How to Make 6.7 Cummins Louder – 4 Turbo Boosting Ways

Making an engine louder means to bring out more HP(Horse Power) and a proper exhaust system. Again, many people seem to like the loud sound of the trucks when riding.

But many of us think we can’t make the engine louder than the present exhaust sound. So, this article is for them who were craving to know how to make 6.7 Cummins louder.

Here, you will know about some unique and effective ways to make your Cummins louder, and you can bring a significant performance difference in your vehicle.

How to Make 6.7 Cummins Louder

Making the exhaust sound louder boost the power of turbocharger. Besides, some people also like to hear the turbo sound from inside the car. And they search for ways to make it louder.

So, here we are showing four practically experienced methods. You can try any of the processes looks convenient for you. Oh one thing, if you need can check few oil for 12 valve cummins here.

Method 1: By Removing Intake Baffle

Removing the intake baffle from inside the engine turbocharger can make your Cummin louder. It’s the best solution to hear the turbo sounds.

It is a plastic hose wrapped with foam. You can find it inside the turbo hose clamp. To remove it, you can follow these steps below.

  • Open the engine hood and find out the turbocharger hose clamp.
  • Loosen the screws of the plastic crinkle hose gradually and then take out the middle part of the crankle hose.
  • Now, you will see the baffle at the entrance. Pull it slowly and take it out.
  • You may feel it a little sturdy when taking out. But no need to worry. You can take out and then reassemble the middle crankle hose again.

Now, try starting the engine and hear. You will find thew Cummins a little bit louder than before. Removing the baffle increases exhaust pressure and makes it louder.

Method 2: By Removing Silencer Ring

Removing the silencer ring from your turbo housing area gives the best output to make your Cummins louder. The silencer ring is a ring-shaped metal part that helps in flowing the laminar airflows.

By removing it will help you to hear the turbo reel up sounds louder. To remove the silencer ring, you have to remove the turbo hose tube and then the ring metal that is the silencer. So, let’s see how you can remove it.

  • Loose the screws from the silencer ring connecting the plastic hose pipe. You will find it where the turbocharger is.
  • Take out the turbocharger hose pipe. You don’t need to take it out entirely from the engine hood. You can just keep it at a little distance so that you can take out the silencer.
  • You will see the turbine inside. There is the silencer ring Covering the turbine. Give a push to the metal ring from the inside area, and you can remove it.

Now try running your Cummin engine and feel it be louder than before.

Method 3: Axle Dumping Exhaust

Axle dumping is the process of setting up a bent exhaust pipe to the ground on the back to exhaust louder. It makes the 6.7 Cummins louder. Let’s see how you can do this

  • Get an exhaust pipe and cut it according to your exhaust area.
  • Weld it properly to set the pipe
  • Set the pipe bending downside, or you can even dump it to as much back as possible.

After you are finished with dumping the axle, then start your engine to hear the turbo spark.

Method 4: The EGR Deleting

EGR( Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is the process where there is a valve called the EGR valve that does the work of taking some of the exhaust back.

But sometimes it might happen that these exhaust reversing occurs such that it creates some resistances in pressure and so hinders in fast mileage.

So, deleting the EGR valve can also make the Cummins louder. It also benefits by increasing mileage and results in the economy of the fuel.

By using any EGR valve kit, you can easily remove it. But be sure that you won’t get any signal code of ECU as the valve will be removed.

There is another method for making your Cummin louder, and that is to open the filter element for intaking cold air. It mainly helps to flow the front air of turbo freely. But this method may not give you a more significant sound difference at all.

Benefits of Making Cummins Louder

Making the Cummins louder not only provides the desired turbo sounds but also benefits with many aspects.

  • Increases mileage
  • Boosts up the turbocharger
  • Increases more economy in fuel
  • Reduces the engine temperature
  • Makes the throttle more responsive
  • Reduces the frequent loss of power
  • Decreases the stock of Carbon inside the engine

Final Words

In the content, we have shown four excellent ways on how to make 6.7 Cummins louder. Making your Cummins engine louder won’t just provide you with your desiring sound instead brings with more improvements to your riding.