Choose The 5 Best Cold Air Intake For Mazda 3 – Enjoy The Best Performance

Engines are the heart of your vehicle and no one can deny it. However, we might hear about the damages and it may cause accidents like a blast. So, engine oil and air control systems are important for your engine. If you want to maintain a heavy-duty engine on your vehicle, then an air intake kit is a must for you.

Air Intake is a kind of tube that helps your engine to control air. For the heavy-duty engines, one thing should know when more air flows than more power will your wheels get. If you are enthusiastic about the vehicle engine, then you need to know which one will be your best preference. As we have seen many products in the market, let me show you the best cold air intake for Mazda 3.

Best Cold Air Intake For Mazda 3

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
High performance parts Cold Air Intake Kit for Mazda 3 Aluminum Increase Throttle Response Details On Amazon
Rtunes Racing Short Ram Air Intake Kit Tough Material Washable And Reusable Details On Amazon
DC Sports CAI4105 Mazda 3 end Cold Air Intake Titanium Shift Cool Air On Engine Faster Details On Amazon
R&L racing MATT BLACK Short Ram Air Intake Kit Aluminum Durable And Stable Details On Amazon
High-Performance Cold Air Intake Kit for Mazda 3 Steel & Aluminum Control Pressure Easily Details On Amazon

However, you’re in the right place to know about the best cold air intake for Mazda 3. So, let’s not make you wait more and dig into the main part.

1. High performance parts Cold Air Intake Kit for Mazda 3 – Find Combo Compatible Kit with This One

If you are searching for the horsepower in your engine, then it can be your first choice. You’ll find a Mazda 3 2008 cold air intake kit for your favorite car. However, some of the car specialists don’t support the cold air intake feature.

But Mazda 3 has some specialties for what you will accept. It will ensure a better life for your engine. I think, if I drive a hard racing car, what will happen to my engine? My answer is, the air chamber inside my engine will be warmer which will be horrible to my engine and will encounter huge damage.

But there is a way to push those warm air and inject cold air if you purchase this cold air intake. Last but not least, this product is drawing quicker air that results in the complete burning of fuel. So, you can find a better throttle facility.

Why Buy It
It will provide improved MPG and horsepower output that helps to accelerate your wheels more. Better MPG provides an improved throttle system.


  • Higher horsepower output.
  • Improved throttle response.
  • Developed torque by 6%-10%.
  • Easy to install on vehicles and a guide is provided.
  • The raw material is T 306 aluminum.
  • Consumer-friendly service.


  • When you install it, you need to open the whole

Available On Amazon

2. Rtunes Racing Short Ram Air Intake Kit – Get This High-Quality Built Air Intake

However, this product is our first runner-up among the hit list. And this one is also an updated product that is dominating the market right now.

It’s a ram air intake kit. First of all, we have talked about the cold air intake but what’s about the dynamic and static air pressure on your engine. But in this case, you need to know about the ram air intake which is used to control the dynamic and static air pressure.

Especially when you are using a heavy-duty engine or driving a racing car then you will be encountered by this.

And the special thing is it has the combination of the 2010 Mazda 3 cold air intake system and it is known as the updated air intake. The combo package will provide you a better safety of your engine by cooling and balancing.

Why Buy It
Ram air intake will help to protect your engine by controlling the dynamic and static air pressure. This new model of air intake kit provides brand new features.


  • Draw more cold air that makes it compatible with Mazda 2010-2012.
  • Ultimate horsepower output.
  • Controlling the dynamic and static air pressures.
  • Easy installation without any additional part.
  • All necessary mounting hardware will be provided with it.
  • Washable and reusable air filter.


  • Questions about the durability after its combo function.

Available On Amazon

3. DC Sports CAI4105 Mazda 3 end Cold Air Intake – Get This Dyno Tuned Air Intake for Maximum performance

Right now we will talk about attitude. Haven’t you got my point? Well, if your favorite player stands in front of you, what will you do?

Of course, you’ll turn into him and give a surprising look. Isn’t it? Like the story, the Dc sports air intake system has some attitudes that it is known for. A short ram air intake system accelerates your engine performance.

It will boost your engine power or increase the attitude of your car. Short ram air intake provides the safety of your vehicle by controlling dynamic and static air pressure.

Because those types of pressures occur in sudden cases. Mazda 3 cold air intake system is included in it. In the case of hardware, the manufacturer has established its value in the market.

Why Buy It
Automotive performance ram air intake systems will provide more mileage and horsepower. And you’ll love the feature. Besides, CARB tested this product and ensured quality.


  • CARB approved product.
  • Automotive performance and replacement filters.
  • It will provide improved breathability.
  • Reusable and dry filters are available.
  • Increased horsepower and RPM range.
  • Easy installation and dyno tuned.


  • Not fit for all engines.

Available On Amazon

4. R&L racing MATT BLACK Short Ram Air Intake Kit – Find the Best Throttle Service with This Intake

We’re heading towards the final line of our list and we’ll let you know the king of durability and guarantee.

So, for the people who like these criteria, then the product is for you. About the structure of this product, you might be glad to know that it is well mechanized by aluminum.

Besides, the manufacturer has introduced some appealing features along with a guarantee that made it classy among others. As we are aware of short ram intake kits and its activity, it’s easy to say about the horsepower but considering the public review, it might fail to explore.

But judging by criteria, it might be the best for particular consumers. In the case of performance, it can be compared with the 2007 Mazda 3 cold air intake.

Why Buy It
It has a special feature called a MAF sensor adapter which will help you to sense the airflow and increase durability. Guaranteed features are provided that will help you to exchange in certain cases during the time.


  • It will increase horsepower by 8%-10%.
  • The company will provide a 60 days factory warranty.
  • The aluminum furnished body which increases the durability.
  • Easy to install and quick email service from the company.
  • MAF sensor adaptor for the better life of the kit.


  • More rumble on the engine.

Available On Amazon

5. High-Performance Cold Air Intake Kit for Mazda 3 – Get this High-Quality and Long-lasting Air Intake

You might’ve thought about our first product after seeing the name. But it’s quite different from the first one in accordance with the structure.

It has been recognized by its blue filter which has the ability to reduce more intake temperature. And it is especially known for quicker actions.

It can provide more cold air intake Mazda 3. It’s also made from T-306 aluminum. It is praised for its durability.

Why Buy It
For the unique design that helps to reduce more intake temperature. Moreover, the manufacturer ensures durability as it comes with a solid structure.


  • Increase horsepower 6%-10%.
  • Made with T-306 aluminum.
  • Quick installation.
  • Washable and reusable.
  •  The expert team will be provided by the company.


  • Not fit for all types of vehicles.

Available On Amazon

How To Choose The Air Intake For Mazda 3

As we have talked about 5 brands of cold air intake for Mazda 3, it’s very confusing to choose among them. Because those air intakes have exceptional qualities and features. But being a consumer, we will urge you to find the best alternative. Let’s have a look at the features while choosing the right air intake for your favorite Mazda.

Horsepower output

This scientific term indicates the output or power of your engine. Our recommended products can improve horsepower on average 6%-10%. And some consumers like this service most because they want the best performance.

Durable Structure

Air intakes that are made of aluminum, protect your kit from damages and ensure durability. As we have mentioned about T-305 aluminum, it increases durability. In my personal opinion, a person may go for the updated one that will calm him in terms of performance.


Some consumers love to consume the product by judging its durability and warranty. It is used to suck the cold air for engine combustion that provides the oxygen. The filter is reusable and washable that increases the life of your kit.

Some consumers prefer the quality and features because they love to use the updated product containing new features. This filtering process will increase the performance level, as well.

Service provider

Find the company that provides the best support to get the highest satisfaction after selling service. However, some companies provide an expert team for installation where others offer a factory warranty for the kit. Precisely, you can find the installation guide that will help to install the kit.

Environment concern

In 2021, the greenhouse effect is a burning issue for the world. Statistics indicate that vehicles are 27% liable for the greenhouse effect. You can see the gases exit from the cylinder due to burning fuel. Air intakes are used to push out the warm air from the engine and keep cool. But in the case of the cold air intake, it keeps the engine cooler than the short ram intake but it burns more fuel.

So, the induction sound creates sound pollution at all. Besides, we’ve found some complaints about the induction sound. After thinking this we have found that short ram air intakes have the capability to reduce the induction sound.

Cold Air Intake Vs Short Ram Air Intake – Which One is better?

Cold Air Intake Vs Short Ram Air Intake

Although the motto is the same the features are different from each other. Cold air intakes are basically used in the 1970’s vehicles. These cold air intakes have the best performance in calming the warm air. Besides, they carry more oxygen and keep the bay cooler. But it burns more fuel.

Now it turns to the short ram air intake that is used to work in a different way. It makes a restriction in the air intake that increases the horsepower. Besides, it works to resist the dynamic and static air pressure of the engine.

Moreover, it has a great function to resist sound pollution by reducing the induction noise. But the intake air will be warmer than cold air intake and it will increase the fuel efficiency of your engine.

Short ram air intakes are specially designed that save the environment from sound pollution. It’s upgraded by aluminum that helps to increase the durability of the product. In 2021 people are switching to the short ram air intake.

Durability Vs Quality

Basically, people will be confused by this analogy. You may find some companies offer air intakes that ensure durability.

But it’s also true, many of the consumers put negative reviews as it’s not providing the same horsepower that was indicated in the description and even, the induction sound is horrible. Besides, it’s not cooling the intakes at all.

So, you should consider the service and quality that should be the first preference. Basically, horsepower is needed in sports cars. Just think if your intake is not providing the same performance in track and what will be the value of durability?

We are not telling that durability is not important, of course, it is needed. But comparing the product, it’s just a matter of warranty from the company. In 2021, all the companies are trying to develop their features to meet the consumers’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the above products durable?

Yes, and we’ve checked the durability while listing our top products. These products are protected by aluminum steel and stainless steel. Filters are specially designed for ultimate protection which is reusable and washable.

Is it easy to install at home?

Yes, and you may find about the installation guide that is provided with the product and tools also. You can contact me via email if anything happens.

How you ensure durability in all weather?

The durability is measured by the structure and filtering system of those products. However, a short air kit will provide safety in the winter season.

Final Words

After all, we have come to the conclusion. It’s very tough to make a choice among all these available options. But we’ve paved the way for you with the best cold air intake for Mazda 3 reviews. You may find many products but should know which product will accelerate your wheels.

First of all, read out the criteria of air intakes, then finish your journey with a suitable one. Hence, you’ll get confused with the available options in the market, you would rather pick one from our reviews that are compatible with your engine and enjoy your driving.