5 Best Oil For BMW 328i And 335i With Full Review

Keeping your vehicle running smooth and safe without the fear of any future collapse is definitely a priority wish and also concern most owners have. Your BMW will feel extra safe to ride and super smooth to the street once you decide to invest in a good grade oil for it.

Of course, there are tons of options available these days, but not any regular type can be called the top quality Oil for BMW 328i and 335i. Yes, we are targeting the 328i & 335i specifically since these are super popular.

By the way, here’s the list of 5 best oil for bmw 328i and 335i:

  1. Castrol 06249 EDGE Motor Oil– Advanced Option to Make Your Engine like a New One***Top Picks
  2. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil– Stop Your BMW 328i Engine Undue Fuel Spend with This One***Popular
  3. Mobil 1 120764 Motor Oil– Increase Wear Protection of Your Engine with This One
  4. Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC Motor Oil– Leave Your Engine Parts 4X Smoother with This One
  5. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil– Never Experience Loss of Power with This Option

Best Oil for BMW 328i and 335i

Product’s Name Change Time Key Benefits Price
Castrol 06249 EDGE Motor Oil 5000 Miles Increase Engine Working Details On Amazon
Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 7500 Miles Reduce Noise Issue Details On Amazon
Mobil 1 120764 Motor Oil 10000 Miles Increase Engine Startups Details On Amazon
Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC Motor Oil 5000 Miles Light In Weight Details On Amazon
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil 9000 Miles Lubricates Engine Deeply Details On Amazon

Here are complete views from us about 5 top choices from the recent market…

1. Castrol 06249 EDGE Motor Oil– Advanced Option to Make Your Engine like a New One

Why It's Best
Castrol motor oil is considered as the best oil for BMW 328i for its titanium-based technology to ensure performance. It also helps your truck to increase strength to work like a new one.

This motor oil as well helps engine to work or behave better under pressure. With this option, your car engine can work decently underneath less than 10 tons per square centimeter.

It also considers one of the best oil for BMW 335i engine oil which is suggested by leading car manufacturers. As it is fully synthetic oil, it helps most cars to get better riding ability on the road.

Besides, it helps your truck engine to get rid of friction issues while riding in bumpy roads. This thing helps when metal to metal contact increase to stop the trouble of resistance.

This motor oil is a great deal for those who want good engine performance and strength. It also gives better control protection against wear and tear issues.


  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The motor oil helps to increase CAFE.
  • It helps engine to work like butter.
  • The motor oil helps to ensure performance.
  • It helps engine to work quietly.


  • We don’t like its bottle design.

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2. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil– Stop Your BMW 328i Engine Undue Fuel Spend with This One

Why It's Best
Valvoline full synthetic oil for BMW 328i features saving both money and fuel while riding longer. It also helps your engine to perform faster with no need of much fuel support.

This synthetic oil also has simple design that takes no effort to hold or carry. With this option, you can easily put oil on your truck engine without feeling heavy on hand.

It as well features excellent engine cleanliness through sludge and varnish protection. This thing helps a lot to make sure your engine never has the snag of peeling off issues or metal marks.

On top of it, it comes with high and low temperature guard to ensure your engine performs well at any weather. It also gives faster oil flow in cold and cooling sensations in hot weather.

In general, it’s a decent option for you if in need of convenient and good value synthetic oil. The motor oil also fights heat, wear and deposit troubles.


  • Great oil for the price.
  • It helps to reduce rust issues on engine parts.
  • The motor oil is easy to carry.
  • It helps the truck to perform well.
  • Unlike other brands, it reduces engine drag.


  • The brand offers no warrant option.

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3. Mobil 1 120764 Motor Oil– Increase Wear Protection of Your Engine with This One

Why It's Best
Mobil 1 brand offers optimal motor oil that helps engine parts with care for protecting its wear. Also, it makes sure your truck engine never faces the trouble of rust or oxidation.

This motor oil comes with advanced full synthetic formula that makes sure your engine is working deeper. It as well helps to stop deposits and sludge build-up to enable long engine life.

Also, it comes with excellent consistency that helps your engine to stay stable against thermal and oxidation. This thing on top helps your truck to perform for many driving styles.

Not only that, it also helps engine to work well while riding on uneven roads. This option helps you to run faster without feeling the trouble of low power in road imperfection.

On the whole, it’s an ideal option who wants their engine to have excellent capability and extended life. The motor oil also enhanced frictional properties to avoid wear trouble.


  • It’s suitable for SUVs, light vans and trucks.
  • The motor oil has viscosity control.
  • It helps to reduce engine stress.
  • The product gives engine protection and cleaning.
  • One bottle lasts longer to extend engine life.


  • It’s hard to view for learning how much is left.

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4. Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC Motor Oil– Leave Your Engine Parts 4X Smoother with This One

Why It's Best
For the best oil for 335i engine, Castrol 03057 features smart consistency that helps the truck to run at 4X speed. It also helps your engine to get the job done smoothly like butter.

This 5W30 oil for 335i engine offers IVA wear test certification to make sure no trouble of rust. With this option, you can ensure better lubrication with no trouble of engine wear.

It also comes with meet terms such as API SN Plus, ILSAC GF-5, and GM dexos1 Gen 2 truck engines. Not only that, it’s also right for Ford WSS-M2C929-A and WSS-M2C946-B1 truck engines.

This oil helps trucks to be ready for any driving conditions from heavy to short trips. With this option, you don’t have to worry about lubrication or performance for going on tour.

Generally speaking, it’s a perfect pick for those who prefer instant protection and reduction of engine wear. It also makes sure no irksome sound while the engine is being operative.


  • The price is decent compared to other oils.
  • It gives a noticeable performance of the engine.
  • The oil doesn’t burn off fast.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • The oil gives engine good acceleration.


  • It may leak if holding horizontally.

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5. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Motor Oil– Never Experience Loss of Power with This Option

Why It's Best
Pennzoil motor oil features better viscosity control that helps the truck to never lose power. It as well makes sure you are getting the finest driving experience with no trouble of friction.

The oil choice provides really fine viscosity within lower temperature situations. So, you can enjoy maximum efficacy by using it. Also due to the viscosity efficiency, you can enjoy better results with the engine since there will be less effort needed for pumping in temperatures.

The quality of oil also helps to keep your engine’s condition going well for years. It provides the right needs to keep protecting engine from any sort of power loss.

The oil also has a great power to keep low-temperature oil flow within means. It provides a good flow that helps in protection from extreme heat.

With certifications and assurance, there’s no doubt about its quality and performance. Within the price point, it surely serves better results on keeping the engine health in great condition.


  • It helps to increase engine working.
  • The motor oil is SN and GF-5 certified.
  • It lasts for longer period of time.
  • Quality product at a great price.
  • It helps old cars to perform better.


  • Most buyers find it more expensive than others.

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What to Look for Getting the Top Quality Oil for BMW?

What to Look for Getting the Top Quality Oil for BMW

Finding the right oil for your BMW truck needs some concerns to take care of. It’s better for a starter to do enough research and think of the quality, price, and features for getting the best in both worlds. To find out more here are some considerations.

Pick One That Increase Engines Performance

Good oil for your BMW should help to improve engine performance and efficiency. It’s better to help your truck engine to get rid of common failures. Also, the chosen oil should lessen the friction by increasing horsepower and the life of engines. For that reason, you should go with truck oil that helps to fight common issues to increase engine workings.

Check Wear Protection of the Oil

You should pick truck oil that helps to reduce the chances of damages and wear. On top, it should give better protection against the wear issues without being dirty. As oil is the lifeblood of engine to work better, so it’s better to give ultra-protection against corrosion. So, make sure to look for truck oil that not only keeps your engine clean but also saves money and stress.

Go with Convenient One to Use Easily

As truck oil is a regular usage thing, it should come at simple design to use at ease. Depending on its top section and cap, you should go with a simple to carry design that takes a few seconds to lubricate. So, make sure to note that before going to the market.

Decide on Its Cold Weather Performance

If you are a busy driver who tends to drive daily, it’s better to pick truck oil that can perform well in any weather type. Especially, the performance of a truck engine slows down in cold areas. So, you should go with truck oil that is able to fight the cold and heat weather without sacrificing performance.

Good Price Point

You should go with decently priced truck oil that has good quality to increase engine performance. It’s obvious that higher valued products serve the best quality while the cheap one just saves your money. For that, you should look for oil that seriously takes care of your car engine. So, make sure to work harder to prepare a balanced budget before picking truck oil.

Choose the Fuel Efficient One

For busy drivers, it’s quite essential to look for truck oil that helps to save gas mileage. This thing is a nightmare for workers who tend to drive almost every day that takes more spend. For that reason, you should go with truck oil that can help your engine to perform at high speed without spending more fuel.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How can I change the oil on my BMW?

To change your BMW oil, you need to do it in the right way. Starting by opening the hood, remove the oil cap. And then, add oils depending on how much it needs. After that, replace cap and shut down the oil fill cap.

How much changing oil costs on a BMW?

Basically, the price of a BMW 328i or 335i oil may vary between $149 to $174 dollars on average. Labor costs are expected between $44 to $60 dollars. Yet, the parts of BMW oil may cost up to $105 to $117 dollars.

What does 5W-40 mean?

In the 5W-40, the W indicates the thickness of oils at cold start temperatures. In fact, the lower the number describes the thinner the oil in cold temperature. So, 50W-40 indicates 5 weight oil at low temperature while it behaves like a 40 weight.

Does mixing oils help BMW engine performance?

It’s not a good idea to mix two types of oil for increasing engine efficiency. It can also harm your engine if using regular oil with engine oil.  Instead, use 5W30 mixed with 5W40 to not harm your engine.


And on that note, we are almost by the end of today’s writing. Hopefully, you have a better idea about getting the best oil for BMW 328i and 335i. make sure you spend decent time and money to get only quality oil for your precious vehicle. And then, there will be no obstruction to keep it driving smooth and fast.

Good Luck with That!