5 Best Struts for Toyota Camry to Ride with Your Thrilling Level

Do you need a struts replacement for the Toyota Camry model? You must be looking for some struts to enjoy the highest riding experience.

After a thousand miles of riding, the engine loses the factory height and stability. But a good after suspension parts can get back to you that riding taste again.

And there is no compromise with the struts and shocks in terms of height increase and balance. So, our top listed best struts for Toyota Camry found out amid hundreds of brands will surely get you the right pick that you wanted.

Let’s dive into the reviews.

Best Struts for Toyota Camry

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
Detroit Axle Struts Steel Simple To Balance Details On Amazon
KYB Pack of 4 Struts OE Firm Materials Grants Good Truck Height Details On Amazon
Unity Automotive Front & Rear Struts Premium Steel High-quality And Functional Details On Amazon
Oredy Front Struts Damping Steel Dustproof And Durable Details On Amazon
Detroit Axle Rear Struts Steel Lasts A Long Time Details On Amazon

It’s high time you looked at the top reviewed Camry struts with detailed features.

1. Detroit Axle Struts– OE- Quality Front & Rear Struts with Exact Fitting

Do you want a complete set of struts for your Camry V6 engine or 4 Cyl engine? Detroit Axle is here with the 8 Pc pack of struts and kits.

Here, you will get 2 front struts that coil-over type, 2 rear struts that are also spring coil installed. And the best part here you are getting is 4 sway bars for the front and rear side mounting.

So, get a complete pack of struts assembling with Detroit Axle. If you want to be sure of the factory replacement part number, you can get them from these listings- 531678, 531679 531680, and 531681 for the struts. And for the sway bar, also you can have the OE part number that is the K90311, K90312, K90313.

People using this struts claim to get the exact fitting for the Toyota Camry. And both the front and rear struts make the car lift high enough with balancing.

The quality material of these struts is well enough to run for a more extended period. An additional benefit is the sway bars linking them at good stability and balance.

So, if you own 1997 to the 2001 year model of Toyota Camry with a 2.2L  engine, why not try Detroit Axle’struts that is a complete package?

You don’t need any modification or installation hassle. Only plug and play your Camry with exact stability. Furthermore, users are also happily reviewing to have the factory performance again with these struts installed in their Camry engine.


  • Install-ready struts
  • OE quality complete pack
  • Worldwide manufacturing quality struts
  • Great value for the price


  • Fits 4 Cylinder engine only

Available On Amazon

2. KYB Pack of 4 Struts– Restore the Factory Performance Level with These Front & Rear Struts

KYB- a leading brand for shocks and -struts, brings such a strut set for Toyota Camry, which restores the factory Camry performance.

You can get the difference in your Camry engine from the first riding after installing KYB struts. KYB struts help your car have proper height and balance like the newly bought engine.

The built quality is so authentic and authorized by the experts giving excellent engine functions.

When buying struts, people usually think about durability. For that, let me inform you these struts will have no single dent or bent even after 150 miles of the ride. And it is proven.

If you are looking for some good quality brand struts with factory riding smoothness and softness, don’t repent for not choosing KYB struts for Toyota Camry later.

For the Toyota Camry  2007 to the 2009 year model vehicles, this strut set is a winning offer to get back the factory ride feel.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Super smooth ride taste
  • Desired ride as you dreamt
  • Perfect fit for Camry


  • No installation boot & plate included

Available On Amazon

3. Unity Automotive Front & Rear Struts– Install-Ready & Reasonable Struts Set for Upgraded Year Models

Do you need the Toyota Camry 2012 struts? You must be looking for this complete pack of front and rear struts from Unity Automotive.

Unity Automotive struts will give your Camry the perfect height with stable riding quality. This set includes 2 front struts and 2 rear struts. For the factory height restoration, this is the best option for the Toyota Camry suspension upgrade.

OE(Original Equipment) replacement makes it reliable to the users. In addition to this, pre-designed and pre-mounted kits make these struts preferable to buy for an easy installation.

On top of that, no worries here for separately coil spring purchasing. And get the hassle-free installation with all the bearing plates and top mounting plates installed with these.

Get pleased with the Toyota Camry ride for at least some couple of thousand miles when Unity Automotive struts are installed underneath. It precisely fits the upgraded model e.i.- 2012 to 2014 Toyota Camry model.


  • Pre-installed kits
  • Trouble-free quick installation
  • Factory ride height
  • Inexpensive


  • Not for older year models

Available On Amazon

4. Oredy Front Struts– Dust & Damage Preventive Front Struts Set

Oredy brings some struts with limited fitting for Toyota Camry models. In this strut set, you get 2 front struts for the passenger and driver side.

The struts here are hollow bumper designed that is so premium quality. For this build quality, it makes the parts of this strut free from damages. On top of that, the seal over the struts rod protects from dust or any debris.

You can get perfect stability on the steering wheel and enjoy a safe ride with these Toyota Camry struts from Oredy. If you need 2000 Toyota Camry struts, Oredy set of the front strut is an ideal fit for you.

Oredy also provides all the OE part numbers for a precise fit for your engine. All the parts in the struts are build obeying OEM specs. And the top-quality construction includes the coil soring tested for up to 300000 cycles of compression. So, it makes you tension-free with durability.

These struts are easy and fast to install for its pre-installed ready kit. And you will notice a visible change in case of rust build-up compared to other regular struts.

Get a tight ride with the OREDY struts compatible with 2002 to 2006 Toyota Camry FWD models.


  • Mount-ready struts
  • Dust-proof
  • No refurbished parts
  • Great value for money


  • Does not fit SE models

Available On Amazon

5. Detroit Axle Rear Struts– Get a Precise Fit for the 2002 Year Model Camry

Most often, Camry owners face issues with finding the 2002 Toyota Camry struts. So, Oredy brings a rear strut set only with an exact fitting for only the 2002 year model Camry.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming this strut as complex to install or no mounting kits included. 2 rear passenger and driver side struts included here. And both come pre-installed with all the mounting kits.

Premium steel quality coil-over spring here long-lasting in case of the compression cycle. And the bearing with SAE graded bolts and nuts make this struts reliable and highly recommendable.

The rubber boot keeps it dust-resistant with a long time of life span. And to talk about the rigid body, i.e., the strut body makes it enough durable and protective to extreme heat.

No worries for installation as it does not need any welding or modifying. Overall, you are getting a quick installable rear strut with all the kits mounted.


  • Reduces vibration
  • Dust & corossion resistant
  • Promotes comfort absorbing vertical movement
  • Safe ride at the highest speed


  • Compatible with only 2002 year Camry

Available On Amazon

Bottom Lines

These days, the install-ready struts have been so popular from the struts installers to the general public. These types of struts come already installed with all the toolkits that are super easy to mount without assistance.

We have shown such type of some best struts for Toyota Camry in this article. No matter what engine Camry your one has, you will get the right pick from here that you won’t need to look for elsewhere.