Choose The 5 Best bike Rack For Subaru Impreza Hatchback With Buying Guide

So, have you packed your bags to go for a trip with your Subaru Impreza? But you’re bothered about extra space that you need for carrying your cycle. Right? So, what you need is to purchase a bike rack to transport while traveling. And here is the maximum confusion that arises when choosing bikes racks for cars.

It goes without saying, a car rack is an external part of your car that helps to carry a bicycle. So, our automotive experts have decorated the guide after tons of research with relevant information. So, let’s not wait for more to let you know the best bike rack for Subaru Impreza hatchback.

Best Bike Rack For Subaru Impreza Hatchback

Product’s Name Load Capacity Key Benefits Price
FIERYRED Trunk Mounted Bike Rack 128 LBS Rustproof and Durable Outline Details On Amazon
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack 70 LBS Wide And Big Arm To Carry Well Details On Amazon
XCAR 2-Bike Rack For Car 80 LBS Does Damage The Bike Skin Details On Amazon
Blueshyhall Bike Carrier Trunk Mount Bike Rack Up To 50 LBS Fine For Small Bikes Details On Amazon
BRIGHTLINES Aero Crossbars Roof Racks 150 LBS Strong Capacity Details On Amazon

Hence, many automotive companies have introduced many bike racks to the market for many years. But here, we’re going to show some products that are the best for their exceptional characteristics. Let’s find out the Best bike rack for Subaru Impreza hatchback.

1. FIERYRED Trunk Mounted Bike Rack– Get The Most Durable Bike Rack

If you’re looking for a bike rack capable of transporting 3 bikes at a time, you should check out the winner, FIERYRED Trunk Mounted bike rack. This product is manufactured by Zhongxin and has already received many good reviews.

However, this product is made from heavy-duty steel that ensures durability. You can find 25mm black powder coding that helps to resist rust and scratches.

Besides, the manufacturer is careful about the quality of the product and thinks about the consumer’s satisfaction. For this, the rack needs to go through the SGS 5000 circles Test. This rack can carry a maximum load of 128 LBs and transport three bikes at a time.

Precisely, it’s easy to install, and you may find an installation guide. A function called snap-strap setup is installed into it, and this system helps consumers for a hassle free installation without any tool.

This bike rack is good for sporting or camping with your bike. It might make your sunny day better on a beach. And do you want to miss the chance of revamping your stock with this bike rack?

Why Buy It
First of all, you need to know about its durable structure that helps resist rust and scratches. Snap- strap technology helps to perform an easy installation. Besides, the padded lower frame of this rack makes your bicycle safe from other vehicles.


  • It transports three bicycles at a time.
  • It’s fully tested through multiple processes.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Easy snap-strap setup.
  • Soft rubber padding resists scratches of the trunk.


  • It can’t transport all types of bikes or vehicles.

Available On Amazon

2. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack– Provides Hassle-Free Installation With Tie-Down System

Let’s introduce our first-runner up, Allen Sports mount rack that is owned by Allen Sports itself. Hence, it comes with steel construction; it’s a lighter product than many other options. This product is simpler to use than others.

Besides, it can hold 2 bikes at a time.  A wide carry arm is installed into this rack. The configuration system offers you a headache-free installation. Allen sports offer you the official warranty, but this feature is not available for third-party buyers.

Moreover, it also provides you with a lower price, considering the quality than other brands. This rack has a tie-down system for the safety of the bike.

Allen Sports is a re-known brand, and they offer you the best warranted and certified product. They used to test via factory trial before they supplied it to the market.

Why Buy It
If you are searching for a certified product, then Allen sports’bike racks are the best option. A unique feature called a tie-down system is installed into it. The official lifetime warranty of the product is another reason to buy it.


  • Low priced considering the quality.
  • Hassle-free installation with official warranty.
  • Tested and certified product.
  • Tie-down system for better shipment.
  • It ensures wide carry arms for better support.


  • This bike rack can hold fewer bikes than other brands.

Available On Amazon

3. XCAR 2-Bike Rack For Car– Best Safety Bike Racks For Your Subaru Impreza

XCAR bike racks are known as heavy-duty racks. So, if you often go out for a vacation, the XCAR bike rack would be a must pick for you. Besides, it can also be considered as the bike rack for 2019 Subaru Impreza hatchback.

Those who love to make a trip to the mountain, then this brand is also for you. It is manufactured by XCAR that provides two bikes transportation at a time.

But the unique feature of this product is the safest shipment of your bike. It has a 2.5 mm carry arm. But you can fold those arms whenever it is not needed. Those arms can carry a maximum of 80 LB.

As we know, the roads of the mountains are not plain and straight like the highways. However, mountain saddles are another unique feature that provides the ultimate comfort. Besides, dual-compound tie-down cradles enhance the safety of the bike, as well.

Why Buy It
In a word, we would like to mention safety for this product. Heavy-duty steel construction increases the strength of this product. Moreover, dual tie-down and quick set straps make your shipment safe in any situation.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Dual compounded tie-down.
  • It provides a quick set of rubber straps for ultimate safety.
  • Adjustable mountain saddles that used to tighten your bike.
  • It comes with the folding carry arms.


  • It cannot carry much weight.

Available On Amazon

4. Blueshyhall Bike Carrier Trunk Mount Bike Rack– Get The Most Protected Bike Racks

If you are fond of traveling, then Blueshyhall offers you the easiest solution. This bike rack is manufactured by Blueshyhall and weighs 9.9 pounds. The rack can also carry 3 bikes.

You can fold the arms of this bike rack. Easily adjustable support and designed well to ensure the safety of the body of the car.

Besides, it has reflective red caps that increase the visibility to other vehicles. Moreover, this visibility ensures your bikes’ safety, where the company assures the safety of a rare view of your vehicle.  This bike rack is specially used in racing and camping.

Why Buy It
First of all, the structure of the rack saves your car from scratches. The red caps will increase the rack’s visibility that helps the other vehicles protect the bikes.


  • The ability is to carry 3 bikes.
  • The rack fits in most of the vehicles.
  • A completely fold-down design is installed.
  • Reflective red end caps ensure safety.


  • There’s nothing special about t the rack that creates more durability.

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5. BRIGHTLINES Aero Crossbars Roof Racks– Get Your Family Bike Racks

Till now, we are discussing the same type of racks. But this rack is different from other brands and has more unique functions. This rack is manufactured by Brightlines that weigh 6.59 pounds. If you’re a travel freak, and if it’s true, then this bike rack is the best suit for you.

It’s known for the capability of holding things. Many of the bike racks are designed for the backside of your car. But this rack is designed for the roof of your car.

You can bear not only bikes but also other products. However, the bike rack offers an easy installation process, and you can also remove it easily when you need to replace it.

Besides, the rack contains 150 LBs. The aerodynamic shape is installed on this rack. You can buy it as a package system, which has included two crossbars, four mounting brackets, all hardware, and manual.

Why Buy It
This kit is special for its capability of holding the product.  Besides, the aerodynamic shape reduces the noise of the wind. You might be able to carry other products like Camping Gear, Kayaks and Canoes, Luggage, Snowboards and Skis, Bikes, Fishing Poles.


  • Hold more than other products.
  • The aerodynamic shape is installed.
  • Easy to install.
  • However, the bike rack comes with two crossbars to ensure support.
  • It also offers four mounting brackets, all hardware and manual.


  • This rack is not fit for Subaru Forester.

Available On Amazon

How To Choose The Racks For Subaru Impreza Hatchback

However, it goes without saying, and you should consider some factors before buying your favorite bike rack for your Subaru Impreza. And the following features should be considered before making any purchase.


As you are planning for a trip, but you don’t know which one is the most preferable. So our first category will be ability. There are two types in this category of ability: the ability to carry goods and weight.

As we have mentioned about the capability of carrying bikes, you all have decided which one can take the best number of bikes. But there is a matter of concern, and it is the weight. As we also mention, the maximum weight-bearing capability of racks. So you need to find which product will carry the most.

After judging, you may find one that can carry more weight and bike. That will pass the test of ability.

Body Of Racks

This part will help you to make sense of the durability of racks. The maximum of the racks is made of steel. But there is an issue called coating. The coating can resist the rust and scratches of your rack. If you can make less rust and scars, then your rack will be more durable.

You need to be concerned about the distance of bikes from the body of your vehicle. Justify the structure of the rack before buying.

Tie Down System

As we have decided to pick one rack after seeing the criteria ability, it needs to pass another category called tie-down. As we have just set the bike rack in the car but how to hold the bikes stable in this rack? We need a rubber strap to tie the bikes with this rack.

Then another thing called a saddle is used for holding the bike. It is better to choose adjustable saddles, and you should go with a better tie-down system.

Arms Of Rack

You can find many words regarding the arms. The length of the arms will provide a better balance of bikes to be stable. Lower length of the arm will make the bike imbalance, and it can be harmful to your bikes.


In the case of bike racks, it is easy to install on your vehicle. But some of the racks need the help of other hardware. So make sure about the installation guide that you’ll get on your bike rack.

Strap Mounted Racks Vs Roof Racks – Which One Is Better?

Although both categories have the same motive, they are different from the perspective of characteristics. But don’t be confused, we will make you clear about it.

Strap-mounted racks are located on the backside of the car, where the rubber straps and saddles are used to hold the bike. Besides,  it’s made of heavy-steel that only carries the bike. But it keeps your bike closer to the land and can’t carry more than 3 bikes. In fact, they’re used for racing and camping.

Besides, the roof rack is undeniably popular among travelers that provide good transport support. It keeps your car far away from the land. If you are thinking about a safe shipment of the bike, then this rack will be the best choice.

But it can carry a maximum of 150 LBS, which is the best number of those 5 products. Crossbars and mounting brackets will help you to hold the bikes. If you are thinking of an adventurous trip, then a roof rack may be the best choice. It can carry other products also. So we can say that roof racks can be the best choice.

Durability Vs Quality

In the case of bike racks, anyone cannot guarantee durability. But we can explain this term as per the capacity of giving a stable performance. So it is clear, the rack that can avoid rust and scratches can be more durable. The rack, which is made of heavy-duty steel, can be more durable.

Considering the quality, it can be explained by the straps and saddles are used.

After thinking about this, we should go for durability because it can provide the best service that you want.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Will Those Products Are Durable For A Long Trip?

Yes. Those products are made from heavy-duty steel and coated with black powder. That will help to resist rush and scratches. When you get less rush, it will be more durable.

How Strong Are The Straps?

However, the straps are quite strong enough to carry the bikes, and usually, they’re made of rubber for maximum grip.

Does The Saddle Do Any Damages To The Body Of The Bike?

No, because those saddles have a coating of rubber. The saddles are adjustable, so you can adjust it as you need.

Final Words

We have gone through a long discussion and come up with a conclusion. If you want to get the best use of money, you shouldn’t overlook the best bike rack for Subaru Impreza hatchback reviews. You know what I mean, and yes, you can go with any of these options to get the best value for your bike rack.

As you all are confused to see many racks in the market, but you will find the best choice among those products. Just go through the details and note the advantages and disadvantages. Study about the qualities and grab your best alternative. Enjoy your ride.