Best Rims For Tundra – Top 7 Picks To Discover This Year

Rims replacement or upgradations can give your car an instant boost of look that makes it even more sleek and stylish. And so, you must think about all the necessary parts to get yourself the finest option available.

No doubt there are quite a few options that make it super confusing to get one. And that’s why it would be a bit relieving if you can manage to have a preprocessed list.

However, here’s the shortlist of 7 best rims for tundra:

  1. American Racing AR172 Wheel– Give Your Truck Influenced***Most  Popular
  2. RTX Steel Rim 17X7 Wheel– Increase Your Truck Acceleration with This One***Overall Best
  3. ION Alloy 171 Polished Wheel– Create Perfect Look for Your SUVs
  4. Helo HE878 Wheel– Budget-Friendly Option for Your Light Trucks
  5. RTX Steel Rim 16X7 Wheel– Fit Most Applicator Fitment with This One
  6. Motegi Racing MR118 Wheel– Enjoy Good Quality Option No Trouble of Rust
  7. FUEL Assault BL-Gloss Wheel– Tough Choice to Beat the Hardest Loads

Best Rims For Toyota Tundra

Product’s Name Material Load Index
Key Benefits Price
American Racing AR172 Wheel Aluminum 2800 LBS Stop Dirt And Dust To Contact Details On Amazon
RTX Steel Rim 17X7 Wheel Steel 1400 LBS Improve Riding Pace Details On Amazon
ION Alloy 171 Polished Wheel Polished Aluminum 3300 LBS Reduce Vibration And Shock Details On Amazon
Helo HE878 Wheel Black Aluminum 2200 LBS Reliable And Supportive Details On Amazon
RTX Steel Rim 16X7 Wheel Alloy Steel 1400 LBS Increase Traction And Grip Details On Amazon
Motegi Racing MR118 Wheel Cast Aluminum 1580 LBS Easy To Fit Details On Amazon
FUEL Assault BL-Gloss Wheel Alloy Steel 2500 LBS Fine For Uneven Roads Details On Amazon

Here are the complete reviews for every 7 picks that we managed to get for you by researching and testing through tons of user reviews and life experience.

1. American Racing AR172 Wheel– Give Your Truck Influenced Handling with This One

Why Buy It
For the best wheel for Toyota Tundra, the AR172 wheel is a decent option. It comes with black exterior finish that gives your truck to handle well for simple missions.

This wheel also comes with a center cap that helps to cover the central portion of the wheel. Besides, it helps grim and mud to keep away from the spindle nut and wheel components.

In addition, the brand offers one year of quality assurance to get nothing but perfection. They as well make sure to give full free replacement with restore benefits.

It also comes with SAE certified parts to be confident while driving truck wearing this. On top, this wheel gives full safety assurance to get rid of accidents in your truck.

On the whole, the wheel is an ideal option for those who prefer better speed to drive well. It also has 149 Mph speed rating.


  • It appears with no issue of cleaning.
  • The finish of the rim is durable.
  • It has thick design yet feels light in weight.
  • Great option for E150 tires.
  • The customer service is good.


  • Some buyers find the hub bolt fragile.

Available On Amazon

2. RTX Steel Rim 17X7 Wheel– Increase Your Truck Acceleration with This One

Why Buy It
The RTX brand comes with unique features that fit perfectly on most truck types. It also helps your truck to improve the speeding ability for better acceleration on road.

This steel rim on top comes with 6-139.7 bolt patterns that help wheel to fit tightly on your truck. Also, it comes with 6 lugs to fit in your own manner.

On top of that, the rim features 106 core bore to minimize vibration for no annoyance of driving. It also makes sure you are having no irritation to drive on bumpy roads.

Besides, the rim fits perfectly on 07 FJ cruisers, Toyota Tundra, SUVs and light trucks. It also has four rims that suit well on most truck types.

Overall, this steel rim is a decent replacement for those who want durability and convenience. It also has classy black finish that gives your truck perfect looks.


  • It comes at a sensible price.
  • One of the finest options for snow tires.
  • Good fit for the 07 FJ cruisers.
  • The aftermarket wheels are tested and approved.
  • It has reliable quality.


  • Most buyers don’t like their customer service.

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3. ION Alloy 171 Polished Wheel– Create Perfect Look for Your SUVs

Why Buy It
With the polished design, the ION wheel makes sure to give good looks for SUVs. Also, it delivers reliable performance to perform well on your truck with charming look.

This wheel as well comes with string and timeless designs that make it durable. With this option, you can use it on your truck without having quality issues or peeling finish.

Want to know the best part? This steel rim is made strongly that helps your truck to perform well without making noise. Also, it supports your tire to run with no trouble of performance.

It on top comes with 139.7 millimeters pitch circle diameter so that your truck can find more power on bumpy roads. Also, the rim has 8 holes to fit bolts while installing in your truck.

If you want a good design and better performing wheel, then it’s a good alternative. It also fits well on Jeep and SUVs.


  • Decent option for Jeep and Ram 1500 tires
  • It has perfect fitment to suits well.
  • The rim has a good price point.
  • It appears with protected design no dents.
  • Easy to install.


  • We find it should improve the quality.

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4. Helo HE878 Wheel– Budget Friendly Option for Your Light Trucks

Why Buy It
Looking for affordable Tundra rim reviews? If so, let’s get into it. The Helo He878 wheel comes with a reasonable price with 1 year of warranty against peeling quality issues.

It also comes with good compatibility for passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs. With this option, you are able to give your truck the finest rim to drive better.

The Helo brand offers 4 different color options to choose your matching rim for the truck. Yet, we find the satin black finish color awesome for most truck types.

Also, this wheel comes with SAEJ2530 JWL-T VIA certified quality that ensures full safety and performance. It as well makes sure you are getting optimal quality with no rust issues.

By and large, the HE878 wheel has good quality, features, and warranty for most types of trucks. On top of that, it comes at a sensible price.


  • It comes with 1 year of warranty.
  • For the price, it’s hard to beat.
  • Quality finishes and built for lifelong pleasure.
  • It needs no effort to fit.
  • The client service gives good advice.


  • A few buyers find it hard to clean.

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5. RTX Steel Rim 16X7 Wheel– Fit Most Applicator Fitment with This One

Why Buy It
Another mention of RTX brand that offers precise fitment for buyers to fit most trucks. It as well needs no extra effort of drilling to install in your truck.

This all steel rim comes with 30 plus positive offset to give more flushes for an aggressive look. With this option, your truck looks stunning with a rough look.

It as well comes with 1400 lbs. of load rating to makes sure your truck performs well.  This thing also helps your truck to carry more weight without affecting the wheels.

What’s more? This rim comes with simple to clean benefits for its good design. With this feature, you can easily clean the wheel with a little swatch to get rid of the mud.

In general, it is a good option for you if needed quality tested rims that fit most trucks. The package also comes with 4 pieces.


  • The brand offers good customer support.
  • Great bare bone rim for this price.
  • The rim comes with good design.
  • It takes no effort to clean well.
  • Perfect fitment for 2018 Tacoma.


  • The package doesn’t include hub.

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6. Motegi Racing MR118 Wheel– Enjoy Good Quality Option No Trouble of Rust

Why Buy It
The Motegi Racing MR118 wheels tend to focus on giving better quality to enjoy best in both worlds. And, it makes sure you are having no issue of rusting or corrosion for lasting value.

With optimal technical racing teams, Motegi Racing brand offers nothing but good. They carefully tested every part to ensure their buyers are getting the quality for safe driving.

This wheel also comes with 5 bolt holes to insert the lug bolts while installing in your truck. However, the package doesn’t come with lug bolts that need to buy separately.

It also comes with matte black painted finish that gives the finest look to match with your Tundra, Jeep or other trucks. On top, it allows you to never feel fear while driving outside.

Generally speaking, this steel rim has warranty, corrosion-free design, and smart features for your truck. It’s a decent option for lifelong support.


  • The rim has an affordable value.
  • It has good fitment to install well.
  • The paint finish is thick, strong and smooth.
  • It performs well in all seasons.
  • The center cap fits perfectly.


  • The brand offers no details to contact.

Available On Amazon

7. FUEL Assault BL-Gloss Wheel– Tough Choice to Beat the Hardest Loads

Why Buy It
The Fuel Assault BL-Gloss wheel comes with tough construction to carry 2500 lbs. heavyweights at ease. It on top ensures you are having no trouble while riding on road imperfection.

This wheel as well has conical design that fits on common vehicles such as SUVs, light trucks and Tundra. It’s compatible with Ford series and Jeep as well.

Also, it comes with 20 inches for Tundra rim sizes with 9 inches of width. No doubts about its handiness as you just need to watch videos to install it at home.

On top, this steel rim comes with good quality that increases your truck security for avoiding accidents. It also makes sure you are having no trouble with stony and uneven roads.

For those who want durability and better capability rims, it’s a good option. This rim also helps to increase truck speed to run well.


  • It has amazing design to make trucks look cool.
  • Great alternative for the 2017 jeep wrangler.
  • The brand offers helpful customer support.
  • Effortless to set up.
  • It also improves truck speed.


  • One drawback is its expensive price.

Available On Amazon

What to Look For The Rims for Toyota Tundra?

Before going to choose rims for your truck, you should consider some things. You also need to do enough research on the chosen product to learn everything. Read down below to find out the best rims for Toyota Tundra.

Inspect Chosen Rims Quality

A good quality product gives better stability and lifelong support. The same thing goes when choosing rims for your Tundra. In view of that, check if it comes with certified quality standard rims that are tested.

Look for the Convenient One

Another thing to think of before picking rims is its ease of use. You don’t want to invest on rims that give hard times while installing in your Toyota Tundra. For that reason, pick the friendly rims to install at ease.

Go with Multi Fitment Rims

You should always pick rims that fit with your truck model. Most brands offer larger fitments for Tundra, Jeep, SUVs. So, look for rims that have multi-fitment.

Check its Warranty Features

If you want the best rims for Tundra, make sure to look for warrant benefits. Nearly all brands give 12 months of assurance against peeling or lifting issues of finish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Chevy rims fit tundra?

Most Chevy rims are designed to fit in common vehicles such as tundra. Yet, you should beware of the center hub that sometimes won’t fit on the tundra trucks. By and large, aftermarket wheels and rims are standard to fit in all trucks.

Is it possible to change my bolt pattern?

Yes, still need hard work. To change bolt pattern, look for a wheel adapter that helps to convert on your car. Then, release the lugs which grasp car wheels on. The install the adapter on the vehicle hub and fit the bolts.

Can I drill extra holes on rims?

As most rims are made of solid materials, so it’s fine to drill 4 more holes. You just need to inspect if the rim has cracked surfaces before drilling. Also, try to drill the center to the existing holes for equal load bearings.


And that was our top 7 picks on best rims for tundra. Hopefully, you’ll meet your future rim from this list through a bit of eyeing and observing. Once you get the perfect rim replacement, there’s nothing for you to wait. Just make sure you are picking something suitable for your car’s wellbeing and requirement. And that would be enough.

You can replace the rim and go for a long drive with the assurance of a smooth ride.