How Much Does It Cost to Lift a 4Runner – Get a Budget Value

What performance can you not get back if you install suspension lifts in Toyota 4 Runner? The 4 Runner is an all-rounder on his performance both on-road and off-road.

If you can lift your 4 Runner, what can stop him from giving his superior performance ride. But the question is, how much does it cost to lift a 4 Runner?

Oh, are you already pondering? Relax because we have already estimated this for you. Today you will know the 4 Runner lift kits, types, and overall cost.

Let’s start.

Know Now – How Much Does It Cost to Lift a 4Runner

To know all the costing details of lifting your 4 Runner, you should have some idea about the suspension lift kits. Because these are the key parts that can favor you to ride with a balanced height.

Do tension we have done that research and bring here the detailed costing of each suspension parts. So, you can have the entire idea of the total cost of lifting.

However, another term comes here while knowing about 4 Runner lifting, the suspension lift, or the leveling lift.  So, what you need based on that your costing calculation comes.

And we hope you are acquainted with a suspension lift and leveling lift very well. If no, just have some idea in short. We promise we’ll not make it too long.

Leveling Kit & Lift Kit

To enjoy the thrilling off-road performance as well as to give a killer look to your 4 Runner, nothing can compare to the aftermarket lift suspension. When your car is used for heavy hauling resulting in additional weight, a leveling kit can help balance the riding weight.

Now comes the lift kit. Lift kits help your vehicle clear the ground and keep it off it. So, you can easily crawl over rocks and ride on gravel streets.  You can lift your vehicle from a minimum of one to more than seven inches with the lift kits according to rider needs. We made the discussion a bit long, but you might have got some info for sure.

Cost of Aftermarket Suspension kits

Now the twist is some aftermarket suspensions come as suspension leveling lift. And the leveling kits may include shocks, struts, spacers, and lift blocks. Leveling kits are much easier than the lift kit installation for its bolt-on installation system. These kits are great for the off-road ride if your intention is not for massive lifting.

The shocks and struts come in different costing varying brands and types.  You can find them within some affordable price ranges from $250 to $3000.  And the lift spacers or the rear spring come at more reasonable prices. They can be within 100 to 300 dollars.

For the front lift, you will need coil springs of different sizes. From a minimum of 1″ to 3″ lift, $170 to $200 are good options you need.

Using the lift kits to lift your vehicle can be an expensive option but provide a smooth off-road ride with ground clearance. When you think of lifting your vehicle, you must think of the aftermarket upper control arms (UCA’s). To lift a minimum of 1 inch, you will need around $450 to $1500 for lift kits.

Then, the rear suspension lift kits come into consideration. Here you need rear shocks to lift the rear wheel and balance your ride.  Another consideration here sits in mind in deciding the rear suspension type-rebuildable and non-rebuildable.

If you get the rebuildable ones, you can adjust your kits according to your ride if you are now not sure enough what lifting you need. And if you choose the non-rebuildable lift kits, you can’t adjust them again once you installed them. You are then left with none other option than buying a new one.

However, you should have the idea that the rebuildable kits, which can cost $1000 to $2000 more than that of the non-rebuildable kits. So, the choice is up to you.

Lift Kits Cost Variances for Different 4Runner Gen

Every year or half, the 4 Runners come with another new generation of the model. Depending on that, the aftermarket suspension kits are also different for the exact compatibility.

First & Second Generation 4 Runner Suspension Lift Cost

The year 1984 to the 1989 year model of T4R are listed in the first-generation model. That comes in a very minimal installation option. So, you can have the kits within a very affordable price range, starting from $1500 only. But remember, those very first models of 4Runner leave you with very minimal kit usability too.

The second generation comes from 1989 to 1995, which are mostly similar to the first-generation model. So, the cost here does not differentiate much.

Third & Fourth Generation 4 Runner Suspension Lift Cost

The third-generation Toyota came from the year 1996 to the 2002 year models. You may have seen these models with more suspension kits availability and greater outlook also. The increasing the year is, the gradual the upgrading is continuing with.

Up to 2006, the fourth-generation models were available with thriller killer off-road performance features where you are available with so many kits installation opportunities. And all of these are both in reasonable and higher demand based on the level of kits and height.

Fifth Generation & the Further 4 Runner Suspension Lift Cost

From the year 2007, the fifth-gen models have been introduced with new upgraded features with more high-performance functionality for off-road rides.  Nowadays, you can use the factory suspensions or aftermarket.

Listen, you must have heard about the advanced suspension kits such as the KDSS and SSO. This nowadays provides super cool performance output for both height balance and bounce resistance. And your cost can go over $5000 or more based on the kits you choose.

Final Words

Lifting a  Toyota 4 Runner is not like buying some small tools for your car play that you just think of it and buy it. You must know about lift kits-both factory and aftermarket, how much does it cost to lift a 4Runner, and the cost variances.

In the whole article, we hope that we have made that clear enough to understand and estimate the cost you need. Know your budget limit and lift your 4Runner to ride with the off-road riding pomp’s utmost aggressive performance.