Get The 6 Best Cold Air Intake For 2015 Mustang GT Reviews in 2021

There are lots of competitors who compete in a market for the same quality product. There is no exception in case of the best cold air intake for 2015 Mustang GT. You may get confused while deciding on the best one to pick for your car. Our expert team is always aware of your concern. They figure out the best brands that will meet your requirements and won’t hit your bank pocket hard.

We always value your concern and time. Here we have shortlisted six best quality cold air intake for your car. So, without roaming into the bush, let’s dig out into the main part.

Best Cold Air Intake For 2015 Mustang GT

So, you’re on this to find the best cold air intake for your Mustang GT. Right?  Perhaps you’re on the right mark because your experts always value your concern and suggest the best products from the market. They will put them into the display, and you just need to put them in your cart.

1. Spectre9041 Intake Non-CARB Compliant– Get The Best value of Having more Torque and Horsepower

Let’s dig into the specialty of this spectre cold air intake. It has been designed to improve horsepower and increase torque in your Mustang. Moreover, your engine will be out of contaminants and debris due to this air intake technology.

Each air intake system offers you a washable, re-useable, spectre air filtration system, lower restriction, polished aluminum intake tube, and many more facilities. Moreover, the black powder-coated heat shield provides protection to the engine.

This cold air intake system includes necessary rubber boots, stainless steel clamps, velocity stack, and various multifunctional hardware for an OE fit and finish.

Why do we like it?
So, are you ready to take a ride with the world-class protective air intake? If so, then the Spectre air intake that ensures better towing and improved horsepower would be the first priority.


  • This cold air intake kit is Dyno-tested with almost 50% more airflow than many more restrictive air filters and intake tubes.
  • The air intake system enhances acceleration and performance as it has an improved throttle response while towing.
  • There’s no need for maintenance on the filtering system up to 100,000 miles.
  • This specter air intake system is easier to install, and it will cause you less than one hour to install with basic hand tools.


  • This cold air intake might be harmful to the human

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2. Cold Air Intake System for Mustang GT– High-Precision in Drawing More Cold

Now, let me depict the runner-up in this category, and it’s a heat shield filter for Mustang. However, it is designed specially to absorb extra heat from out-source.

Any internal combustion engine produces a huge amount of heat. And these heat shields are used to protect internal components and bodywork from excessive heat damage.

Besides, the engine gets more clean air through this air intake. It provides full protection to your engine as it restricts dust and rocks entrance to your engine.

This Brand new cold air intake kit will provide you with almost everything you may ask from a product.  This is washable, reusable too. The best thing is you can wash it with water and soap and use it after drying up.

Why do we like it?
So, this air intake lets your engine blow more cold and higher horsepower. So do you want to miss the better throttle response? However, you can purchase this high-quality and washable air intake for your Mustang gt.


  • This cold air intake kit is designed to use a dry filter, which was previously oil filtered.
  • This air intake system provides full protection to your engine.
  • When engines absorb cold air through aluminum pipes to extract the heat, it improves the throttle response and increases
  • Intaking clean air can increase fuel mileage and response power in your Mustang
  • The easiest installation process requires no additional parts after you purchase this kit.


  • This brand is new to the market, so this will take more time to gain customer’s trust.

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3. Rtunes Racing Cold Air Intake Kit– Get Racing Kit with A better Throttle Response

If you’re driving a racing beast, then this air intake would beat anyone of this category. The Rtunes Cold air intake kit is specially designed for racing beasts.

This is so natural that the racing cars produce more heat to the engine. That’s why these engines need more protection from extreme heat.

This air intake serves you as a washing, reusing air filter facility. You don’t have to clean the air filters lest the engine runs at least 50,000 miles.

Besides, Built-in high quality ensures that fresh, clean air passes through the aluminum pipe. Moreover, this cold air intake ensures full safety from the dust and rocks.

Why do we like it?
This one is another cold air intake that will soothe your engine in various ways. It comes with a hassle-free installation and provides the increased horsepower to accelerate the engine’s power.


  • It offers premium features to its customers to establish its name.
  • The air intake ensures better throttle response and horsepower.
  • All required hardware, vacuum hoses and will be provided with the product.
  • No additional tools are required to install after you purchase this air intake kit.
  • This Racing cold air intake kit offers you extreme protection from heat to your engine.


  • This air intake is not suitable for any kind of engine and can damage performance.

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4. R&L Racing Black Cold Air Intake for 15-17 Mustang GT– High Horsepower Output to Your Engine

Do you own a 15-17 Mustang and in need of an air intake for it? Well, the R&L black cold air intake pipe is made with high-quality aluminum.

And it offers a built-in washable filter that is reusable. All the important parts like mounting hardware, vacuum hoses, and reducers will be included as promised. The most interesting feature of it is it’s MAF sensor adapter.

The system will provide a full-time protection guard to the engine. The fresh and cold air intake will increase the horsepower and hill up the performance of the engine.

It also offers an easy process to install with no additional tools to use. Even you can do it by yourself within half an hour.

Why do we like it?
However, it’s also one of the best cold air intakes for mustangs that will help your engine in its duties. Besides, it also stimulates explosive horsepower to your engine.


  • This cold air intake offers ultimate engine performance, and it is black in color.
  • Cold air intake can help your engine with better throttle response and explosive horsepower output.
  • It is easy to install, and it takes no additional tools for installation after purchase.
  • It provides ultimate protection to the car engine from extreme heat and dust.
  • The manufacturer company will give you 60 days factory warranty on purchasing this brand’s cold air intake kit.


  • This cold air intake kit for your mustang can be a bit more expensive than other brands of the same

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5. Mishimoto Mustang Performance Intake– Provides maximum Gains with Better Airflow Capacity

If you’re looking for a full intake that can generate more power and improve airflow, then this one can be your ride partner.

This cold air intake comes with a coated-black shield technology that contains fresh air from the front of the car. The pressure has been dropped by over 40%, and this will help keep your intake air temperatures low under full acceleration.

Stock intake elbow has been replaced with silicone elbow in the recent upgrade. Those elbows are available in red, black, and blue. And anyone can choose a color among them and install it in the intake system.

Why do we like it?
If you purchase this air intake, it will pave the way to reduce frictions and enhance the air capacity. Besides, you’ll have a lifetime Mishimoto warranty.


  • It’s compatible with the 2015 Ford Mustang GT.
  • Wire-reinforced silicon elbow helps to eliminate restriction and improves airflow capacity.
  • Under acceleration, it offers an extremely aggressive intake tone.
  • Mishimoto is special for its lifetime warranty
  • It’s popular for its premium packaging and appealing presentation.


  • It will not be suitable for any type of street vehicles.

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6. High-Performance Cold Air Intake Kit for Ford 2015 Mustang– Grab Industrial Grade and Durable Air Intake

This high-performance cold air intake allows your engine to draw more fresh air, which results in the complete burning of engine fuel.

Unrestricted and clean airflow offers better throttle response and higher explosive horsepower and torque.

However, the manufacturer introduced the air intake to diminish temperature and air restriction. The parts are easy to assemble, and the installation process is not that timely.

This air intake provides active shield protection to the engine and the internal parts from extreme heats.

Besides, it also increases the performance with an excellent filtration system, and it’s reusable and washable. Even this can be washed with soap, detergent, and water.

Why do we like it?
Last but not least, this air intake comes with superb durability and easy installation guidelines. Precisely, you’ll have the ultimate satisfaction with this cold air intake.


  • This cold air intake promises you to deliver high performance, increasing the horsepower and torque by 6% to 10%.
  • Important parts of this intake are made of brushed aluminum and stainless steel clamps, which are long-lasting.
  • No additional tools are required to install this after purchase.
  • This cold air intake for your Mustang has a washable and reusable air filtration system.
  • A black powder-coated heat shield protects the engine from extreme heat.


  • This intake may not fit all types of passenger car or streetcar.

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How To Choose The Best Cold Air Intake For 2015 Mustang GT

However, when you plan to pick a cold air intake for 2015 Mustang gt, then you should consider the following guides.

Mustang Intakes and Variants of Them

However, a cold air intake comes with an air filter, mass flow sensor, and tube. Besides, the throttle body enables the engine to release more power and more clean air. There are several ways out there to upgrade your Mustangs’ cold air intake system. You have to keep those words in knowledge before installing an intake system in your car.

In addition, hot air is less dense than cold air and generates more power. So, cold air intake helps the engine to perform with max power. Those air filters are reusable and washable, and more efficient than stock filters. Air tubes broaden the path for incoming air.

Risk of Heat and How to Deal With It

Just imagine the heat that is produced while running your engine. Whenever you put your hand on a recently turned off engine, you will feel what I am saying about it.

This may not be good for your car, and actually, it is not. The reason why your Mustang GT produces more power with cold air is that cold air is denser than hot air.

The tube’s shape is also important for allowing more air to take a more direct route in the engine. The best cold air intake offers less restriction and higher quality as well.

If I Upgrade My Cold Air Intake, Do I Need to Tune Mustang?

However, plenty of air intakes are available that require to retune the Mustang where others won’t need it. If you pair your new air intake with a custom tune, you will gain more power than others. The modern Mustang engine is higher-tech, both mechanically and electronically. The sensor monitoring system makes the engine a fine-tuned beast and sensitive to the smallest change.

How To Install The Cold Air Intake in Your Mustang GT

However, it’s right of passage for Mustang owners to install a cold air intake. You don’t need to break the bank to purchase the air intake, and even a novice mechanic can install it without any hassle. After installing a cold air intake, the engine will get more horsepower and hood-appearance of Mustang GT.

You will need a ratchet, eight and ten-millimeter socket, extensions, pliers, and scissors for the installation. These tools are enough to install the cold air intake kit in your car. Let’s start by removing the air intake cover.

In order to disconnect the cold air intake, we have to remove the bolt on the fender. Right after the arms out of the way, we can move the stock pieces.  After that, a mass airflow sensor should be removed to install the Air-aid intake tube.

Now you should install a new MAF sensor into the airbox instead of the old one. Then reposition the air-aid box to its previous place in the car.

Now, it’s time to tighten the hose clamps. And reconnect the sound tube and vacuum system.  Now, finally, reinstall the engine cover and double-check if the intake is working promptly or not.

How To Clean A Cold Air Intake For Your Mustang?

Firstly, you need to remove the air filter from the air tube with a screwdriver. Then wash the air filter with a hose thoroughly. Wait till the filter dries completely.

Afterward, reinstall the filter onto the intake tube. Some of the air filters allow washing with water and soap, and some require a solvent.

You need to apply oil coating to the filter before you install it to the intake tube. It will be best to go through the manufacturers’ manuals and the product before cleaning the cold air intake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to replace my MAF while installing a cold air intake?

It is not necessary to replace your MAF while installing a cold air intake for your Mustang GT. Most of the intakes available in the market offer you a reusable stock MAF sensor. Sometimes you just need to use different screws to give it a stable placement.

How Much Horsepower Will My Mustang Gain From a Cold Air Intake?

I’m not surprised by the question, and very often, I notice people who’re eager to know the amount of horsepower that an air intake offers. However, some brands will promise to gain 15-20 horsepower, but it is a bit of a stretch.

Final Words

It’s not certain that choosing the best cold air intake for 2015 Mustang GT based on users’ reviews and ratings would be a great option to pick all the time. Everyone has a choice pattern. So, we suggest you grab some ideas from our expert’s recommendations and make a precise decision.

Here we have shortlisted the top some intake kits for your mustang, and Spectre9041 Intake Non-CARB Compliant is our best recommendation for you. I hope this Intake kit will meet all your requirements and provide you a smooth user experience.