How to Check Lift Pump on Dodge Cummins

Do you doubt that your lift pump is getting worse? Then, read this to know how you can check your lift pump’s condition like a pro.

A lift pump is a pumping machine in any automobile engine that helps in pumping the fuel from the fuel tank with the help of a fuel injector. Some modern vehicles have some fuel pump instead of a lift pump, and it adds some extra benefits, but the primary working purpose is the same.

After a long time running, the lift pump may cause some issues. Then, you need to check your lift pump if it’s finely working or not.

So, here we will be showing you some simple but most convenient ways on how to check lift pump on Dodge Cummins and replace the faulty pump quickly if needed.

Be Sure of a Bad Lift Pump

The primary function of a lift pump is to pump the fuel from the fuel tank. And sometimes you should have a check on them when you see the symptoms of a bad fuel pump or lift pump.

So, before you go for checking, at first, you should be sure of the fact that the lift pump is having problems. For that, you need to be careful about the symptoms of a bad lift pump.

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After you have been sure that all the symptoms are indicating a lousy lift pump, then you can now check your lift pump.

How to Check Lift Pump on Dodge Cummins

There are some general checking you should know about that are connected with the lift pump. The lift pump pumps the fuel by suctioning from the fuel tank, and then with the help of the injector, it transfers fuel to the engine block.

So, while checking the lift pump, you must check

  • The lift pump operating sound
  • Electric Connection
  • The fuel pressure

all these things are interrelated with the function of a fuel pump. So, let’s know how you can test them to test the lift pump.

Hear the Lift Pump Operating Sound

Check the Lift pump if it is working or not. When you start the engine, the lift pump makes some swishy sound. So, open your engine hood, and on the driver side of the engine, you will find the lift pump. In some vehicles, the lift pump lies underneath the car.

  • Insert the ignition key and turn on, don’t start the engine, and try to hear the sound.
  • The lift pump will be doing sound within 2 seconds of starting the ignition. And similarly, ask someone to shut that. The sound will be off after 2 seconds when you stop the ignition key.
  • Then, be sure your lift pump is working. The lift pump has no issues. The problem may be in other parts.
  • If you can’t hear any sound, then go for checking the electrical connection.

Check the Electric Connection

To check a lift pump, you can check the connection of the lift pump. If it is not getting the proper electric connection, then it can not be able to provide the exact pressure. As a result, your face the interruption in driving.

So, to check the connection follow these steps

Step 1: Find Your Lift Pump Connectors

Open your engine hood or go under the vehicle. On the bottom of the lift pump, you will see the power supplier connection tube.

Step 2: Disconnect the  Connection Tube

Now, disconnect the connection tube from the lift pump. Then, identify the positive and negative connections. Generally, the second pin is for grounding connection.

Step 3:  Connect to the Meter

Now, connect the tube with a meter. You can use any multimeter or voltmeter.

Stepm 4:  Start the Ignition Key & Check

Now, start the ignition key, not the car. And check the meter.

If you see reading of 12V or more, that means the connection is ok—no problem in getting the electrical contact.

If you don’t see any reading on the meter, it means there is a problem in the fuse box, not in the lift pump.

If you don’t have any meter, then you can also do this test with any 12V source or bulb light if the bulb turns on, meaning no issues.

Check the Fuel Pressure

There is another test you can do if you have a hard start or the engine dies. Check your Dodge Cummins lift pump pressure. If the lift pump is causing the problem, then it can’t be able to give the proper pressure to the fuel injectors. To check it, you will need a fuel pressure gauge.

Step 1: Connect the Hose of the Pressure Gauge

Open your engine hood and open the fuel cap from the lift pump. And then, connect the hose of the pressure gauge to your lift pump.

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While doing this step, you have to be very careful because the fuel is deep inside the other engine parts.

Step 2: Start the Engine & Check

Now, start your engine and check how much PSI pressure it can go. Generally, the correct pressure limit for any vehicle is from 30 to 50 PSI. If you see the pressure level below 30 or even 20 then, be sure the lift pump is having issues.

If you have a low fuel pressure then, don’t immediately go for replacement of your lift pump. Sometimes, it happens if there is water or air in your fuel rail,  it causes a problem to the lift pump to pump the right pressure.

So, you should try draining the water or air from the fuel tank.

Final Words

It is not impossible to drive with a faulty lift pump. But you will have to face hard start, sudden engine dying issues, etc. so, it’s better to check the lift pump before it causes problems to other parts along with it.

In this article, we have shown the techniques on how to check the lift pump on Dodge Cummins, and these techniques are also applicable to other vehicles, but it may vary in finding the parts situation.

So, read it and learn to check before facing trouble in the middle of riding.