How to Remove Ford Locking Wheel Nuts – No Tension for Lug Nut Lock

Are you in the trouble of how to remove Ford locking wheel nuts? Then, read this now and know the ways.

Locking wheel nuts are special nuts that help to hold the wheel in the vehicle. You can find these wheel nuts in most of the wheel of the cars, lorries, or truck.

These wheel lug nuts use a specific key to get locked with the vehicle. This lock key system helps to prevent wheel theft issues.

If Somehow you forget your lug nut lock key, it becomes a trouble for you to replace your wheel in time of urgent wheel change.

So, in this context, we are showing you some ways to remove lug nuts. No matter you remember your lug nut key or not, you can remove it.

Go on reading to know!

How to Remove Ford Locking Wheel Nuts

When you need to change your tire or your lug nut gets too rusted, you feel the necessity of removing your locking wheel nuts. Well, we are showing you some straightforward methods to remove them.

Most of the wheels seem to have four or five lug nuts attached to the wheel brake. So, what you have to do is remove them. Oh, you can check top 7 lug nuts for f150 here.

Tools You Need

Firstly, let’s see the tools that you need in the time of removal.

  • An X-shaped or L-shaped lug wrench
  • Hammer
  • Socket Wrench (12 points or 6 points based on the lug nut size)
  • Bolt extractor
  • Impact driver tool
  • Piler

Remember, you don’t need all the tools. Mainly you must have a wrench and a socket to take out the lug nuts. Others are optional if you can afford to buy to ease your work.

But yes, you may need some best replacement lug nuts for F150 as after removing, they are going to be not usable anymore.

Let’s begin the steps.

Step-1: Remove the caps

At first, you will see some caps over the lug nuts. You have to remove the caps. To take out the nut caps, use any piler and pull to take out.

You can also use any screwdriver to take out the lug nut caps. For that, place the screwdriver on the plastic or metallic cap. And hit on the edge of the driver with a hammer.

Then, pull out to remove the cap.

Following any one method, take ut all the nut caps.

Step-2: Unclew the Lug Nuts

Then comes for unclewing the lock of the lug nuts. If you know the lock key, you can use that and unclew easily.

But if you don’t know, lock key. Don’t worry. You can still open it.

In this step, we will show you several ways. You can try anyone suitable for you.

Using a Lug Wrench

Take your lug wrench and put it inside the lug nut. Then twist in the anti-clockwise direction to unclew it.

Sometimes, it feels tough to spin with barehanded. You can use any long pipe and insert the lug wrench inside the tube while attached to the nuts. Then, push the pipe anti-clockwise, and you will see you can twist it more quickly than previously.

Again, you can also use your leg to push and spin to loosen the nuts.

Using a Bolt Extractor

You can use any bolt extractor to unclew the wheel nuts. The bolt extractor helps to unclew the lug nut without any hard try.

Here, you need to attach the bolt extractor socket according to the lug nut size. Then, use the impact driver tool or any lock remover tool and loosen the nut within the glance of a second.

Step-3: Loosen the Other Lug Nuts

Similarly, unclew and loosen the other lug nuts in the wheel.

Step-4: Take Out the Wheel Nuts

Now, you will see you can easily take out the wheel nuts.

This is how you can remove the Ford locking wheel nuts and change your lug nuts or your tire.

Remember While Removing

If your tire is flat then, you may face issues in loosening the lug nuts. That time you may need to airlift your vehicle if your tire is flat to the ground. And you can’t twist the lug nuts.

And you don’t need to worry about your wheel nuts if it gets ruined. If you need can check out the best replacement lug nuts for F150 also. Many brands are available nowadays.

Again, several brands also sell some lock removal sets of four or five sockets and lug wrench. If you can afford, buy one set of tool and use any time when you need.

Final Words

Lug nuts removing becomes very necessary, especially when you need to change the tire of the vehicle. And in this context, we have explained the best and most practical ways on how to remove Ford locking wheel nuts.

So, read this and remove your wheel nuts instead of going to the mechanics and paying an unnecessary extra.