4 Best Engine Oil for Focus ST – Proper Boost Up for Ford

Ford Focus ST model engine is different from the RS model. It needs a different weight of engine oil for proper mileage support.

SAE graded 5W30 is considered to be the best lubrication for Focus ST. You can use it all season without any problem.

In this review, we will uncover some brands of the best engine oil for Focus ST.

Stay tuned to get the splendid running power for your Ford Focus ST.

Best Engine Oil For Focus ST

Product’s Name Fluid Volume Key Benefits Price
Mobile 1 -5W30 Grade Oil 160 Fluid Ounces Lubricates Deeply Details On Amazon
Castrol GTX Magnatec Oil 192 Fluid Ounces Safe For Any Driving Condition Details On Amazon
Red Line Premium Motor Oil 128.5 Fluid Ounces Reduce Friction From Engine Details On Amazon
Motorcraft SAE 5W 30 32 Fluid Ounces Take Away Impurities From Engine Details On Amazon

We have listed out 4 best oils for Ford Focus ST that will perfectly provide the Ford engine lubrication power.

1. Mobile 1 -5W30 Grade Oil– Higher Mileage with Ultimate Protection

Mobil 1 oil is the full synthetic oil with 30 weight of viscosity grade. It gives your Ford engine a proper mileage performance with higher protection to the parts.

Want to know how it gives higher protection? This oil is formulated with such technology that gives the ultimate protection to the engine parts.

Mobile oil helps the engine lubricating with clean and sludge-free oil. On top of that, critical parts of the engine need higher lubrication; Mobil 1 can do that job to your engine.

However, this oil does not oxidize easily and runs well both in extreme pressure and temperature.

It is certified and approved by the API( American Petroleum Institute) SP, SN Plus, and also manufactured with the Ford Focus engine part number WSS-M2C946-A and B1 grade.

No tension here for the engine compatibility. This oil guarantees to lubricate the engine with superior protection up to 1K miles. If you are switching from conventional oil, Mobil1 120760 will perform better than that.


  • Leak-free formula
  • Does not oxidize
  • Optimum protection to every part
  • Manufacturer recommended for ST engine


  • Competitive price

Available On Amazon

2. Castrol GTX Magnatec Oil– Turbo Engine Formulated Full Synthetic Oil

Are you a rough rider? Or do you often meet heavy traffic streets? Castrol Magnatec is the perfect engine running power.

Castrol GTX engine oil gives 6 times better protection from engine wearing.  The oil fights against creating oil sludge, and it is tested by the industry specified VH sludge test.

Some critic parts of the engine get 4 times smoother running power than others. This oil creates a molecular layer giving ultimate protection to the engine from wear called intelligent molecules clinging. As a result, the critic parts remain corrosion-free all the time.

During the warm-up of the engine or even in extreme temperature, this oil lubricates perfectly all over. Or if you go on short trips or heavy traffic streets, this oil help to perform your engine better and perfect startup.

Castrol 5W 30 full synthetic oil is the complete lubrication for the Ford Focus ST engine as matches the OEM part number. This oil is also tested and approved by the API SN, ILSAC, and even Dexos Gen 2 approved engine oil for Ford Focus ST.


  • Ultimate protection from the startup
  • An ideal option for any driving condition
  • Industry standards exceeding spec
  • Greater performance without power loss


  • Requires high-quality synthetic oil filter

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3. Red Line Premium Motor Oil– Superior Oil Draining Formula with Superior Protection

Red Line provides the top quality engine oil with some high-performance lubrication formula.  The use of the (ZDDP) Zinc Di-Alkyl-DiThio-Phosphate in this oil makes it perform as rich anti-wear additives.

Another essential component in this oil is the Ester that is chemically synthesized to make this synthetic oil. At first, Ester was used in the Mobil 1 oil. Now you will get this stuff in Red Line (15305) 5 W30 oil.

Red Line oil provides the highest protection in oil draining. And it cleans the engine parts with its superior lubrication stuff.

This oil provides a thicker viscosity at operating temperature. And this performance is far better than that of 10 W 40 grade of petroleum oil.

This premium graded oil is recommended and approved by almost all the motor oil certification standards, including Dexos  gen1. Along with the Ford Focus ST engine, this oil is ideal for light trucks and passenger cars like Audi, BMW, Nissan, etc.


  • High protection from engine wear
  • Reduces friction in the parts
  • Economical oil flow
  • Decreases evaporation & oxidization


  • Some compatibility issue for the BMW models

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4. Motorcraft SAE 5W 30– Ford Recommended Oil with Superior Engine Protection

Ford officially recommends this oil. It is the synthetic blend motor oil with 5W 30 grade of popular viscosity.

Motorcraft 5W 30 is a premium engine oil with higher engine protection technology. In most cases, the turbocharged gasoline engine likely to create foam and sludge in oils. Motorcraft oil fights against these.

It is hydro-processed based-the crude oil distilled and fractioned into two parts-jet fuel and gasoline. One part is used as the base ad the other is used for the additives formula protecting the parts.

This synthetic blend oil from Motorcraft reduces engine wear and sludges in oil. Finally, your engine gets a clean and effective oil to perform better in higher temperatures and ride.

Oh, there is some more from this oil. It has an amazing feature of conserving energy that fruits to economical fuel consumption. If you compare this oil with other conventional 10 W 30 oil, you get better performance output with this one.


  • Does not let build rust and corrosion
  • High viscosity providing optimum protection
  • Meets Ford Company standards
  • API & ILSAC approved


  • Synthetic blend

Available On Amazon

What To Look Before Selecting The Engine Oil For Ford Focus ST?

Due to the turbocharged engine, it prone to get frequent wear in the engine parts. So, you must check and change the engine oil after a scheduled time.

Experts recommend changing the motor oil in Focus ST every 6000 miles. But before choosing the oil, there are some facts to look at.

Oil Viscosity Grade

Choosing a suitable oil grade is essential for the perfect startup of the engine. The viscosity grade defines the thicker flow of the oil in different operating temperatures.

For the Ford Focus ST, the 5-W30 grade is perfectly work in all season. In the case of an extremely cold region, 0W-30 can be usable.

Choose The Right Oil Type

Three major oil types are available- the conventional crude oil, synthetic blend, and the full synthetic.  Ford Focus ST takes different oil than the Focus RS engine. And this is the term where people get confused.

Full synthetic or synthetic blend will work fine on Focus ST. So look for some good quality motor oil brands and pick the right oil for the Focus ST oil replacement.

Different Standard Match

Different automotive institutions provide some standards for different engine parts. If any brand meets those standards, then that would be the best choice.

However, some famous approval certifications, such as the API( American Petroleum Institute), SN, SN PLUS, SAE( Society of Automotive Engineers), ILSAC (International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee), etc. are highly considerable.

Good Quality

The quality of the oil is also vital to check. Check for the good quality of oil with quality features like protection from corrosion, engine wear, and smooth lubrication formulas.

Besides, check the manufacturer date to ensure the oil quality more wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I change my oil Ford Focus?

It is highly suggested to replace the engine oil in Focus ST every 6000 to 7000 miles.

What is the Ford Focus ST oil capacity?

Most of the year of Ford Focus ST takes 5.7 quarts of oil. Some year models may vary a little.

How much Ford Focus ST oil change cost?

Fully Synthetic or synthetic blend with anti-wear additives will finely do the job of lubrication to Focus St engine.

Bottom Lines

Replacing the oil timely is one of the maintenance steps of a car engine. For the best output from your Focus, you need the best engine oil for Focus ST.

In this review, we have mentioned some of the best brands filtered out from hundreds. You will find the right one from here and make your Focus St run furiously.