How to Remove Rear Drive Shaft Dodge RAM 1500 – Do It Easily

Do you need to change your driveshaft, but you don’t know how to remove rear drive shaft Dodge RAM 1500? Then, this writing is only for you!

In automobile vehicles, there are lots of mechanical components that help to run the engine with assessments. And driveshaft is one of them. As it runs, it decays over time or may cause issues for different reasons.

In that case, we need to repair or replace the drive shaft. And for that, you will need to know about its removal process.

So, in this writing, we will show you some simple steps on how you can remove the backside driveshaft very easily.

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What Is Driveshaft

The driveshaft, also known as driving shaft or propeller shaft, is a mechanic part used in the automobile engines. The primary purpose of this drive shaft is to transfer the rotation of the wheels to the engine activities.

The driveshaft is usually connected with two sides. One connection is with the engine, and the other is with the driving rail. Because of relative distance, it is unable to make a direct connection with the driving side.

So, people use the drive shaft part that helps to transfer the engine powers and driven properties to the whole system.

Generally, in automobile vehicles, there is two drive shaft. You can find these two driving shaft underneath the car. One is on the front part called front driveshaft, and the other is on the backside near the exhaust box called rear or back driveshaft.

When to Remove Drive Shaft

Well, driving shafts are made of steel and sturdy enough to move with comforts. But it may get issues, and you feel the necessity of removing for its replacement.

Well, before proceeding to the removal steps, you should make sure if it needs to remove the driveshaft or not. Let’s know about some significant signs of a bad drive shaft.

  • Vibrations from beneath the car
  • Driveshaft making squeaking noise
  • Having trifling in taking turns
  • Getting loud knocking sound continuously

How to Remove Rear Drive Shaft Dodge Ram 1500

Whether it’s the front driveshaft or the rear, symptoms are the same. When you get any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should replace it.

Now you will know about some easy steps on how to remove rear driveshaft Dodge Ram 1500. And these steps are also applicable to other vehicles like FORD car or any other. So, read it out to know. But listen if you need oil can check ram 1500 hemi oils list.

Tools You Need

Before going for the steps, be introduced to the kits that you might need in removal time. Otherwise, you may be looking here and there for the tools.

  • Screw Extractors or Ratchet
  • Pilers
  • Wrench
  • Markers
  • Car Lifter

Steps for removing the driving shaft.

Step 1: Uplift Your Car with a Car Lifter

Well, as the drive shaft is under the vehicle, so you have to uplift your car with a car lifter. Or you can also apply any other method to make your vehicle a little lifted. It will ease your task.

Step 2: Take Out the Bolts

The rear driveshaft is near the exhaust system. A longitudinal metal pipe connects from the front to the back of the car.

Now, start from one end and loosen the bolts with a ratchet or screw extractor. Then, take out the rivets. Generally, there remain two or three bolts. And you can mark the place of the bolts with a marker; so that in time of installing it again you won’t face any trouble.

You may also need to use your hand as one of the two bolts may remain in between the exhaust box and the shaft.

Step 3: Hang the one End

After taking out the bolts, carefully hang it there because you need to take out the pins of other ends also.

Step 4: Take Out the Bolts of Other End

Now, go to another side of the shaft and loosen the nuts, as shown in step-2. Then place this end on the ground, or you can take someone’s help to hold it hanged.

Step 5: Take Out the Screws from Middle

Now the last step is to take out four bolts that hold the shaft. To take out these screws, you will need a little bigger ratchet. Loosen the screws, and then take it out.

While removing these screws, you have to be very careful. Hold the shaft with one hand when you remove the bolts lest the shaft should fall on you.

In this way, you can easily remove the driveshaft from your car. And if you need to replace it, you can assemble all the screws again and set a new driveshaft.

Final Thoughts

Without a driving shaft, you can still drive your car for some miles. And your driving criteria will be very slow.

When you get any signs of a faulty driveshaft, don’t delay in replacement, because removing it is very simple and easy.

Howsoever, this content has a complete step by step tutorial on how to remove rear driveshaft Dodge Ram 1500. So, read it carefully, and you can remove it on your own without paying your mechanic.