How to Increase Fuel Mileage 5.7 Hemi – Know the Tricks to Boost!

The average mileage for any specific engine is usually seem fixed. But sometimes people seem to boost up the mileage limit. How do they do that? If this question is also lingering on your mind, then read this now!

Many a time it happens like we can’t increase fuel mileage than the mentioned mileage limit. Sometimes, it also happens we can’t go with the average threshold.  Many reseasons can be responsible for this.

So, in this article, we will give you some secret information on how to increase fuel mileage 5.7 Hemi with the possible reasons for not boosting up. Read them to reveal the secret tricks.

What Is The Average Fuel Mileage on 5.7 L Hemi

Before jumping to increase at first, you should know the average mileage that it goes up to with Hemi.

Well, the Hemi engine is a viral engine founded by Chrysler. The name Hemi comes from the word hemisphere because the combustion chamber of this type of motor is hemispherical shaped.

Most of the pickup truck of Dodge Ram seems to have this Hemi engine. With 5.7 Litre Hemi, it gets a little tough to drive with the desired mileage. The average mileage it can go up to is 15 MPG( Mileage Per Galon).

How To Increase Fuel Mileage 5.7 Hemi

Many people don’t have the idea that they can also increase fuel mileage on their 5.7 Hemi. It may be able to raise mileage, but you may need to use more than one gallon, and it adds up to the high cost. So, people tend to search for some techniques to boost up the mileage.

However,  with some proper care and considerations, it is possible to increase the mileage with one gallon. Here, we will show you seven effective techniques to follow to increase the mileage on your Hemi engine.

Trick 1: By Reducing Resistances

Any kind of resistance or blockage can affect your mileage. So, try to reduce resistance in your function of the engine. It will surely help to increase a little bit amount of mileage. For example- you can turn off the A/C or turn off the auto mode.

You will feel the difference in the mileage when you drive, keeping the A/C off. It does an effect on mileage. When the compressor of the A/C is running, it affects mileage.

Trick 2: Stop Lifting the Truck

It may sound a little weird and bullshit, as we all need to lift the truck for towing. But it has a significant impact on mileage. The less the weight is, the more the mileage will be.

We use airbag suspensions to avoid collisions on the truck with the road. But when it comes to mileage increase, it is better not to try raising the truck height every time. It kills the fuel a lot.

Trick 3: By Using a Perfect Tires

By using a perfect tire can bring a change in your mileage. The tires must be inflated appropriately. So, check your tires and tire pressure once in a week.

The smaller and lighter the tires are, the more and increasing the mileage will be. You can also check PSI to be ensured of the tire pressure.

Trick 4: Change Fuel Filter or Fuel

Sometimes it happens; the fuel filter gets some air or water in the fuel. And, it can significantly hamper in your mileage. So, you must change your fuel filter or air filter.

It is also notable that you can change the fuel every month. It will eliminate the risk of having any water or excess fuel remaining in the tank.

Trick 5: Using Cruise Control

Using the cruise control option, one can easily increase their mileage. The cruise control button appropriates for riding hilly areas or mountains. You don’t need to push the acceleration frequently. So, here, it is an effective way to increase mileage without pressing acceleration.

Trick 6: Setting up an E-fan

You can simply increase the fuel mileage if you can be able to set up an electric fan on your engine. The use of an e fan can draw out the wind of resistance and, consequently, saves a lot of fuel.

The high resistance blocking method of e-fan blocks resistance, and it helps in boosting the mileage.

Trick 7: Never Let Your Engine Be Idle

Don’t let your engine remain in idleness for a long time. It consumes fuel, which affects mileage. So, never let the engine idle for a lot of time.

How Much You Can Increase

The above seven tricks can help you increase the mileage in a long way. Now, let’s come to the point of how much mileage these tricks can boost up.

The most highlighting part is that you can boost the mileage up to 27 mileage per gallon on average, which was previously only 15  mpg.

Final Words for You

The article is about how to increase fuel mileage 5.7 Hemi. Here, we have mentioned seven essential but straightforward tricks to increase the impossible mileage on the Hemi engine. And you can raise it to such a high extent that you never imagined.

So, read it and know bout the tricks to have higher mileage than others.