Choose The 5 Best Battery For 4Runner – Get Your Toyota Constant Power

Are you getting the “ Check Engine Light” code on your 4Runner’s gauge? Or is it time to replace the stock Toyota battery? Here you will get a total solution with some suggestions for the best Battery for 4Runner.

To survive your vehicle in a heavy ride or on a long drive, you need a good battery for proper power supply. And getting the exact fit among so many brands becomes challenging sometimes.

However, we bring here some Toyota 4Runner battery after going through several facts and considerations.

So, see them out.

Best Battery For 4Runner Toyota

Let’s not drag further. Rather get into the detailed feature of these splendid 4Runner batteries.

1. Odyssey 34R Battery– Super Cranking Power & Resists Vibration

Odyssey batteries are one of the reliable names in automotive batteries. When thinking about the Toyota 4Runner, it is not behind.

This Battery comes with 850 CCA( Cold Cranking Ampere), which is quite more than the stock CCA. If you are a rough rider or storing your furious runner in extreme cold, have no worries in the startup. With this higher cranking ampere power, it will get proper power from the key turn.

The essential fact-Reserve Capacity is 135 minutes here, meaning it can deliver 68 Amp power in 20 hours. That is the thundering part of this battery. This higher Ampere Hour helps much in the 4Runner engine.

Odessey 34R size battery is exactly a good power delivery system for the 4Runner. It has a higher performance output with deep cycling capacity that most of the modern gen engine needs.

This 1500 PC of Odessey battery is of AGM(Absorbed Glass Mat) type that contains pure virgin Lead plates. Here, this is the best 5th gen 4runner group 24 battery for its higher discharging rate than most conventional batteries.

After the purchase, you will get it fully charged. You can take this battery up to almost 3 years with a hard ride.


  • Non-spillable design
  • Resists vibration
  • Dramatically powerful Battery
  • Replacement warranty


  • Maybe troubling for the dual terminal option.

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2. Optima Red Top Battery– High-Performing Battery with Innovative Cell Technology

Optima brings three different color top batteries with performance variations. And this red top is one of them.

This battery delivers higher powers with 800 CCA power. Whether you are extreme sunny or acute cold or harsh, the Optima battery delivers sufficient power to burst for proper ignition to the engine.

It has 100 minutes of RC, which can keep consistency in power delivery. This battery features another beneficial part that is the resistance to vibrations. And that is fifteen times more responsive and durable than others.

The unique part of the Optima battery is the spiral cell technology – its core build format. Other typical AGM batteries consist of flat Lead plates. But here in Optima, you get spirally wounded Lead plate more protective of the tolerances and extreme condition.

Other than automotive, this battery is proudly being used in RV, diesel vehicles, and heavy electronics equipment.

For its durable and authentic cell technology, you can undoubtedly choose this battery for 4Runner.


  • Unique cell method
  • Highly resistive to vibration
  • Massive power deliver
  • Durable & flawless performance


  • Has issue for not selling in Catalina Island

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3. Delphi Maxstart AGM Battery– Optimum Vibration Resitsing Battery with Super Durability Features

Delphi BU9034R is an exact fit for the Toyota 4Runner power source. It comes with some extended power delivering capacity.

It has 775 CCA power, which can smoothly provide superior power at the start of the engine.

120 minutes of Reserve capacity here with this one delivery 120 power for up to 120 minutes at 25 amperes. So, no compromise here in power discharge as it can deliver 55 Amp power at 20 hours.

Delphi battery group size is 24F, which is an exact replacement to the factory Toyota 4Runner battery. So, whoever is searching for exactly the stock replacement or better than that, this is the best battery for 5th gen 4Runner.

This battery has an excellent capacity to resist vibrations from the ride. And this is 20 times higher and stronger than other conventional batteries.

This AGM battery is a perfect option to provide power to the heated engine parts to the DVD player, electronics, etc.


  • 2 times of life cycle than others
  • Highly corrosion-proof welding
  • Lightweight than the factory battery
  • Exact OEM fit group size


  • Be sure to buy from original sellers.

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4. ACDelco Professional  Battery– Additional Safety Providing Deep Cycle Battery

It is a 24 size battery, including superior AGM technology. But here you get some extra safety feature in the built of this ACDelco battery.

In this Battery, you get an exceptional valve gas recombinant technology in its built technology. Here, Oxygen gas is recombinant with the cell to reduce the water loss and to prevent the battery from dry out.

This feature makes this battery, however, durable that is 3 times than other conventional AGM batteries.  Again, this will give a deep cycling performance for a long time power transferring service.

Here, the two-terminal of this battery is made with Calcium alloy preventing any damage by acid. And this ensures the superior durability of the ACDelco battery.

ACDelco battery has 149 minutes of RC with higher crank power. It is so high that it provides a greater charge delivering consistency and performance.

Classic passenger car to RV, diesel truck to a minivan, and electronics you can use ACDelco battery.


  • Built-in superior quality
  • Leak-free design
  • Highly chare capacious
  • 3 times longer life cycle with improved safety features


  • Must check the expiry date before buy

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5. NorthStar 24F AGM Battery– Higher Cycle Charge with Superior Heat Resistance

NorthStar brings an AGM battery with some high featuring safety qualities.

This battery is of 24F group size, meaning the precise fit to the Battery for 4Runner. 840 CCA power gives it a higher power delivering power.

And 140 minutes of so higher RC time helps in containing sufficient power with a balanced discharge.

NorthStar battery can cycle over 900 providing a 50% more deep cycle than other typical AGM batteries.  However, it charges faster too.

This Battery also comes in a plastic house that keeps it more secure and durable, no matter how hard or rough you drive.

It seems a little bit pricy to some, but thinking about its quality features is a pro with ultimate offers.

NorthStar is the best Battery for 5th gen 4Runner. And with unwanted power consumption, this battery can deliver and be by your side for a longer time.


  • Heat-resistant
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Higher startup in any weather
  • Ultra-high power deliver features


  • Little bit pricy

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How To Buy The Battery For 4Runner?

Buying a good battery is vital to surviving your car till the end also to get safe stuff for your engine. Moreover, you have to check for some major keys in the Battery for the right fit under the hood.

Let’s help you by showing those major key points you should look at before buying a battery for 4Runner.

Battery Group Size

While buying the car batteries, the group size or the OEM recommended size number is crucial for the engine’s right fit. Every engine battery has a featured group size that defines the battery size meaning the length, width, and height. So, you must know your engine’s battery group size and then look for that size of batteries.

For the Toyota 4Runner engine, the factory battery is 24F that is finely compatible with any 34R or exact 24F size of batteries.

Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA) Number

The CCA number is another crucial point to check in batteries. The CCA number defines the Ampere amount of the Battery that can provide in the engine’s startup.

It is kinda hard for a battery to start with a full-on power source in the extreme cold region. So, the higher CCA helps here much.

However, it is also known as CA, representing the Ampere number that can deliver power at 0°F temperature, which is considered the normal temperature.

The Toyota 4Runner factory battery comes with 530 CCA. If you think you need some upgrade with this, go for a higher CCA for greater performance output.

For any reason, it is recommended for the aftermarket purchase to go for a higher CCA no matter whatever the riding purpose is rough or regular.

The Reserve Capacity(RC)

Reserve capacity is counted in minutes. It refers to the time till the battery can sustain power at a 25 Amp rating.  Multiplying the RC number with the delivered charge resulted in the Ampere Hour(AH).

For regular to moderate riding conditions, a Toyota 4Runneer needs a minimum of 65 AH rate of the battery. If you can’t find the Ampere Hour rating in your chosen battery, then you can find out this rating by dividing the RC number by 2.

Battery Manufacturing Date

To get a good and properly functioning battery, check the battery’s age. You can also check the manufacturing date from the seal on the body.

In automotive batteries, the manufacturing date is indicated with two letters where the first one consists of alphabets and the second one number. The letters define the month number, and the numbers are for referring to the manufacturing year.

For instance., A battery has a seal written B8, meaning the battery was manufactured in February 2018 or 1998.  In this way, A referring to January, C referring to March, and so on.

Check the battery is not more than ten years old for proper operation. Otherwise, age-old batteries will not work fine rather cause a hamper to the engine and life.

Never Buy The Used Batteries

The famous automotive expert and Youtuber Scotty Kilmer always forbids to buy the used battery for high-performing cars, at least unless you don’t personally know the seller.

You might not know how much a used battery can last or how much performance it can give up to the mark. So, better spend some bucks and buy a new good battery.

Maintenance-Free Sealed Battery

These days sealed batteries are quite popular for having no trouble with adding water or any other maintenance. Though this feature has made automotive batteries a little expensive, your time saves.

For that, look for the correctly sealed batteries that need no further maintenance. Just plug and play type.

Terminal Position

The terminal position does not fact much in batteries if you can get the right fir and group size. But if you are buying the battery for 5th gen 4Runner, you might face this issue of extending the battery terminals if not exactly compatible.

Battery Weight

Most often, people do not bother with the weight of the battery. But for your fast and furious 4Runner, you should ensure the battery weight is not too much. The less your battery weight is, the faster your 4Runner will function.

The added weight of the battery can make your 4Runner a bit slower. However, you may find most of the batteries weighing around 50 to 80 lbs of weight. You can choose from a range of batteries having 20 to 30 Lbs of weight, but that would cost higher too.

How To Change The Battery in Toyota 4runner

Changing the car battery is now a one-two task for the maintenance-free and easy installation service given by the battery manufacturers. And for Toyota 4Runner, it’s no different.

Let’s show you how you can replace it yourself.

Step 1: Shut off the engine. Let it cool down for a few minutes to avoid any injuries.

Step 2: Open the engine hood. Locate the battery.

Step 3: Use a socket wrench and loosen the bolt over two terminals, positive and negative ones.

Step 4: Unplug the two terminals and keep them away from the battery.

Step 5: Loosen the clamp that is covering or holding the battery into place. Take it off the battery.

Step 6: Take out the battery carefully.

Step 7: Place the new battery into place. Before that, it would be better to clean the battery area and the battery holding tray.

Step 8: Now, repeat all those step-3,4, and 5 in reverse. And your battery replacement is done within some minutes.

Start the engine and have a test drive right after you replace the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should you replace your Toyota 4Runner battery?

Mechanics and Experts recommend to change the Toyota 4Runner battery every 3 to 5 years of running. But it is also suggested to check the battery once a year.

How long do Toyota 4runner batteries last?

If you ride usual to the moderate, your 4Runner Battery will certainly last up to 3 years. That is a minimum but can vary depending on the riding performances.

Wrap Up

To sum up, we can add that buying the best battery for 4Runner is your engine’s basic right to get. You are riding with your desiring level but get your engine the right input that will not make your engine run fine.

From our top 5 battery for 4Runner is the best pick you can ever have at a time. And we hope the suitable buying guide mentioned above will surely help you to make the right choice.