7 Best Duramax Lift Pump Reviews – Slaying Your Horsepower Game

Maybe the part is not a glamourous addition, but it certainly matters is a lot and probably falls under the most important element list when you want to think seriously about horsepower. To give your love for diesel efficacy a bit of rising, you need to consider finding a suitable lift pump that proves to be the unsung hero later on.

And to make that happen, we are here with 7 best Duramax lift pump models that are absolutely mind-blowing in terms of efficacy and pricing.

Best Duramax Lift Pump Reviews

Product’s Name Pressure Point Flow Rate Key Benefits Price
Airdog A6SPBC259 FuelLift Pumps 8-10 PSI 100 Gallons Per Hour 100 Gallons Per Hour Small And Light Outline Details On Amazon
Airdog A6SABC413 Fuel Lift Pumps 8 PSI 165 Gallons Per Hour Works Smoothly And Fast Details On Amazon
Fass Dmax-7002 Fuel Lift Pump 10 PSI Up To 70 GPH Reduce Fuel Consumption Details On Amazon
irdog R3SBD150 Raptor Lift Pump 15 PSI 150 Gallons Per Hour Fine Efficiency Details On Amazon
AirDog A4SPBC085 Lift Pump 8-10 PSI 100 Gallons Per Hour Increase Truck Acceleration Details On Amazon
Airdog R3SBD100 Raptor Lift Pump 14 PSI 100 Gallons Per Hour No Maintenance Needed Details On Amazon
Diesel DURA-Lift Electronic Fuel Pump 9-11.5 PSI 33 Gallons Per Hour No Heat Struggle Details On Amazon

Not to be hasty, but you need to get a quick understanding of the 7 recommendations we are talking about as soon as possible. Let’s not waste any moment and look into each review to get a better idea about these picks.

1. Airdog A6SPBC259 FuelLift Pumps– Give Your Truck Engine Smooth Operation with This One

Why Buy It
For the best Duramax lift pump reviews, Airdog brand stands on top to give your truck better performance. They are as well known for their smooth process to give smooth working.

This pump is designed for the 2001 to 2010 Chevy Duramax engine to fit. Also, it has advanced technology to avoid vapor, liquid, and water to touch its surfaces.

It on top prepared with a self-aligning motor to improve the fortitude system without special maintenance. With this feature, you can hope for the benefits of longer pumping life.

The lift pump also comes with pump shaft that helps to take electrical motor away from the fuel. In return, you don’t have to worry about the mishaps or damages.

On the whole, this lift pump comes with 2 Feed Gerotor Pump for better suctioning ability. It also results in good engine performance to work well on less energy and provide the up-to-the-mark score when comes to efficacy.


  • Easy to fit.
  • It helps the engine to perform quietly.
  • Great option for racing purposes.
  • It helps the truck to increase its horsepower.
  • Good customer service.


  • This product is designed to fit specific trucks.

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2. Airdog A6SABC413 Fuel Lift Pumps– Drive to Uphill without Losing Speed with This One

Why Buy It
Unlike other brands, the Airdog lift pumps come with the best Pump and Motor System. This pump also assures your engine is getting the good speed benefits even on the uphill roads.

The brand offers 30 days of awesome return benefits to find replacement. As they care for their buyer needs and comfort, the brand takes all responsibility with no additional costs.

It’s on top features good compatibility that matches well with the latest and 2015 6.6 L Duramax diesel. Plus, the lift pump is compatible with 2011 to 2016 Chevy LML Duramax.

With greater quality, this fuel pump helps your truck with longer injector life benefits. In return, you can enjoy up to 50,000 to 100,000 miles of injector life.

Overall, this lift pump comes with effectiveness and features for drivers who drive all-day. It also increases the throttle responses of a truck for better RPM.


  • The pump has good quality.
  • It has a small and compact design.
  • The pump comes with good instructions.
  • Good kit for ease of mount.
  • It has good air separation system.


  • For the quality, it’s expensive.

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3. Fass Dmax-7002 Fuel Lift Pump– Keep You Engine Away from Fuel Consumption with This One

Why Buy It
The Fass lift pump features great solution to excess petrol use for saving bucks. It also helps you with good mileage to perform well in the road without causing extra fuel spending.

This lift pump also helps your truck to perform well even when the gas is at the end. With this feature, your truck will run at high-powered performance by solving the low-pressure issues.

It also comes with amazing capability of flowing for up to 70 gallons per hour at 10 Psi. With this option, your truck engine will work smoother at standard speed.

On top, this lift pump reduces suited truck fuel supply strain to place upon the injector pump. It will in return give your truck the optimal driving control while in the uphill areas.

The Dmax-7002 pump features good installation and price to solve most fuel issues. It also protected by a warranty for buyers.


  • It has a decent price point.
  • Easy hookup option.
  • It improves engine horsepower.
  • This pump increases engine torque gains.
  • An effective solution for low fuel pressure.


  • The instruction guide isn’t clear.

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4. Airdog R3SBD150 Raptor Lift Pump– Stop Your Engine Loud Noise with This Option

Why Buy It
Do you want to give your truck a noise-free lift pump? If so, the Airdog R3SBD150 is the answer. It comes with good pumping power for your engine to run at no irksome sound.

This pump comes with good solution to engine exhaust emissions from bursting smoke. With this option, it’ll reduce the under pressure to get rid of toxic smokes of truck exhaust emissions.

It also helps engines to conquer the chances of losing power while operating at high altitudes. This thing as well helps your truck to perform well no matter what the state is.

The R3SBD150 model comes with dual feed Gerotor pump for increased torque power. This thing helps your truck to run at a higher suctioning performance.

On top of that, this lift pump is a great option for quality and smart features for lifelong. It also increases engine performance and endurance.


  • Great pump for every VP44 Cummins.
  • It helps to increase engine torque.
  • The pump improves gas mileage.
  • It comes at an economical price.
  • The installation process is effortless.


  • Only for the early Dodge trucks.

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5. AirDog A4SPBC085 Lift Pump– Enjoy Improved Engine Torque Output with This One

Why Buy It
The Airdog lift pump comes with great torque output to give your engine no friction or resistance issue. It also assures your engine to get rid of pumping power losses.

This lift pump as well comes with amazing fuel economy support to get rid of extra spending. With this option, you can ride without thinking of fuel at full speed.

In addition, the pump comes with amazing wet free surface with its protective seal. It helps the most to get rid of haze, drip or wet damages on the surface.

Unlike other pumps, this brand offers great flowing rate for up to 100 GPM at 8 Psi. It also helps your truck to go ahead without lowering its acceleration power.

For the most part, the lift pump comes with modified options and value for 2001-2010 Duramax Trucks. It also improves the truck’s throttle response to perform quickly.


  • It takes no drilling to install.
  • The pump increases truck performance.
  • It improves truck fuel consumption.
  • The throttle response is great.
  • It improves power curve of the truck.


  • Most people find customer service bad.

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6. Airdog R3SBD100 Raptor Lift Pump– Withstands Stable and Reliable Pressure with This One

Why Buy It
The Airdog R3SBD100 lift pump features stable and dependable pressure for up to 100 gallons per hour to flow.

This top-notch brand offers 4 years of assurance with a mailed-in warrant card benefit. Also, they include 1 year of a standard warrant to return if having trouble with defects in materials.

It also helps with amazing efficiency and endurance at low amperage motor. With this option, your truck is able to perform well even in the low power.

Besides, the lift pump is super simple to install with its self-aligning motor for less handling. You only need to follow the instruction guide to understand the whole science behind its system.

By and large, this lift pump is the right option for those who are more like racing fury. It’s right for 1998.5-2002 Dodge Cummins.


  • The brand offers 1 year of warranty.
  • It comes with good design.
  • The pump can impel for 14 Psi.
  • It has durable parts.
  • The pump boosts acceleration.


  • It needs hard work to install properly.

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7. Diesel DURA-Lift Electronic Fuel Pump– An Affordable and Practical Option for Your Engine

Why Buy It
The Diesel fuel pump comes with fine quality and features for novices to enjoy nothing but good. It comes at an affordable price so that you can enjoy it on your engine.

Made in the USA, this brand comes with universal design to fit in the most common style of pump. This thing helps the most to install in common trucks with no trouble.

It as well comes with 80-micron stainless steel filter to protect the fuel components. With this benefit, you don’t have to worry about the rust or corrosion issue.

This fuel lift pump needs 12 volts to regulate easily with less maintenance. It as well needs no drilling to install like a simple task.

Also, the lift pump comes with 4 hours of dry run that assures no heating, flow or pressure. It also rated for diesel fuel, gasoline, and fuel additives.


  • It’s compatible with biodiesel.
  • Comes at a sensible value to get.
  • Good option for a novice.
  • It can mount horizontally.
  • Great upgrade for 7.3 IDI diesel.


  • A few buyers find it good for short-time.

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Factors to Look for the Duramax Lift Pump

Picking the best lift pump for Duramax needs some concern to be satisfied. The following details will give you some simple yet effective tricks on getting the right one.

Decide on Its Expediency

A good lift pump should come with better handling design and easy to mount feature. You definitely don’t want a lift pump that gives hard works to install in the engine. So, go for the easy and convenient one.

Pick the Fuel Convenient One

If you are a busy driver who rides all day for work, it’s essential to select a fuel-efficient lift pump. It’ll support greatly to get your desired performance while riding without extra MPG. Thus, choose the petrol consumption lift pump.

The Durability Is Important

You should look for a durable lift pump for your engine to enjoy a longer service. Most brands offer strong constructive lift pumps that last longer. So, pick the durable one.

Go for the Reasonable Lift Pump

The price is more important to consider when picking a lift pump. Doing some research on the lift pump will give you ideas on its actual price. So, go for the reasonably priced lift pump.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is a lift pump?

Lift pump is simply a mechanical pump that shifts fuel to the engine’s injection system from the tank. All diesel comes with a lift pump to deliver the fuel. It raises the level of fuel through a given system.

Does a lift pump improve gas mileage?

Yes, they do help to increase MPG. A lift pump is a great way to improve your engine performance and diesel fuel efficiency by reducing air and water from the fuel. While driving on road, it helps the fuel to constantly go in motion without causing extra bucks.

How often should I change the lift pump?

Usually, lift pumps last for 15 years and then go for replacement. Depending on the type and quality, you can enjoy the lift pump for 20 years.  Perfect maintenance and daily pumping will keep your system operation for more years.


Looks like we are almost by the edge of ending today’s discussion. Hopefully, you have a better idea about the latest picks for the best Duramax lift pump. Choose any one from this list that goes the best with what you’re looking for.

These affordable and function-rich picks won’t make you regret, we assure. Good Luck!