vehicle for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • While you are driving, the computer system will reset and clear the codes.

Caution: while removing the ground cable with a wrench, make sure that the wrench does not get in touch with the positive terminal. It may create a dangerous spark.

2. Jumper Wire

To clear Ford OBD1 codes, most of the people use the jumper wire usually. It is an easy and safe method. It clears the codes only and does not clear other computer memory.


  • Open your car’s hood and find the EEC test connector near the fuse box.
  • Open its plastic cover, and you will find a tan wire with a maroon tracer inside a little gray connector.
  • Bring a jumper wire or a paper clip.
  • Put one head of the wire or the clip in the pin of the gray connector, and the other head of the cable or clip in pin #2 of the EEC test connector, which is on the top right of the connector.
  • Now, put the vehicle in KOEO mode.
  • Remove the jumper wire while the PCM displays codes.
  • Then the fuel pump will run.

And thus, it will clear the codes.

Caution: Use a jumper wire that is safe for the Ford vehicles. If not, it may cause damages to your vehicle.

3. OBD1 Code Reader

There are some OBD1 code readers for Ford vehicles that can not only read the codes but also clear them.


  • Put your vehicle in KOEO mode.
  • Open your vehicle’s hood and take out the EEC test connector.
  • Connect the code reader with it. The code reader will read the code.
  • Now, press and release the reset button on the reader. It will erase the codes.

4. Auto Parts Store Service

To clear the Ford OBD1 codes, you may not want to take any risk by doing anything on your own. So, the safest way to reset the codes is to bring your Ford vehicle to any auto-parts store. Since the auto-parts mechanics have enough knowledge about the codes, they will easily check the codes and clear them.

And in most of the stores, they don’t charge for code checking and clearing. So, if you don’t want to take any risk, you only have to bring your vehicle to the store to clear the OBD1 codes.

Best Method To Clear Codes

Here, we have shown all the possible ways to clear the Ford OBD1 codes. But what we recommend you is the jumper wire method.

Why We Recommend This:

To clear OBD1 codes, disconnecting the jumper during KO mode is the best way. And the reasons are:

  • This method is safe to perform.
  • You can use this method on your vehicle at any time and anyplace.
  • Once you use this method, you wouldn’t want to go to the mechanic to clear the codes from then.
  • It won’t cost you anything since you don’t have to buy any equipment.
  • You won’t need any diagnostic tools in this method. You only need a jumper wire or a paper clip.
  • Unplugging the battery resets the whole memory of the car, which causes many problems. But in the jumper wire method, it only resets the codes. It does not hamper any other elements. It’s the best feature of this method.

OBD1 codes for Ford vehicles may be somewhat confusing and not as accurate as those of OBD2, but you’ll get a clue on how to solve any issue. Also, when working with your vehicle, always connect a car battery charger.

Now, you will find all the methods that are effective and can clear and reset any code for Ford OBD1 here. So, if you don’t have any idea on how to clear Ford OBD1 codes, go through this post.