Best Battery For Ford Explorer – 4 Picks for Supercharged Trucks

Are you getting Check Engine Code on the gauge or the Ford truck battery fluid leak? It is time to replace your HD(Heavy Duty) truck’s battery.

The battery gets your truck engine charge to run finely. But every two to three years, the battery needs replacement most often. But in car batteries, you can’t make it fit your engine without the right group size. In terms of CCA, Ford truck type heavy-duty trucks need 650 or more CCA  power.

Here, we sum up some best battery for Ford Explorer with correct fit and proper charge supply. Have a look!

Best Battery for Ford Explorer

Product’s Name Cold Cranking Amp Rating Reserve Capacity Key Benefits Price
ACDelco Professional AGM Battery 760 CCA 120 Minutes Suitable For Most Engines Details On Amazon
Odyssey PC1750 LTV 950 CCA 145 Minutes Increase Engine Working Speed Details On Amazon
Optima RedTop Starting Battery 720 CCA 90 Minutes Faster Charging Facility Details On Amazon
Delphi BU9065 MaxStart 750 CCA 150 Minutes Shockproof And Functional Details On Amazon

Let’s not waste more time. Below are the top reviewed and maintenance-free Ford batteries we picked after varifying several Ford truck battery standards.

1. ACDelco Professional AGM Battery– Price Worthy  Battery with Precise Fit & Higher RC

It is the best battery compatible with the Ford Explorer engine covering your budget.

This ACDelco battery is of 65 group size that is the right size to fit in Explorer engine. And no need to worry as it does not need any additional installation to fit.

Here,  AGM( Absorbed Glass Mat) technology is used to build the battery representing the brass corrosion prevention and well-charging conductance.  The OE( Original Equipment) quality features and the top-notch design have made ACDelco battery liked by truck owners.

If you are thinking about safety, this battery is tested under all standards coverage, including lab and field tests. So, no worry about the leak.

And the service will offer you such quality featuring battery within your friendly budget. This is an outstanding battery covering all points.

If you are looking for a 2002 Ford Explorer battery or any other year model, but you want savings, pick this one blindly.


  • Maintenance-free installation
  • A good start in the coldest morning
  • Long-lasting featuring even in multiple starts
  • Good value for the price


  • No fixed RC number included

Available On Amazon

2. Odyssey PC1750 LTV– Deep Cycle Battery with Faster Charging Capacity

Odyssey gets you a Ford battery with higher CCA and faster recharging capacity ever than other conventional batteries. Want to know how?  Please take a tour of its feature.

It is a Lead Acid battery but has a 950 Amperes of CCA (Cold Cranking Ampere) that is an outstanding level for the heavy-duty trucks.

145 minutes of Reserve Capacity (RC) helps deliver the proper charge rate in 25 Ampere current.  So, no tension for power loss on the smooth ride.

If you are anxious about the durability, let me inform Odessey battery possesses a 70% longer life cycle than other typical deep cycle claiming batteries.  With an 80% deep discharge rate, the Odessey battery can run up to 400 cycles almost. And you will get a stable Voltage for an extended period than you thought.

The remarkable feature of the Odessey battery is the recharge capacity that is so fast. It can fully recharge within 4 to 6 hours that is highly appreciated than other Lead Acid batteries available in stores.

Odessey provides you a Ford Explorer battery providing with customers’ satisfaction. This brand works to save your time and make your spendings worthy without instigating any dement.


  • Spill-proof design
  • Can absorb shock & vibration
  • Replacement warranty
  • OEM battery for super-duty Ford


  • Some find expensive

Available On Amazon

3. Optima RedTop Starting Battery– More Vibration Resistive Design with Optimum Durability

Optima has always been a leading name in the case of automotive battery suppliers.  So as for Ford Explorer.

All three top color batteries of Optima are not compatible with all. For the Ford trucks and classic trucks, Optima red top one is the correct fit.

This battery delivers 720 CCA ( Cold Cranking Ampere) Amperes power to start correctly at the coldest temperature. And 90 minutes of power reserve capacity helps it to deliver constant power with ideal discharge time.

The featuring quality of Optima batteries is the spiral cell technology in it that is where the core difference in the making of this battery than others. The spiral cell design inside this battery keeps it safe and environment-friendly.

This battery will feature you with 15 times more resistance against the vibration from the rough rides.

This professional type of superior designed battery for 2004 Ford Explorer offers optimum performance in any weather rough or tropical hot.  That makes it a little expensive too.


  • 2 times maintenance-free design
  • Highly vibration resistant
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Superior starting power


  • Not available to sell in Catalina island

Available On Amazon

4. Delphi BU9065 MaxStart– Premium Battery with Fortified Welding Formula

Delphi Maxstart is another Ford compatible battery with precise fitting.

This battery’s construction contains AGM ( Absorbed Glass Mat) technology that can deliver proper demanding power.

This battery with 750 CCA can start at any temperature fall finely. And the more reserve capacity that is 150 minutes. You must be amazed to get this discharging current rate at 25 Ampere that too without dropping the Voltage below 10 V.

Delphi battery can offer your engine more resistance to the vibration claimed as 20 times resistive than other typical batteries.

Well, fortified and safe design built technology has made this battery choosable to many people. On top of that, this battery two times durable cycle life span. So, you can get it installed in your Ford truck to ride with maximum power delivery with constancy.


  • Vibration resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • More RC for power accessories
  • Perfect power supply for the sandy region


  • Some have dissatisfaction with the support system

Available On Amazon

How To Buy Best Battery For Ford Explorer

When you need battery replacement, you have to buy, considering your riding condition and some other vital points.

Don’t panic. We have already done those research for you, and all the considering terms are presenting here for your kind information.

Right Battery Size for Correct Fit

The size of the battery will assure you the correct fit underneath the engine hood. And in most of the brands, the battery size is determined by the battery’s group size.

The group size cites the overall length, width, and height of the battery. For the Ford Explorer V6 engine, you need the 65 group size battery mostly.

Some brands don’t represent the size compatibility with group size numbers rather use some other signs. For instance, Optima batteries have three different color top covers, indicating different application purposes.

And for the Ford truck, use the red top one.

Cold Cranking Ampere(CCA) for Desired Power

Cold Cranking Ampere that is known as CCA, is a vital point to check in automotive batteries. This number indicates the Amperes that the battery can deliver for 30 seconds at 0° Fahrenheit.

Ford’s super-duty truck needs a minimum of 650 CCA to deliver concise starting power in any season. But the more the CCA is, the more starting power the battery has.

So, choose according to your starting criteria of the Ford truck.

Reserve Capacity(RC) Time

Reserve Capacity denotes the time of battery power delivering consistency until the battery discharges. Based on CCA charge transfer, the charge reserving capacity works and helps your engine from falling below 10 Volt Voltage.

Riding Properties to Enjoy the Proper Ride

Your Ford truck riding properties also possess a key fact in buying the battery. How you go with your Ford explorer-regular traffic ride or bumpy off-road street is crucial to point out. Based on that, you have to choose the battery with a higher CCA for delivering a superior power to ride without interruption.

Manufacturing Date for Safety Value

In the case of buying the battery, the manufacturing date is crucial to check as safety precautions.  If the battery is too old and stored for years, it can leak, leading to an explosion type serious. So, check the manufacturing date for safety issues.

Most of the batteries have a date seal. Check before buying it.

Modern Sealed Battery or Typical Water Mixing Technology

It depends on you if you have enough time to check your car battery from time to time and add water or don’t. The modern sealed battery has no hassle of adding water level resulting in a maintenance-free design.

So, better to go with the maintenance-free sealed battery that has been mentioned above for Ford batteries.

Battery Type

You will find Lithium-Ion battery, Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM) type, and some expensive Spiral cell technology type one in case of the battery type.

AGM batteries are most famous for their maintenance-free features and easy installation process. And the battery consisting of spiral cell technology is also preferable tends to be expensive sometimes.

Wrap Up

Whatever battery you choose for the Ford truck, you obviously look for the proper power with the right fit. Our depth research has come up with the best battery for Ford Explorer that you can choose conveniently. Also, the experts recommended buying guides will save you from falling for any deceive product.