5 Best Can-Am X3 Belt to Level Up your Off-Road Thirst

Replacing the drive belt becomes necessary when you are a rough rider desiring maximum clutch performance. But choosing the right fit with a robust one is also a must.

Driving with a broken belt or the serpentine belt will not cost you power loss but cause the engine to overheat. So, it’s high time you replaced the drive belt with a stronger one.

Our best Can-Am X3 belt reviews will help you for sure to get an extreme drive belt. Let’s rev up your UTV.

Best Can-Am X3 Belt Reviews

Here, we listed out some top-notch Can-Am X3 belts with an ultimate buying guide included at last.

Don’t just peek; get dipped.

1. Gboost Drive Belt– World’s Best Expectation Overloaded Performance Belt

Gboost belt is popular to be the world’s best drive belt among off-road riders. People love this not because of its name, but the high quality built design makes it preferable.

This belt helps to withstand the machines delivering 400 horsepower and gives you the proper control, including the rear wheel.

The belt has a quality rating for sustaining the load of the biggest shock. So, no matter how rough and aggressive rider you are, this belt will help with an increasing power transfer.

This belt’s primary performance reason is made of Aramid fiber cord that is highly synthetic fiber cord and very effectively resists heat.

To make this belt better wrinkle-resistant polyester wrapping is over the bottom belt cog. And the bottom cog is made with a high-quality rubber compound that is popular as BZX1 for better heat resistance and helps in heat dissipation. This improvingly increases durability and robustness.

This latest built design technology helps Gboost belt rotate with full shifting efficacy and smooth engagement with scuffing. For these advances, it is one of the best Can-Am X3 belts.


  • Perfect for 3rd gen machines
  • Competitor performance output
  • Improved power transfer feature
  • Rotational flexible belt


  • Not OE material

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2. Super ATV Belt– Hundreds Of Field-Tested Robust Belt Ever

Super ATV brings another drive belt with GBoost technology empowerment and original AMX3 replacement OE part number included belt.

This is another world’s best belt claiming brand with some incredible features. Let’s get into the details.

Whether you ride to the terrain road or get an aggressive ride on the weekend, this belt meets your riding needs with the fullest power load. This belt can load the shock of 400 Hp performance.

High-twisting Kevlar brand cord is used here in the belt building technology that highly helps to cut out any restraints. It also makes the belt strong and choosable.

BZX1 high-quality rubber polyester on the cog and bottom cog helps in heat resistance in heavy driving also gives smooth engagement in scuffing.

And this drive belt has been brought after several field tests and thus ensures the authentic quality material. It is the best belt for Can-Am Maverick as it fits all the models of 2017 to the 2021 year of Can-Am X3.


  • Strength cog design
  • Exact fit
  • Superior Hp tensile robustness
  • Reduces slippage


  • May not fit 2021 year model

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3. AKM CVT Drive Belt– Acid & Alkali Resistant Heavy Riding Belt

AKM brings an incredible drive belt for the CVT(Continuous Variable Transmission)  system drive machines. And this is the Carbon CVT belt for the UTVs, giving a smooth performance with exact aftermarket replacement.

The double notch design and in this belt makes it stronger. And the special benefits of this belt are that it can resist Alkali and other modulus type acid that can reduce the belt’s lifespan.

AKM G force belt contains Kevlar synthetic fiber stuff that makes the belt hear-resistive and prolongs its running life.

If you rev up your UTV with this belt, the speed range and the RPM(Revolution per Minute) may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Again,  if you are switching from the regular rpm to high speed, then give the belt time to cool down completely. Do this at least for the first 30 mileage of running for better performance output.

This belt fits exactly in 2017-2018 Can-Am X3 with superior riding features. For specific, it is the best 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 turbo drive belt.


  • OEM replacement fit
  • Expectation exceeding output
  • Durable
  • Long life span


  • Frequent aggressive acceleration may ruin soon

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4. Evolution Powersport Belt– Bad Ass Belt For Extreme Terrain & Muddy Riders

Are you an aggressive rough rider or an extreme level of an adventurer? Evo badass belt is here to assist your adventure.

The evolution Powersport drive belt is perfect for the extreme terrain ride. It features superior quality with a higher stable performance.

With the extreme mud riders or the aggressive use of the UTVs, the belt needs to contain more squeeze with performance notches. And Evo belt is full of these features to make the belt less slippage.

You can drive your Can-Am X3 to the fullest, and you won’t face any belt failure in the middle of your splendid ride.

Evo drive belt features with such advantages that you might be looking for. It will smoothen the performance engagement, and you won’t face any jerky take off anymore. Also, the temperature of the belt remains moderate enough.

This belt is highly recommended for the 2017 to 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3, including the turbo engines. And enjoy an extreme badass ride without jerks and shakes.


  • Rarely any slip
  • Ideal for the extreme ride
  • A drastic change from the first
  • Reduces the premature belt failure


  • No warranty upsets the buyers

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5. RAD Parts by Trinity Racing– Sandstorm To Terrain Robust Drive Belt

RAD Parts from the Trinity Racing brand introduces such an innovative and robust drive belt for the superior performance ride.

OEM quality and superior S and E compound fiberglass material is used here to make the belt more robust and durable.

This stronger Can-Am X3 belt will assist you with terrain, mud ride to sandy, dirty extreme ride. And due to this belt’s build quality, it remains robust and durable for a longer time.

The Belt Drying BDC component on the belt cog helps to sustain the rigidity. Also, it assists in keeping the adhesion for a long period with superior output.

Heat and friction resisting top-quality DUMAX polymer here bring a drastic change in the drive. And these massive build design makes this drive belt 4 times stronger than other OE stock belts.

For the Can-Am Maverick X3 and X3 Max, Trinity Racing drive belts are perfect in higher Hp and tensile performance ride.


  • Less slippage
  • Flexible Enough under belt squeeze
  • Optimum power transfer
  • More tension handling capability


  • Does not fit 2021 year of models

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How To Pick The Can-Am X3 Belt?

After you have some belt recommendations now, there are some vital points to check before you buy it. We show you some highlighted facts about the drive belt for Can-Am X3. Check them out once before you make the purchase.

Belt Type

In mechanical parts, you will find several types of the belt when it comes to transferring the power and torque. CVT(Continuously Variable Transmission) drive belt is one of them. It is also known as the serpentine belt. Unlike other belts, CVT belts transfer power to the steering, alternator, and air conditioning also.

Drive belts have notches on both interior and an outer surface that helps in maximum torque tensile. There are some other belts known as flat or timing belt. But to get the ultimate power transfer feature in the clutch drive, get the serpentine or CVT drive belt for your Can-Am X3.

Belt Material

Belt material or the component is essential to check. Some drive belts contain high-quality synthetic fiber stuff that is good to pick.

Again, some belts are available nowadays containing EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) that rarely crack. You can choose that type of drive belt too.

Exact Fit

Make sure to get the right fit belt for Can-Am X3. Check the OEM replacement part number to get the exact fit and size. You can also check the vehicle manual to get the right fit belt for the superior power output.

Other Quality Features

Apart from the facts mentioned above, there are some other features you should not ignore.

Some companies claim their belt to be less slippage, which is quite essential in ATV or UTV. Sue to extreme power transfer and torque tensile, the belt tends to slip. So, slippage-free or less slipping belts should be at the top of the list.

Besides, the best Can-Am X3 belt helps in the clutch power transfer and helps to ride with the fullest. So, heat-resistant types can be on the checklist before buying a drive belt.

How To Change The Can-Am X3 Belt?

If you feel or find your Can-Am X3 belt issues, you can replace it yourself. And this requires no major expertise. The sooner you replace, the better the performance will be.

Let’s show you the process of replacing the clutch belt on Can-Am Maverick X3.

The tools you may need are:

  • Magical CVT tool
  • CVT Bolt extractor tool
  • 13mm wrench
  • Torque T30 wrench
  • Flat-head screwdriver

Let’s start the process.

Step 1: Loosen the Air Intake Bolts & Take Out The  Intake Clamp

Loosen the two bolts from the air intake hose clamp. Use the flat-head screwdriver and loosen the bolts.  Then, pull and take out the intake hose.

Step 2: Loosen The Nuts & Remove The Clutch Cover

After removing the intake, you will get the cover where there are 11 bolts attached to it.  Using the torque T30 wrench, loosen all of the nuts and remove the clutch cover pulling it towards you.

Step 3: Drive The CVT Tool Inside The Clutch

Now, drive the CVT tool inside the secondary clutch that is the bigger one. Nos insert the CVT bolt extractor tool inside the CVT adaptor that you installed at first.

Step 4: Tighten The CVT Tool Holding The Clutch

Now tighten the CVT tool to spread the clutch sheave apart inside. For that, hold the secondary clutch with one hand and with the other, tighten that tool.

You will see the drive belt is loosening behind.

Step 5: Take Out The Belt Off The Clutch

Now, slightly rotate the secondary clutch and take out the belt off the secondary one. After that, take it out from behind the primary clutch.

Step 6: Install The New Belt

Time for installing the new one. Before that, you must make sure the direction sign on the belt flows from the secondary to the primary.

Now, start doing step-5 in reverse. Start placing the belt over the primary sheaves. Then, rotate the secondary sheaves and place it over this one too.

Step 7: Remove All The Tools And Set The Belt

After placing the belt over, the clutches remove all the CVT tools. Then, rotate the secondary clutch anti-clockwise for five to seven full rotation. You will see the drive belt has been firmly set.

Reinstall the clutch cover and tighten all the bolts. Also, attach the intake again.

Enjoy your aggressive ride again with the newly installed drive belt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Can-Am x3 Belt Part Number?

For the OE replacement fit, the part number is 422280652 for 2017 to 2012 Can-Am Maverick X3, Max, and Turbo.

What Will Happen To A Car If It Has A Broken Belt?

The car will lose its power if the belt is broken. You can’t control the steering properly. A broken belt will lead to the engine overheated too.

Should I Replace Before The Belt Breaks Or Wait To Break?

Literally, it’s up to you. But it is recommended to check the clutches and the CVT drive belt every 500 mileage. If it seems worn, replace it now to avoid a sudden stop.

Wrap Up

Can-Am X3 is a high performing UTV  that can give you your full-on thrilling moments. It is your duty to craze it up with the proper and best Can-Am X3 belt ever. In return, it won’t disappoint you with the performance.