5 Best Oil for Supercharged Mustang Reviews in 2022

There are so many brands that offer you the best quality motor oil for supercharged engines. And in such a situation, choosing the best brand is not that easy. So, we are presenting you with the best oil for supercharged Mustang that won’t hammer your bank. And of course, you’re seeking for them desperately to have a better experience.

Let’s not roam into the bush and extract the main part. That’s cool, and we’ve scrutinized every detail in our reviews that will calm your mind.

Best Oil for Supercharged Mustang

Product’s Name Liquid Volume Key Benefits Price
Valvoline 882891 Advanced Synthetic Oil 15 Quarts Good For Long-term Use Details On Amazon
Castrol Extended Performance Advanced Synthetic 160 Fluid Ounces Lessen Carbon Emissions Details On Amazon
Liqui Moly 20228 Generation Fluid 169.05 Fluid Ounces Increase Engine Running Speed Details On Amazon
Royal Purple Synthetic Oil 32 Fluid Ounces Improve Starting Performance Details On Amazon
Mobil 106035 5W 50 Rally Formula 1 Quart Increase Oil Life Details On Amazon

Are you seeking the best-recommended oil that is compatible with your supercharged mustang? No worries, and our automotive experts’ have documented them precisely on this page.

1. Valvoline 882891 Advanced Synthetic Oil– Premium Synthetic Oil with Anti-Wear Protection

Who doesn’t look for the best protection for their life? And you’re not different from that wish. Right? So, we’re here to reveal the winners to make your path easy.

And the Valvoline 882891 advanced synthetic mileage presents you with maximum life technology that everyone wishes for. And you know, this one is considered the best motor oil for supercharged engines.

However, this MaxLife technology prevents rust, wear, and leaks that will ensure your engine’s malfunction. This fully synthetic formula boosts up the engine and delivers better performance.

This oil is designed specifically with anti-wear additives that deliver durability and protection against sludge and deposits.

Why Buy It
The oil will offer you a dual function that lessens down your engine temperature when it’s operating at high temperatures. That can ensure your fuel efficiency as well.


  • It will provide you ultimate protection for the engine, and you will be able to run your engine over 75,000 miles so smoothly.
  • The thicker anti-wear film facilitates the engine and protects against friction.
  • The extra detergent of oil will fight against sludge and deposits.
  • In order to prevent oil leaks, there is premium seal conditioning technology available
  • This synthetic oil will guard your engine at an extensive temperature.


  • This engine oil is not recommended for diesel engines and aviation engines.

Available On Amazon

2. Castrol Extended Performance Advanced Synthetic– Ensures Edge-Extended Performance with a Drain Interval

Motor engines have some issues that differ from day by day. So, when you drive your car, the engine oil needs to react according to other objects that come in direct contact with it. However, the performance also depends on pressure, temperature, and other factors.

Precisely, Castrol’s premium synthetic oil comes with the fluid titanium technology that protects the critical engine parts.

Moreover, it’ll stimulate the performance enabling a drain interval up to twenty thousand miles. It will ensure the preservation of the engine much longer.

This engine oil has the ability to stick to the metal surfaces of your vehicle, which is an excellent thing because it lubricates your engine flawlessly.

Why Buy It
This oil will provide you full protection to your Mustang engines so that it can perform well for a long period of time.


  • API SN and ACEA A1/A5 certify it.
  • This oil has the capability to resist the snow and heat both.
  • This oil is biodegradable.
  • Wear and tear engine protection is available in this product.


  • It can’t be the ideal solution for diesel and gasoline operated engines and can’t be used in marine engines.

Available On Amazon

3. Liqui Moly 20228 Generation Fluid– Provides high Shear stability with Low Viscosity

In 2021 we all are facing a huge problem with air pollution. Statistics say that motor engines or vehicles are 27% liable for global warming.

On the other hand, engine oils are like food for your vehicle. So, to avoid global warming, Liqui moly might be a good option.

This product will help you reduce your fuel consumption and decrease carbon emission levels since it aims to reduce pollution.

Liqui Moly has a reputation for fighting against the friction of your engine.

Last but not least, you’ll get the optimum result over American gasoline and modern Japanese. Besides, there has come a multi-valve technology that ensures turbocharging.

Why Buy It
This oil is very eco-friendly, and there is no doubt about that. Moreover, this oil is economical and will protect your engine.


  • Excellent wear resistance capacity.
  • It can reduce friction and wear.
  • The oil is tested for turbocharges.
  • It saves fuel and reduces pollutant emissions.
  • It has excellency in low and high-temperature
  • This oil ensures the engine runs


  • It costs more than other brands.

Available On Amazon

4. Royal Purple Synthetic Oil– Provides Protection against LSPI with Wear Protection

If you’re looking for synthetic oil that ensures high-performance as well, then it would break the boundary. And the special thing about this oil is its raw materials. It’s different from other traditional oils and not made from crude oil.

Moreover, the SAE viscosity rating in both cold and normal temperatures has made a difference from other competitors on the market.

So, do you want to miss this fabulous opportunity to use this oil in your mustang? In addition, this synthetic oil is compatible with mineral or other lubricants. It delivers superior protection to gasoline and diesel engines.

Why Buy It
You can never raise any question or doubt about the quality and performance of this Oil. This fully synthetic motor oil will look after your engine even when you’re driving hard on the track.


  • You can use this motor oil in liquid-cooled and 4-cycle engines.
  • It has better film strength and thanks to its proprietary Synergic technology.
  • The oil prolongs both the engine’s and oil’s life by minimizing friction.
  • It boasts the highest clutch compatibility rating.
  • It resists the heat.


  • It’s a bit expensive in comparison to other brands.

Available On Amazon

5. Mobil 106035 5W 50 Rally Formula– Comes with Increased Fuel Efficiency

We’ve reached the final line, and this oil weighs only 32 ounces per quart. This Mobil motor oil will provide you with great user satisfaction with its amazing performance on the engine.

This engine oil will facilitate you with outstanding wear protection against sludge, deposits, and leaks that can lead to engine breakdown. The protection system from sludge and harmful deposits has been improved in this engine oil.

There are 12 packs, and your engine will be safe in a wide variety of motorsports applications; towing and other extreme driving conditions.5w 50 indicates the weight and thickness, or viscosity.

And you will be glad to know that it can provide the same performance as the normal engines. Its friction and temperature control is admirable compared with other brands.

Why Buy It
This oil presents you with some unique features in it. The friction and temperature controlling system are excellent, and any consumer will feel attracted to it.


  • You’ll find fabulous wear protection along with fuel economy.
  • It has improved the protection levels against sludge and harmful deposits.
  • Extraordinary temperature controlling capacity.
  • Useful to both heavy-duty and normal engine.
  • It has antioxidants that help improve oil life.
  • It can perform and protect at low temperatures.


  • Mobil 5w50 cannot provide good performance in short bursts.

Available On Amazon

How To Buy The Oil For Your Supercharged Mustang

How To Buy The Oil For Your Supercharged Mustang

However, you’ve already gone through the main part, and here, we’ve disclosed some factors that should be considered before generating the decision.

Brand Suggestion

All the oils indeed come from the earth, which will lead you to wonder if using brand oil really matters. Brands like Valvoline, Lucas, Redline, Amsoil, and Royal Purple promise you quality and ensure that they’re the best for their manufacture.

The most important fact is that those branded oils are designed for specific usage. Some oils are for daily drivers, while one other is intended for use on the track.

And now the question is how you’re going to know which one should you run and when? The brands we discussed above will help you understand many facts as we have discussed each of the brands’ pros and cons.

Oil Breakdown

There is a system installed there to measure the thickness of a particular fluid where the thickness of the water is zero. The mineral-based oils are the conventional variety. Synthetic oils are totally man-made and degrade slower than conventional ones.

In terms of a new engine, the tolerance must be tight, and it happens mainly because of advancement in machining. These newer engines require lighter oil to operate well with these tolerances.

Oil weight and Versatility

Nowadays, the engines we use are much tighter tolerance than before, which indicates that lighter oil viscosities need to be used here. CAFÉ here stands for the Corporate Average Fuel economy, which must need to be achieved by the manufacturer company each year. On the contrary, lighter oil viscosity ensures the free movement of particles. But some users think that they might not get enough lubricant as they are required.


Safety is one of the must-have features in any product. So why not in the case of oil? Safety is above for every sort of product. When it comes to oil, then it becomes a more relevant and important measure to concern about. While using oil to your expensive Mustang, you need to be very cautious about the product’s safety measurement.

If the oil seems to produce extra heat to the engine, you have to change its brand because extra heat can damage your engine and cause explosions sometimes.

It is very important to use oil according to the user manual and use it in perfect amounts so that you’re nice to start your dream car and never turn into a horrific incident.

Oil Temperature

Oil behaves so sensitively with the change of temperature. To put that simple, temperature affects oil directly. What will be the oil performance while the temperature is cold? The oil viscosity measurement will tell you.

While driving your Mustang at a high temperature, you choose to run the engine with thicker or heavier oil. If you choose thicker oil, then it can hurt the internal workings.

Many drivers use one or two quarts of higher viscosity oil in the place of thicker viscosity oil in order to achieve the desired viscosity.

Synthetic Oil Vs Mineral Based Oil? Which one is Better?

Synthetic Oil Vs Mineral Based Oil

Basically, synthetic oils are totally man-made. They go through several refining processes other than mineral-based engine oil. Synthetic oil can endure more between lubricant changes since synthetic oils are purer.

And mineral oils are more likely than traditional, non-synthetic oils. They are usually used in old model engines. However, synthetic oils are not as vulnerable to heat as mineral-based ones.

Moreover, they can run about seven thousand miles between changes. However, they come with the same viscosity ratings and also offer enough lubricant wear protection.

How To Use the Oil for Your Supercharged Mustang?

In order to put oil in your supercharged Mustang, you have to follow some instructions given below here.

  • Firstly, you have to open the dipstick in order to see if you need to add oil or not. The dipstick is right beside where the engine is, and it should be marked ‘Engine Oil”. Every time you remove the dipstick, you must have to clean that with cloth or paper, then replace it and put it back again.
  • After that, you should place a clean funnel on it.
  • Now, you can pour oil depending on the requirements of your engine.

After following those steps, you need to start the engine and gear up. Later on, turn off the engine and recheck the dipstick, and put it again in the right place to make sure that it is at the proper level.

How to check the Oil weight and Versatility

The fact is every engine requires a specific oil viscosity. And this fact is true for your Mustang too. You’re not going to run the Mustang as it is. You must modify the settings and look at it.

After these particular modifications and slightly changed settings, the fuel’s suggested octane level would not be the same.

Oil viscosity is deeply correlated to temperature, and we know it. But the temperature doesn’t affect the engine’s oil, where any particular mod can increase the engine’s temperature.

If the temperature rises, oil coolers can be installed in the system and a big radiator to keep the system stable. However, some prefer to use 5W30 to get benefitted from the viscosity slightly in terms of 10W30.

Therefore, some people prefer to combine these two and make a new blend of their own. Upgrading your system always affects the engine tolerances.

Like, if you upgrade the rotating assembly of your Mustang, it will hit viscosity in a whole different way. They can raise or lower the viscosity level, and that is why engine builders have to instruct you in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I just want the best oil that will protect my Mustang engine; what would be the best?

A 5W30 would be a great choice if you want to get something within the budget. This 5W30 can run a bit thicker as a heat of boost has been added to that. This 5W30 will facilitate you with great fuel mileage and comparatively less drag. It will provide better protection whenever you’re running hard.

Which one would be best to use? 5W20 or the 5W30 for my Mustang?

We do believe that the 5W20 is a bit light for your supercharged Mustang gt. It is not suitable for boost and hard driving as well. The better choice could be 5W30 because it will give you more protection without the huge jump in viscosity.

Final Words

Choosing the best oil for supercharged Mustang based on users’ reviews and ratings would not help all the time. There is room for exception, and it’s almost everywhere. It’s not certain that you will get the right product every time after going through reviews and ratings.

So, we’ve done this hard job for you to provide you with perfect and supercharged engine oil recommendations for your favorite mustang. You must have to read the user manual guide that the manufacturer provides to have vast knowledge about everything and work according to it.