Ford F150 Display Screen Not Working – Possible Reasons with Solutions

Have you found that your Ford F150 Display Screen Not Working? The main reason for this issue is that the wiring of your vehicle may be faulty. However, many truck drivers find their Ford display dead sometimes. But this can be fixed by a new fuse.

Nevertheless, like others, you may also find that when you got in the truck in the morning, your Ford F150 radio display is not working. It may be a minor issue for your vehicle, and you need not be tensed about it. Often, the old fuse is responsible for blacking out your touch screen.

Are you still confused about the reasons and thinking about how to fix them? So, let’s clarify the possible causes and setting tricks thus you can solve your problem if you face such an issue.

Why Ford F150 Display Screen Not Working?

If you find only the display screen not working, then the possible chance is that the fuse got faulty.

But where you will get the fuse for Ford SYNC? Probably it is just behind the back compartment of your vehicle. If you do not find it there, you can take a look at the electrical plug panel.

Have a look over the possible causes and solutions for not responding to the Ford display issue –

Causes For Not WorkingSome Possible Solutions to Try
A blown fuseFinding the exact fuse & replace
Syncing freezeFactory reboot
Faulty wiringDisconnecting the battery and reconnect

The mentioned 3 causes could lead to your 2016 Ford F150 radio screen black or your 2018 Ford F150 display screen not working. Have you found any of the issues with your truck? Not yet? Then try to find out now.

You can find the plug panel to see the faulty fuse if you are already familiar with this kind of circuit fuse problem.

You will quickly identify the blown-fuse if you see any burnout sign to any connection. You may also get a burnt smell from the fuse box.

Again, syncing freeze is a common problem to cause the radio display not to work. Most of the truck drivers find the frozen screen while driving. It creates a significant problem to drive the truck.

But keep in mind, before replacing the burnt fuse, make sure you do a factory reboot once. Perhaps, these causes make you think, “Oh, my Ford touch screen frozen!”

But how to do a factory reboot? First, press the power button of the display screen for 3 or 4 seconds. Make sure you keep the forward skip pressed at the same time. After 3 or 4 seconds, you will see that the screen is turned off, and again it will turn on.

If you are still finding the same problem after doing all the above measured, faulty wiring may cause it. Hence, you can disconnect the battery and reconnect it to activate the Ford F150 display screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my F150 screen?

If you find your Ford touch screen not responding to touch, you have to reset your Ford F150 screen. First, you need to go to the ‘touch Settings’. Now tap the ‘touch System’. Then the System menu will appear on your screen. Lastly, tap the ‘Master Reset’ and ‘Yes’ to finish the process.

How do you unfreeze a Ford screen?

Answer: For a better solution to unfreeze your Ford screen, you should turn off the screen. To do so, press the forward skip with the power button. It will reboot your SYNC system and resolve the freezing problem.
If you find the same problem again, meet your dealer for a reflash and get rid of this issue.

Is there a fuse for Ford SYNC?

On the backside of the Ford vehicle that is the passenger compartment, you will get an electrical plug panel. Then pull out the white plug. You will see the Ford “SYNC” fuse inside the electrical box.

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