F150 Compass Not Working- 4 Probable Reasons with Fix

Have you found out that when you are driving, your f150 compass not working? You may fall into this situation anytime or anywhere. Probably, it was because the truck had faced a blown fuse wire problem. When a circuit of a truck takes overload power to continue the internal working process, this problem may happen.

Maybe, the upper issue may not match up according to your truck’s compass problem. However, there might be another issue that stopped the compass from working correctly. So, would you ever notice any suddenly turning on/off problem with your compass when driving?

However, Ford sync compass calibration can be the main reason behind this. And you may go to another road for taking a wrong direction from the compass.

Can’t you catch the issue either? Then take a look below for knowing the informative discussion.

Why is Ford F150 Compass Not Working?

If you face only this problem of a 2010 ford f150 compass not working, then the maximum probability of happening is the blown fuse wire problem.

The following table shows you the reasons for your ford car compass not working and some possible solutions /fixes for these issues-

Reasons For F150 Compass Not WorkingPossible Fixes To Try
Blown fuse wireIf there is any blown fuse wire problem, you must replace the wire with a new one. Cause it puts excessive pressure on the circuit and might result in other issues.  
Compass not correctly calibrated.The recalibration process may reduce the error.  
Dimmer circuitsCheck the circuit of the dimmer switch. If the light went out, then replace the dimmer circuits or fix it.  
The magnetic effect from nearby metalThis issue is correct automatically after some regular drives. Moreover, keep aside the personal metal objects from the compass area.

If you are familiar with the circuit diagram of your truck, then check these below steps to find out whether you go through such issues or not.

So, let’s check it out-

Check whether there is any blown fuse wire problem or not. Check the fuse box to clarify this situation.

Would you want to know where the fuse box location is?

The fuse box area is beside the brake pedal. Move the brake pedal aside, and you might see the fuse box. You may also search the left side of the driver’s steering wheel to find the fuse box.

Find out the short to ground by hooking up a light tester. If the light tester turns off, then there is a blown fuse wire problem. So, replace it with a new one. But if the entire fuses are perfect, then maybe it is not the reason.

In this way, it happens that the compass may not show the right direction of your zone. Instead, it shows one zone though you are moving to another road. So, calibrate the compass for better performance.

For doing this action, press a pin inside the tiny hole of the compass module and hold it for a couple of seconds. This process will go to the “ZONE” option. After that, press the same button, and you will see the option “CAL” and then drive 3-4 times circularly. After that, complete the calibration process.

Magnetic effects are very general issues that face the truck driver. First, remove metallic objects like smartphones, watches, and keys away from the compass. Or, after some driving, it will be fixed automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you reset the compass on a ford f150?

After getting into the car, if you find any on/off errors and the compass not working, it probably needs a reset. It is the one thing that you can do before taking it to the dealership. For resetting it, press the “Set-up’’ button and scroll through the menu.
Then press on the “Reset for Calibration.” You will notice a signal of “CIRCLE SLOWLY to CALIBRATE” on the screen. Then drive slowly on a circular basis 3-4 times. Then it will say “CALIBRATION COMPLETED.”

How do I calibrate my Ford Sync GPS?

Sometimes, your Ford f150 truck’s GPS messes up and out of work. If you face this, click the “Navigation” button. Go down to the option “Navigation Prefs.” Touch on “Calibrate.” Set the driving position area of yours by pressing the “Position” option. Press the “Enter” option for saving the action. Then drive, and I think it directs you to your desired location.

What does it mean when your car says compass no response?

Probably it is because of your 15 amp fuse blown problem. It results in sunroof no work, windows no work, trunk lamp no work. If you have the truck manual book, then you can check it personally. Battery saver, interior lights, puddle lamps, power windows won’t work; if the 15A blown fuse problem arises.

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