Ford F150 Rear Defrost Not Working– You’re Missing the Common Reason

When you have taken out your truck today’s morning, you find that your Ford F150 Rear Defrost Not Working? The leading cause for this problem is the failure of any electrical component. 

However, many truckers face a common issue with their rear window that the power sensor prevents the rear defroster from coming on. But you will be able to fix it by replacing the blown-fuse or repairing the suddenly fallen circuit breaker. 

Well, like other truckers, you may also find that light will not illuminate or the heat will not work. But it is a minor and common problem for all. Sometimes, circuit breaking or power loss is responsible for this kind of issue. 

What is the actual reason? Are you still confused? Then let’s make you clear about the causes and the possible fixing thus you can solve this problem in the future. 

Why Ford F150 Rear Defrost Not Working?

If you find that your 2013 Ford F150 rear defrost light not working, then the a possible chance that your vehicle’s electrical circuit may have broken. 

But where is the fuse box? You can check the back compartment of your truck or go through the truck manual guide to locate the fuse box. 

Look over the possible reasons for not working the Ford F150 Rear Defrost – 

Causes For Defrost Not WorkingPossible Solutions You Can Try
Sudden falls of the rear windowReopening or closing works
No connection to the powerReplacing a rear window or bypassing the connection
Any break in the circuitCheck & fix the harness from the back of the passenger seat

These 3 causes are mainly responsible for not working your Ford rear defrost. Have you ever found such problems in your truck? Still not? Then check it immediately. 

If you are enough experienced of the electrical circuit, then try to reopen the fuse box. But, first, see whether any fuse is blown in the electrical panel. 

You will quickly identify the blown-fuse by seeing any burnt-out sign or smell related to burning. After adding the new one and placing it correctly, close the panel to solve your problem. 

On the other hand, power out or having no connection to the power can be the other reason for not working the Ford F150 rear defrost. If this issue is liable for your vehicle’s problem, try to replace the rear window to get the F150 rear to defrost the bypass connection. 

Who knows the rear window defrost is not working for the broken circuit? If this happens, your 2014 F150 rear defrost button won’t light up. So, before connecting the power, make sure you check the circuit breaker that is in the back of the passenger seat. 

How to fix the circuit breaker? First, mix with sticks and pads adhesively with the two parts of the silverpoint. You can take a container to make your job easy. Then try to fix the wiring. Perhaps it will need not more than 1 minute. 

But if you still deal with the same problem with your favorite Ford F150 rear window, you can contact your dealer and can go for a 2018 Ford F150 rear window defroster recall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Does the rear window defroster have a fuse?

Yes, it’s prevalent that your rear window defroster has a fuse. But if you don’t find it, you can check the user manual for the fuse location. As the fuse location is not the same for all the Ford F150 models, your vehicle may contain it on another side. 

What causes the rear defrost to stop working?

If your 2015 Ford F150 rear window defroster not working, properly switch on the ignition key first. Even you will see that the failure of the defroster fuse or any electrical wiring may stop the rear defrost. This problem mainly arises from the HVAC system. You can also find any cooling system failure to arise the vehicle’s rear window problem.

How much does it cost to fix a rear window defroster?

The blown-fuse is mainly the reason for not working the rear defrost, and replacing the fuse is also an easy task for the experts. But you have to pay about $15 to $30 for the new electrical equipment. At the same time, the labor may charge about $30 to $50 for doing the job. 

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