7 Best Ball Joints For Dodge Cummins Reviews in 2022

Do you have a Dodge Cummins? Are you planning to go out with your favorite truck? Or maybe you’re looking forward to going for a hunt or a ranger mission. Handling such a heavy truck itself is a difficult task. And you should be worried about having a smooth drive. When you take your dodge ram 2500 off-road, it becomes difficult to control your steering wheel. While you are getting uncomfortable just to steer left or right there, your front tires also bounce up and down.

But the suspensions are there to keep your car steady. Now imagine what will happen if your car’s front tires are not aligning? You are trying to steer your best, but your truck isn’t in your control anymore, and those situations are a horror to even think of. Now, what can go wrong to occur in this situation having a damaged ball joint on your truck?

And to avoid that, you should use the best ball joint that is perfect for your vehicle. Now let’s check what the best ball joints for Dodge Cummins that you can get for a safer, smoother ride.

What Is a Ball Joint for Cars?

Just like the human hip, car tires have joints that make the tires move up, down, right, and left. Any ball joint depends on the model and type of suspension.

Those joints make sure your tires are touching the ground, and your engine is running smoothly while you steer in different directions. So, a ball joint is one of the crucial parts of your truck. Isn’t it? This part hugely supports your suspension system.

Best Ball Joints For Dodge Cummins

Product’s Name Key Benefits Price
MOOG K7460 Ball Joint Tough To Stand Longer Details On Amazon
Detroit Axle – 4PC Front Upper And Lower Ball Joints Fine For 2010 Cummins Vehicle Details On Amazon
SCITOO 4pcs Suspension Kit Shockproof Outline For Uneven Terrains Details On Amazon
XRF Lifetime Ball Joint Improves Steering Ability Details On Amazon
Front Upper & Lower Ball Joint Budget-friendly And Functional Details On Amazon
Lucky Seven K7467 Ball Joint Sustain Pressure Easily Details On Amazon
A-Team Performance 2x New XRF Heatproof And Supportive Details On Amazon

This article is especially for Dodge Cummins owners. We are going to help you decide what is the best heavy-duty ball joint dodge ram 2500 that you can buy?

1. MOOG K7460 Ball Joint– Get the Best Metal To Metal Design And Durable Ball Joints

MOOG K7460 ball joint is a problem solver and the first ball joint we recommend. This ram mount gusher bearing is designed metal to metal for improvement in strength and made it easy for greasing. Grease flows on its surface much smoother to make it avoid friction and give it a longer life.

Most ball joints fail because of premature stud failure. And mostly this happens because of friction. Friction creates heat, and the ball stud loses its strength, which causes damage to ball joints. It is OE required heat treated to minimize the failure, and you have a worry-free ride for a long time.

This package also allows you to grease it when you feel, which actually cleans the contaminant inside the joint and makes the movement much smoother and less tearing for metals.

Installing this ball joint will give you the feeling that will match when you first use your steering wheel on your truck.

Why Buy It
MOOG is a very well-known brand. But names are not something we suggest we prefer quality. If you have a 2005 ram Dodge Cummins 2500, then you should definitely go for it. You will feel like it’s just an OEM ball joint that came with your truck.

Even we recommend this to owners having 2012 ram dodge 2500 4×4. You should have a long-lasting life with this ball joint. Both upper and lower joints just work fine for Trucks that fit.


  • The product provides smoother grease flow
  • It offers heat treated stud
  • The ball joints come with metal to metal design.
  • Easy to install


  • It isn’t adjustable to all vehicles.
  • It offers less warranty.

Available On Amazon

2. Detroit Axle – 4PC Front Upper And Lower Ball Joints– Find A Proper Suspension Ability Ball Joints

From its name, we can get the picture. It’s a 4-piece set of ball joints. This unit is made more durable than the OE or Original Equipment and made and rigged to match the rigorous driving for new aged cars and trucks.

The company tests this product by every standard. It is taken to its maximum endurance to test its impact and tested for a longer duration to justify the fatigue and also taken to its barrier to check when it wears.

This is one of the best ball joints that you can install. Very few customers claim any obligation against their performance. But all it lacks, it is made only for specific models.

Why Buy It
You got a Dodge ram 2500 [4WD, 8 lug model], then you should go for it. But it is not the best ball joints for 2004 Cummins. It’s mostly made for 2006-2010 Cummins, which have 8 lugs. Also, you can get it installed if you have 1500 ram Cummins Trucks. We recommend that to you.


  • It ensures original equipment surpassed
  • The ball joint is a set of 4 pieces.
  • It is tested in all specs.
  • A long warranty


  • Not Compatible with all models

Available On Amazon

3. SCITOO 4pcs Suspension Kit– Get Premium Quality Ball Joints

If you are someone who takes his truck more off-road, then this set is for you. This kit comes with 2 upper ball joints and 2 lower ball joints.

Makes the drive smother when you drive on uneven roads. On uneven roads, your truck can deform due to pressure. But this helps to absorb the shock evenly on the body, so your parts are safe and have a longer lifetime.

When you take a hard turn on a muddy road, your tires won’t be in your control if your ball joints are weak. But with this kit ram mount ball joints are installed, and you can move your Front tires aligned and have a safer, smoother drive on broken roads.

In the rain, these ball joints keep the tire attached to the ground even if you steer too hard.

Why Buy It
If you are in an area where you have to ride off-road or live somewhere where it rains regularly, you should take this kit for your OE replacement for your Dodge Cummings. It will let you have a safer, smoother ride on muddy and slippery roads and also save your vehicle’s body part for a longer duration.


  • You’ll find steering comfort
  • It’ll save tires
  • The product offers a shock saver
  • It comes with multi-piece equipment


  • Only 1-year warranty
  • It is designed for specific models only.

Available On Amazon

4. XRF Lifetime Ball Joint– Best Compatible Ball joint

XRF Lifetime Ball Joint is a kit in our list which provides lifetime warranty service. This kit is a low friction kit for medium size trucks like Dodge Cummins 2500 ram. But the most important and awesome feature is it is compatible with any model of your Dodge Cummins.

However, you’ll find both upper and lower joints durable. They can handle any shock from the axle of your truck.

It’s totally greasing friendly. So it is very comfortable to use. And it has an inbuilt dust boot that removes contaminants from the chamber itself. This feature makes the joints long-lasting automatically. Moreover, you are getting a Lifetime warranty and harass free replacement. You can change with a new part any time you feel your joints are not working well.

Why Buy It
If you are a guy for whom quality is the first choice and price is the last, then you should get this. Although it’s a little overpriced, you are getting 3 benefits. You will get a better component. A lifetime warranty and trouble-free replacement service. What’s more to ask?


  • A top-quality ball joint
  • It is the best substitute for OE.
  • You’ll find a replacement service anytime.
  • It ensures a lifetime guarantee.
  • Well designed and appropriate packaging.


  • Not any markable setbacks

Available On Amazon

5. Front Upper & Lower Ball Joint– Provides Proper Quality And Durability

This is another product from Detroit Axle we had to put on your list. You can trust this kit to install this on your truck. This is a product that undergoes multiple quality standards.

It can stand the impact of your Truck’s sudden jump and hold the tires’ control on your hand. Won’t let your tires go their own and make your drive easy.

It went under fatigue and durability tests. The manufacturer has beat the hell out of this product before it wears. So you can trust this kit that it will last longer than most other joints.

However, if you don’t want to break your bank, it comes with a cheap price tag, and you don’t need to go for a higher price.

Why Buy It
Now, if you want to get a better service for a fair amount of time but won’t spend a lot, this is for you. It’s a very good choice for Dodge Cummins 2000-2002. If you have any model that is within this time period, it’s a good choice to use it.


  • The product maintains a standard quality
  • Cheap on pricing
  • It’s a long-lasting product.
  • The product is durable enough to sustain pressure.


  • Greasing is Messy, according to some users.
  • Not adjustable to all vehicles.

Available On Amazon

6. Lucky Seven K7467 Ball Joint– Improves The Fatigue Strength

However, it’s undeniable that these are the far twins of MOOG K7467. If you are someone who had a bad experience with MOOG, then this is the first choice for you. This ball joint also is a great replacement for OE on your Dodge Cummins ram 2500.

The ball stud in this ball joint is heat optimized. Make the stud durable even if the friction is too much to take. Now for the friction, this doesn’t allow friction to cause any damage to its build—Pre Installed dust remover for removing contaminants automatically.

This has exceeded the OE equipment standard, among which is lubrication from outside. If you grease it well, the grease will enter into the chamber, which allows it to reduce friction to a minimal point and provide longer life.

It passed the standard of fatigue, durability, provides reduction, and wearing too soon. This is one of the heavy duty ball joints dodge 2500 for anyone either you want Dodge Cummins 2006 ram ball joint or ball joints for 2008 dodge ram 2500 ball joints.

Why Buy It
To put that simply, the brand is enough to buy it. Because it is highly qualified, it can replace your Original Equipment, and moreover, for those who don’t want MOOG on your truck, you should get this one. You can get a more durable and long-lasting ball joint that may serve you until you want to change.


  • It exceeds OE requirements
  • It can replace MOOG
  • The product features an anti-rusting ability.
  • You’ll find a solid stud.
  • It’s compatible with all vehicles.


  • None reported arguing

Available On Amazon

7. A-Team Performance 2x New XRF– Best Greaseable Ball Joint

This is our last product to keep it listed. And it’s another alternative to the K7467 ball joint. This has all the best features of a regular K7467 ball joint with more new technology.

With its new greasing method, you can grease both upper and lower joints. And the greasing is very easy to apply. It reaches from outside to inside.

This one also comes with a million miles warranty. So almost a lifetime warranty. And they also provide trouble-free service.

Why Buy It
There is no specific reason not to buy this product. Precisely, if you need an upgraded version of K7467 joints, then you shouldn’t miss the chance of having it in your stock. This product has everything you want in a ball joint. Better build quality. Easy to install. Easy to maintain. Harassment free servicing and Almost a lifetime warranty. Everything you ask from OE replacement, this one has it.


  • It’s a new Gen best OE replacement.
  • Both Upper and Lower greaseable joints
  • It’s an adjustable ball joint.
  • It fits any model
  • It’s more rotative


  • No noticeable complaint.

Available On Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Do Ball Joints Last?

Oho, it’s nothing but one of the most frequent questions that people ask while replacing Original Equipped ball joints. Any new buyer would definitely ask this question. Now the answer is not limited here.
The ball joints life-span depends on the manufacturer and driver. If the manufacturer builds a strong ball joint with quality material, it should last longer. But nothing in this world is permanent. So is to say for ball joints.
They become weak as time goes. You’re driving, and where are you driving? That matters too. Ball joints damage faster when you hit rough roads more often.
If your driving is hardcore, they will be damaged if your brand gives a lifetime warranty. But in specific words, you should change your ball joints after hitting 80000 (128747.52 km) to 160000 miles (257,495.04 km).

How Would You Know It’s Time To Change?

* The unnatural wearing of the tire
* Metal crashing noise
* Unsteady steering wheel
These are common indications that it’s time to change.

Should I Replace Upper And Lower Ball Joints At The Same Time?

It is not necessary to do so. You should look at your problem first. Run some tests or look at which ball joint is creating the problem. If it’s only the upper joint, then you should replace only the upper joint, and if it’s the lower one, then don’t need to change the upper one.
But you can change both at the same time. It depends on your choice and price. If the price is high, changing both is an unnecessary expense. But you can do that if you don’t care about the cost.

How Do You Change The Ball Joints On A 2005 Dodge Ram 2500?

The best thing to do when you are trying to change the ball joints is to take your truck to a professional. Yet you may be so fond of your truck that you like to maintain it by yourself. So here are some bullet points on how you can change your ball joints on a 2005 Dodge RAM 2500
* Use a car jack to raise your vehicle high enough.
* With the help of a ratchet, try to remove your caliper and caliber.
* Unscrew the 4 top and bottom bolts and then take out the bearing assembly.
* Use ball joints press to put off the preserving clips.
* Install the brand-new ball joint and set things back together.

Final Words

So, the best ball joints for dodge Cummins are crucial to have a pleasant driving with your truck. Isn’t it? If you’re uncomfortable with ball joints, what should you do? Damaged ball joints will leave a bad experience in your journey, and you can’t drive your vehicle smoothly. Is it expected while driving? And it’s nothing but a serious pain that won’t face it again.

For this reason, our automotive experts’ paved the way to help the vehicle owners’ with the best ball joints that will satisfy your expectations. And none of our products will let you down on this journey.