Simple Solution – How to Fix the Electronic Throttle Control 5.7L Hemi

Are your having issues in engine startup? Are you getting an ETC warning light on your dashboard? Then, this article can guide you to fix these issues.

ETC(Electronic Throttle Control)  is very much important in any car engine to ensure the proper air pressure. If anyhow this system gets disturbance, then you will be going to face various hindrances in driving.

So, it is very crucial to fix the Electronic Throttle system immediately after facing the problems. Therefore, in this writing, we are going to help you with knowing about the symptoms of a corrupt throttle system, checking and finally, how to fix electronic throttle control 5.7 L Hemi by yourself.

So, scroll down to know!

Electronic Throttle Control(ETC)

Before jumping directly to the fixing, first, you should have some basic ideas regarding the Electric Throttle Control part.
Well, the throttle body works connecting two things mainly. On one part, it has a connection to the air filter to inlet the air, and on another side, it is connected to the air intake setup to get the air amount from the pedal sensor.

And inside the body, there is a valve that can oscillate to open and close. This valve does the main task in an electronic throttle body. This valve opens up as much needed and lets the air goes in and helps to create pressure in the engine.

So, the throttle body has a direct connection to create the proper pressure in the engine and give you the perfect mileage.

Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Body

Then, the question arises how would you know the throttle body has some issues or it needs to fix or repair. So, let’s see some significant symptoms that indicate a lousy throttle system.

Less Power or Reduced Power Sign on the Dash

If the throttle body has any problems, then you will feel less power in driving. You may see the power reduced alert on the power gauge of your vehicle. In that case, it’s the throttle body that needs to fix.

Again you may also see the ETC code if you check with an OBD2 scanner and see the code P0121, P0122, P1128, P1129, P2110, P2112, etc. then, it’s the throttle system that is causing these symptoms.

When the throttle body gets any problem, it reduces the power in letting to the engine to avoid engine issues. The throttle body itself is made such that it will decrease the power pressure itself mainly to save the engine from having any significant damage.

Idling System Gets Poor

if the throttle body fails, you will see the engine having worse idling system. The electronic throttle body is controlled by the computer engine of the vehicle in modern cars.

So, if the throttle body fails then, the computer engine controls it and interrupts from moving the valve and, consequently, helps to save the whole engine from any extensive damage. And then, the engine seems to have very poor idling.

In that case, you can be more sure by try checking with the OBD2 codes. And check the ETC, muffler, speed sensor, and so on.

Less Power & Less Mileage

When the throttle body gets any problem then, it will reduce the amount of air getting into the engine. And so, the engine creates less power results in less mileage.

Sometimes, you may face that the gear does not go on the third and just gets freeze on the second gear position.

Again it might happen that you can’t go over 35 mileage while driving for one hour. These cause because when the throttle control part fails, it limits the power to save the engine from massive damage.

Causes of a Bad Electronic Throttle System

Now, let’s see what may be the possible reasons that you get the signs of a corrupt throttle system.

  • Too much rust in the throttle part
  • Any leak in the vacuum
  • Loose Electric Connection
  • The whole throttle system failed

How to Fix the Electronic Throttle Control 5.7L Hemi- 4 Easy Steps

Now, when you have known quite enough about the causes and symptoms of a failure electric throttle, let’s jump to the fixing steps.

However, we will show you four effective ways on how to fix the electronic throttle control 5.7 L Hemi engine, and these ways apply to all other engines along with the Hemi.

1. Clearing Rust

If the throttle body of your engine gets too much rust then, it might hinder the valve from smooth movement. And you get the throttle failure signs.

Well, here you can find the throttle body and clear out all the rust from and inside its body.

2. Changing Hose

The throttle body works by getting a sensor from the accelerator paddle. Sometimes, any leak in the electric connection to the throttle body makes it a failure and can’t get the air in letting amount sensor

. In that case, you should change the hose pipe that connects the electric computer of the engine to the throttle.

3. Replace the Throttle System

Most of the time, replacing only the throttle body or the entire throttle assemble part can solve the throttle issues as well as power issues.

Replacing it is not that hard. Follow these steps below, and you can replace it yourself without going to a mechanic.

Option A: Find the Throttle Control Part

To replace it a first open the engine hood and find out the throttle control part on top of the engine, connecting the air filter.

Option B: Loosen the Bolt & Take out the Throttle Parts’ Cover

Now take any screwdriver suitable to the screws and loosen the bolt and then sway a little and take it out.

Option C: Unplug the Electric Connection & the Nuts

On one side of the throttle body, you will see an electric connection hose pipe. You have to disconnect it.

Then, using any clamp, loosen all the bolts from the throttle body on the throttle body and take it out.

Option D: Set the New Throttle Body

You must get a new throttle body before starting the replacement. Set this new throttle part in the gas kit. Then reassemble the bolts one by one as you have taken out. And at last, reconnect the electric hose pipe to secure the connection.

Start your engine to check if the throttle system is set correctly or not, and also, the issue gets fixed.  After replacing the throttle control, you will see no more poor type idling of the engine. The idling system will be rich and fast enough.

After replacing a new throttle body, you won’t get any throttle failure signs. But it’s better to reset all the fault codes and your dash warning lights.

4. Reset the Throttle System

If you feel the throttle body has no issues and you do not see any faults in the throttle body, but still you are getting the throttle failure signs, then you can try with resetting the throttle part.

The throttle system works with the electrical connection of the engine, and it may get incorrect trouble codes in the electrical functions. And so, you get the faulty signs without being at fault.

To reset the throttle control system what you need to do is

  • Switch on the ignition key, don’t start the engine. Then, wait for a minimum of 3 seconds.
  • Now, press the accelerator pedal and do press and release five times amidst 5 seconds.
  • Press the pedal again, and this time hold on pressing for around 20 seconds. At least until the engine light stops the blinking and then stays on.

And your resetting throttle control is done.

Conclusive Words

Well, if you think that you can drive with a throttle control system, then yes, you can drive, but you will get slight pressure, and it will gradually damage the whole engine.

So, by ignoring one part, you may have to pay a massive loss in the long run. Being lazy or unwilling to go to the mechanic, then we are here for you. Here, we have clearly described how to fix the electronic throttle control 5.7L Hemi with the possible causes and symptoms.

So, read it and know- how you can do it yourself.