Best Short Antenna For F150 – Exploring 7 Fabulous Picks

Owning a ford truck makes you want to go for upgrades whenever there’s a performance increasing demand. And to make that happen, getting relatable and quality rich accessories is a must. Investing in the proper extra gear can really give the right look and feel to your vehicle. With the top-quality Ford trucks, adding stylish features can really enhance the overall value of the vehicle.

And with that being said, we’ll be discussing short antenna, one pro attachment for Ford trucks. There will be 7 recommendations for the best short antenna for f150. Keep anticipating!

Best Short Antenna For F15o

For first grab the list of 7 best short antenna for f150:

  1. AntennaMastsRus Short Antenna– Wear on Your Truck Even in All Weather***Popular
  2. CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna– Durable Option for Your Truck without Fades, Break and Chip***Recommended
  3. Rydonair Short Antenna– Mount in 1 Minute on Your Ford F-150 with This One***Overall Best
  4. VOFONO Short Antenna– Get Conductive Copper Core to Adjust the Size with This One
  5. Beneges Stubby Antenna– A Reliable Option for Your Ford Series Truck
  6. Espear Short Antenna– Stylish Screw-On Option for AM or FM Signal
  7. Votex Stubby Antenna– Get Black Coated Design Receiver with This One

Let’s not wait any more moment and jump right into what we have to offer for today’s recommendations. Go through each and every review below, hopefully, these will help you find your desired short antenna pick easily…

1. AntennaMastsRus Short Antenna– Wear on Your Truck Even in All Weather

Why Buy It
Looking for the best F150 antenna reviews? Let’s start with this. The AntennaMastsRus antenna features wash proof rubber construction to keep wear this even in the worst climate.

This brand offers full guarantee and warranty feature for up to 2 years from the day purchase. Plus, they assure good quality and features for their beloved customers to find replacement.

It also comes with tested and proven quality to give your truck good radio signal even at a distance. This thing makes sure you are having a steadfast and dependable antenna. It also assures you to be used in any weather conditions.

On top, it comes with 304 stainless steel thread which is made in Wisconsin for the simple installation. This thing helps the most to assure durability and long-lasting performance.

The short antenna has weak brass threading that snaps and bends to move perfectly. Plus, it assures your safety while driving in the road to not thinking about its flexibility.


  • Great replacement for the Ford series truck.
  • The installation process is buttery smooth.
  • It has a sturdy looking profile.
  • The short antenna reduces to whistle.
  • It has good flexibility and small size.


  • Most buyers don’t like its durability.

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2. CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna– Durable Option for Your Truck without Fades, Break and Chip

Why Buy It
Made in the USA, the CravenSpeed antenna is finished to last longer with all metal construction on the truck. It also assures security to stay tight on your truck without stealing or robbery.

This short antenna fits perfectly on those Ford series trucks that are from 1009 to 2021. On top of that, it’s compatible with XL and XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Raptor, Platinum and Limited. Besides, the antenna fits well on all types of trim levels of F-150.

Also, it comes with easy and stress-free behavior to install well for the first-timer. This thing as well comes with tool-free and no drilling benefits to fit with no help of expert mechanical.

US proud brand, this antenna comes with metal construction that machined out of billet aluminum and powder coated. It also has durable black textured finish to reduce oxidation.

In general, the short antenna comes with satisfied and easiest solution to your truck radio signal. It has perfect height for garage doors.


  • It has a good price point.
  • The antenna gives 95% clear AM radio.
  • It has a solid low-profile design.
  • The powder coating finish is great.
  • Simple yet effective package.


  • Too short to perform well.

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3. Rydonair Short Antenna– Mount in 1 Minute on Your Ford F-150 with This One

Why Buy It
The Rydonair antenna comes with a practical design that needs no extra effort to install well. It also keeps your truck to mount in 1 minute on the 2009 to 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor.

This antenna features 7 inches rubber construction to give your truck protection form-critical weather. It also gives you the smartest option to wear it for 4 seasons with no fear.

Besides, the antenna at the bottom comes with stud that is free from rust or corrosion. With this feature, you can easily shift the broadcasting singles to listen to a good quality radio sound.

On top of that, it comes with a full aluminum base body surface to get rid of break or ripping while outside. To avoid fracture, the antenna gives good running and strength than plastic.

Generally, the short antenna comes with optimized FM and AM reception with enough channels. It also has a carbon fiber column on the bottom offers stylish looks.


  • No extra tool or drilling requires installing.
  • It gives no worry on ripping off.
  • Comes with 2 years of replacement service.
  • It has great sound quality.
  • The antenna lasts longer.


  • Not suitable for the 2016 Ford F-250.

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4. VOFONO Short Antenna– Get Conductive Copper Core to Adjust the Size with This One

Why Buy It
The Vofono short antenna is made of Copper Core construction that makes it flexible. It also gives good fitment with different size options to get your adjustable and perfect range.

This short antenna comes with perfect replacement fit for all 2009 to 2019 Ford F-10 trucks. Also, it’s compatible with the factory base perfect looks on the suitable truck fitment.

It as well comes with premium metal and wrapped design to ensure resistance and durability. This thing also gives your flexible rubber design to never fade or break.

Besides, it is functioning and intender for giving the channels of either Am or FM radio system. Yet, it may not suitable for satellite radio, GPS system or other wireless connections.

By and large, the short antenna is designed for drivers who tend to learn current news or updates on radio. It takes less than 30 seconds to fit on the truck with no extra tools.


  • For the price, it’s hard to beat.
  • It has full waterproof surface to clean.
  • The antenna has firm fix to stop loosening.
  • It comes in good quality.
  • The product looks great on the truck.


  • Only comes with a couple of channels.

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5. Beneges Stubby Antenna– A Reliable Option for Your Ford Series Truck

Why Buy It
To get a reliable antenna, the Benegas brand is a dependable option for the Ford series. They offer good features and value for their adored buyers to get nothing but trustworthy quality.

This stubby antenna comes with perfect fitment that compatible with 1980 to 2019 Ford F150 & F-150 Raptor Truck. With this option, you can fit it to the given fitment if suits with your truck.

It is made of ABS that considers as top material that gives greater lasting value to serve longer. Also, this stubby antenna gives better weather ability to use it anywhere anytime.

The durable antenna as well comes with qualified manufacturer support with OEM specification fit. With this option, you can get one year of charge-free warranty to enjoy full replacement.

On the whole, the antenna comes with good durability and quality to enjoy performance for a long time. It also comes with good manufacturer process that qualified with the QC and QA.


  • Comes at a decent price point.
  • It lasts longer to dig into FM.
  • The short antenna is easy to install.
  • It’s small and fits tightly to save form theft.
  • Good quality and features.


  • The brand comes with horrible customer support.

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6. Espear Short Antenna– Stylish Screw-On Option for AM or FM Signal

Why Buy It
The Espear antenna comes with amazing screw-on option to give your truck either AM or FM signals. Also, it comes with enough channels to enjoy favorite radio shows in your truck.

With 6mm mounting bolt, the short antenna comes with great compact design to avoid rust issues. This thing also helps your truck to perform well even for a longer period of time.

It on top comes with 3 inches aluminum surface body construction to give you no worry about its lasting value. Plus, they assure you no extra spending on the repair or other resistance.

This antenna comes with no trouble of wire or other lines to simply fix it in your truck. In fact, it gives your truck the perfect replacement to simply screw-on in the fitment truck.

Also, this stubby antenna comes with functional low profile and strong construction design not to hit the garage door. This thing helps you to drive happily without thinking of the mishaps.


  • Made of good quality that assures performance.
  • Amazing sound vibration to listen clearly.
  • It looks cool on the truck.
  • The mounting bolt diameter is 6mm.
  • It has 3 different colors to choose from.


  • We find it hard to install.

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7. Votex Stubby Antenna– Get Black Coated Design Receiver with This One

Why Buy It
The Votex stubby antenna has unique features with black outside layer design to enjoy a stylish look. It also gives assurance to get rid of corrosion or rust issues on its surface.

This brand comes with 90 days of product support with full free return benefits over the phone. With the benefits, you can easily get the return benefits to find a replacement.

It as well comes with great set up options and designs to fit in the given fitment truck. Even though they don’t include an instruction manual, you can easily fit it by watching YouTube.

With German constructed steel thread, the stubby antenna comes with durable option for your truck. This thing helps prevent resistance or breakage with 85% more conductive than steel.

On the overall, this short antenna is perfect option for cost efficient and good sound quality. It’s also compatible with 2003 Silverado 2500 and the latest Ford F150 and F250 trucks.


  • The brand offers good customer service.
  • It’s designed for AM or FM brands.
  • Great fit for 2017 Dodge Ram 3500.
  • This antenna is shorter and very durable.
  • Good price for the quality.


  • This product doesn’t come with instruction manual.

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Few Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Replacement Antenna for F150

Finding the best short antenna for F150 needs some concern to consider. The price, features, and durability are the common aspects to check. Read down below to catch the further details:

Good Price Point

Depending on the price, you should pick short antennas for your truck. Getting the best short antenna for f150 needs good quality and features at a decent price. Don’t decide based on the low budget instead of that take time and pick the reliable one.

Look for the Compact Design

A good short antenna always comes with a solid design to avoid the troubles. It should come with washable outline, anti-rust surface and strength during use. This thing will benefit you with no extra costs.

Check the Durability and Fitment

You should pick a durable short antenna among the right fitment. A strong and decent thread made of stainless steel or metal is highly appreciated. Besides, the short antenna should include good fitments to go with your truck.

Ease of Usage

If you’re a busy driver, then ensure to look for the practical short antenna. For sure, you don’t want to waste extra time on installation or using on your Ford F-150. So, it’s better to come with ease of handling.

Customer Support is Important

Before choosing a short antenna, you should pick one based on its buyer service. So, make sure to go for a short antenna with warranty and customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install a short antenna?

To install a short antenna, you need to follow some steps. Start by reading the instruction manual before the installment. As a simple rule, remove the old antenna by your hand. Then, screw your new antenna by hand. And then, you’re all done.

How to find the right size?

Based on your truck fitment, you can get an accurate size on most brands. No matter which brand you prefer it should be okay less than 6 inches. It’s better to focus on the size more than other features.

Why I need a short antenna?

Well, a short antenna is basically important for all indoor and outdoor environments to get rid of the magnetic energy of radio waves. It helps to give radiating functions on the car than a wavelength for operating frequency. Also, this thing carries signals through the air.

Which one is better a shorter or longer antenna?

The answer is both sizes are good in different situations. Even big size does matter in most case, yet larger one isn’t always working out well. Depending on the truck requirement, you should get the larger or shorter antenna to work out well.


Those who want to stylize and customize their precious vehicle should be a step ahead when it comes to picking the most suitable and best short antenna for f150. There are plenty of choices in the market these days, but not all will be the right worth of your money and time. So before making this important decision, be sure to research a lot and know better.