Best Roof Rack For Jeep Grand Cherokee – 4 Premium Picks to Try

Traveling with a lot of luggage and belongings are often hard due to no ways of keeping everything in an orderly manner. However, that problem can be sorted once you decide to buy yourself a roof rack. This extremely convenient modification to your Jeep can literally change the way you look at carrying stuff along.

Today we have some of the best roof racks for jeep grand Cherokee that is worth your time and money. These picks are full of features that are necessary to enjoy a loaded ride with your dashing Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Best Roof Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Product’s Name Material Key Benefits Price
Brightlines Crossbars Roof Rack Aluminum Light And Flexible Details On Amazon
Thule Canyon XT Cargo Roof Rack
Tubular Fine Load Capacity Details On Amazon
Apex Black X-Large Steel Roof Cargo Rack Steel Good For Long-term Journey Details On Amazon
Mopar 82212072AD Removable Roof Rack
Doesn’t Make Noise Details On Amazon

It’s only fair to provide a complete breakdown for each of these recommendations that work best for Jeep Grand Cherokee. And this section is meant for that!

1. Brightlines Crossbars Roof Rack– Enjoy Good Space to Carry Load with This One

For the best roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is a great pick for users to achieve plenty of space to carry big loads. This roof rack on top makes sure you are holding 150lbs load capacity.

On top of that, the package comes with a good pair of Jeep Cherokee roof rack crossbars that allow users to carry things safely. It also makes sure your valuable stuff to be fitted in the right way with no-snag of drops.

Made of high-grade aluminum, this roof rack makes sure you are using them for a long-term period.  It also makes sure you are getting no trouble of peeling.

By and large, this roof rack is an ideal pick if you want reliable and easy to install options for your jeep. It is also worth giving a try for carrying bikes or other items along the long journey.


  • It is quite simple to set up.
  • This roof rack appears at a decent price point.
  • Great pick for 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  • The instruction is written well to understand.
  • It doesn’t make irritating sounds when driving.


  • The plastic part on the end feels fragile.

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2. Thule Canyon XT Cargo Roof Rack– Increase the Appearance of Your Car with This One

The Canyon XT basket is our favorite pick than other Jeep Grand Cherokee roof rack reviews for its charming looks. It also makes sure to improve your jeep appearance for making it brand new.

Unlike most brands, this roof rack comes with a wind fairing design that makes sure better airflow for your cargo to stay fresh. It also makes sure your jeep interior area to stay away from damages.

This roof rack on top is great for a good variety of vehicles with versatile mounting tools. Also, they are made in strong material for you to never fear falling or to lose your item.

In general, this roof rack is a great deal for anyone who wants a 20″ longer cargo space that allows gear to be easily accessible. You can try this out for getting robust tubular steel design.


  • It looks great and lasts for a good while.
  • The basket and mounting tools are built-in high quality.
  • It makes sure to carry loads safely.
  • Excellent sturdy roof rack for mid-sized cars.
  • The instruction is pretty clear to appreciate.


  • It needs pressure to fit the screws.

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3. Apex Black X-Large Steel Roof Cargo Rack– No Snag of Noise with This Vehicle Carrier

Another best Jeep Grand Cherokee roof rack from Apex brand comes with a slick translucent black wind fairing design to avoid noises. It also makes sure your loads are avoiding wind damages too.

But wait, that is not all. It on top comes with 4 U-bolts that are made of strong material and easy to escalate. The small 4 U-shape bolts make sure the perfect fit for you to ride with no worry.

It on top comes with a heavy-duty 1-inch steel frame with a black powder coat finish for users to use at ease. This thing as well as makes sure you are having no-snag with corrosion.

On the whole, this roof cargo rack is an excellent pick if you prefer one that adds your vehicle’s top storage area for carrying extra gear. It is also ideal for securing cargo with tie-down points.


  • This roof rack is simple to put together and install.
  • It is designed in a large space to put heavy stuff.
  • For the price, it is hard to beat.
  • The construction is very good.
  • It is light in weight.


  • Some people find the instruction unclear.

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4. Mopar 82212072AD Removable Roof Rack– Strongest Vehicle Carrier for Special Use

The finest roof rack systems for Jeep Grand Cherokee should have the strongest design for users to use occasionally just like the Mopar’s roof rack. It also appears with special utility bars.

This roof rack on top comes with removable cross rails that are 46 inches in length and 2.75 inches in width. It also makes sure you are tying your cargo in a good fit to avoid bumps affects.

Besides, this roof rack comes with easy to understand instruction guide that is written in simple English. It also makes sure you are installing with no help from experts.

Overall, this roof rack is a good pick if you desire lightweight and quality options for your 2011-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is worth trying out for lasting value.


  • It appears in a reasonable price point.
  • This roof rack is lightweight and good in quality.
  • It lasts for a longer period of time.
  • The brand given client service is helpful.
  • It is a perfect match for Jeep GC.


  • This roof rack makes noise.

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How to Decide the Best Roof Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

How to Decide the Best Roof Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

There should be some factors that will help you to find the perfect match that you are looking for specifically. Here are some thoughts you should care about on that note…


A roof rack must be able to handle a certain amount of load when used. And this amount is very important for you to check, depending on how much stuff you like to carry with you, the factor can be varying here. So, make sure you consider your frequent rides and the amount you usually carry meanwhile. Reflecting on that note, make a choice for a rack that ensures that load capacity.

Easy to Manage

A worthy roof rack should be able to provide a lightweight design that is easy to manage. And that should not be by the price of losing durability or sturdy material construction. Make sure you are looking at a roof rack to buy that will be able to provide you easy handling ability with its lightweight body and yet not compromise the durability factor by any means.

Safe Holding

Whatever you carry with yourself in the roof needs to stay stable and secure throughout the journey. Make sure the roof rack that you’ll be getting provides some protection to firmly hold your stuff in place anything that will cause your belongings or luggage fall down on the road while you are driving is probably a painful headache you don’t want to have by spending money.

Easy to Load & Unload

Go for a roof rack that makes loading and unloading stuff easier. Anything that will be a pain in these fields is going to bring you to regret later when you use it. A low-profile roof rack should work the best here. These types usually are capable of getting rid of any rattling as well. In some cases, they also help in better fuel mileage.

Simple Installation

A roof rack that takes your entire time for installation is not something very flexible and dependable in the long run. So, make sure you pick a roof rack type that will be easy to install and requires less time to do so.

How to Install Roof Rack?

To install in a safe way, you defiantly want to follow the right steps. Without wasting time, read down below to find out the proper installation process:

Place the Base Roof Rack onto Your Vehicle

Gather the roof rails by screwing in the crossbars and side trails. Next, put the base roof rack onto your vehicle. Before you eternally mount, go to the next step.

Fasten the Mounts

Attach the mounts onto your vehicle crossbars in your measured location. You want to start from the rear and working forward. Depending on the roof rack shape, check the mounting clamp attaches set up before starting the following step.

Escalate the Rack

When you successfully fasten the mounting camps in position, escalate the rack on your vehicle. Ensure that it looks in the center and doesn’t move or loosen after shaking.  Then, screw the other parts to finish the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are roof racks good to try out?

For most cars, the roof racks are worth getting to lift anything at ease. As they don’t need to be used daily, the roof racks last longer. They are also great for improving your vehicle looks while carrying heavy items above to get the job done.

Do I need crossbars for roof racks?

If you are going to carry big things in the roof racks, it’s good to get crossbars for fitting safely. Crossbars are a good way to carry things rightly to ride in the uneven ground with no fall-off. Yet, most roof racks come with crossbars to use.

How much roof rack cost?

The roof racks usually come at a $100 to $350 price point depending on the quality and features. Yet, some brand comes with quality roof racks at a low cost than usual.


Now you should have a complete idea about the best roof rack for jeep grand Cherokee. Decide for yourself by going through the different aspects that these roof racks come with. And by the end of the day, through right pondering and information, you’ll be able to get yourself a worth-the-money pick hopefully.