Possible Causes of f150 Dash Lights not Working

Is your f150 dash light not working again? The main culprit behind this can be a broken or flickery dash light. However, there sometimes happens that different vehicles face different defamation on the dash, which can be fixed by resetting the dash light also.

Well, like some other car drivers, it might happen to you too when you turn on the car and find no light to dash. It might not be a notable issue at all. Sometimes, defective dash lights on the ford make it lose power.

Are you not sure about the reasons yet? Then, let’s make the chore easy and discuss the possible anchors. Find the symptoms that match yours.

Possible Reasons for Ford F150 dash lights not working?

If you didn’t find any substantial issues except the faulty dash lights, dashboard lights not working when headlights on, half of my dashboard lights are out etc. the maximum chances here would go for the ford F150 electrical problems in the fuse box.

Some major defective ford dashboard symbols are pretty similar to an average Chevy. If your dash lights are dim, stain may arise for the dimmer switch. Sometimes the dashboard ford warning lights meanings you may accidentally bump out the lashes. It’s just because the dimmer switch will control the brightness of your dash lights.

Check this listing of the possible causes for the ford f150 dash lights not working issues-

Reasons For Dash light Stop To WorkPossible Fixes To Try
faulty connector on connection loose in electrical control circuitcheck & secure the connection  
faulty dimmer light switchbypass the dimmer switch  
blown fusefins & replace the fuse  
Only the parts of the automated fascia is darkRe-place it
Lights get flickeryChange the battery
Instrument panel not workingremove the bad sensor

These 6 causes are the possible reasons that can lead the dashboard not working. Did you try to find out if your one is having any such problems or not? Check it now.

If you’ve some basic knowledge about the mechanical circuit diagram and can unclose the dashboard panel, then see whether there are any blown fuses or other issues.

Cannot find the fuses? You may find them out under the hood, under the dashboard, or near in the crankcase. If you still failed to find them, then search out the PDC panel.

Additionally, most of the car was designed with multiple fuse panels. PDC is the alternative name of the fuse. You will find the PDC (Power distribution center) panel in some vehicles with a black plastic lid over the top or side of the forum. (Varied in car models)

Similarly, two fuses lay behind the car, and these are systems #6,18 and the other accessories that rely on the parts. You need to test the fuse to pick the issues individually.

How to test the fuses? Before testing out the fuse, consider two aspects. As include,

First, find out the integrity of the fuse, which is subject to failure. Second, confirm the maximum electricity present inside it.

Now, turn out the ignition key of the engine without starting it to begin. Next, start to check for power at the fuse. Keep in mind that some fuses usually have no influence on either side for disuse when you’re testing something critical like that; best to turn them on the positions.

Once you succeed in finding the damaged one, remove them using the hand or a small (pliers). Thankfully, some circuit panel have automation systems for removal.

As we mentioned before, the darkest instrumental panel is another reason for a damaged ford dash light. Hence, the damaged ford dashboard symbols and meanings of your car might have blown a fuse. Replacing a new one and removing the old one may fix the problem.

 What fuse controls the dashboard gauges? You’ll find the fuse block in the instrumental panel, near the motorist side of the car. The fuses inside the storage compartment control the dashboard gauges.

Before consulting any of the experts, try once by resetting the dashboard. Who knows, it may be workable again.

How to reset the dashboard? In ford, you will easily find out the reset button on the right side of the dashboard. Then, click on the button and hold it for 20-30 seconds without leaving it.

Holding the button will work to turn on the ignition key without starting up the vehicle. Thus, you’ll be able to reset the dashboard and get back the lights again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which fuse is for the dashboard lights on F150?

You’ll find the fuses for the dashboard lights under the hood near the engine or trucked them. Again, we didn’t tell you the specific location of the fuses, as it relies on the manufacturer’s manual. It’s better if you get expert help if it’s complicated for you.

Why are all the lights on my dashboard flashing?

It often happens due to problems with the alternator. An alternator is the main component of recharging the battery and controls the running of all the electrical constituents in your car. If the alternator gets damaged or destroyed, it may not supply enough current to all the parts. For this reason, your vehicle’s dashboard is flashing or flickering.

How do you reset the dashboard on a ford f150?

First, find out the reset button on the dash. Additionally, you’ll be able to find the reset button on the right of the dashboard, as it’s the only button for the ford. Next, press the button and hold it. But do not leave it for a while. The reset button will allow the ignition key to turn on, but it didn’t turn on the vehicle. Now, turn on the dashboard again, and it’ll be reset.

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