Few Important Things You Must Know About Air Bag Lowering Kit for Dodge Ram

Modern cars or trucks nowadays are having an advanced type of airbags on their vehicles. These airbags help to sustain the extra load of the vehicles and save them from getting a road crash.

People also like the airbags to have more comfort in riding whatever the road’s condition is. But when it comes to Dodge Ram, we sometimes fall in a fix, which will be the perfect one or which one to choose for installing them.

So, in this article, we are going to clear out all the issues related to the airbag lowering kit for Dodge Ram. So, read it now!

Air bag Lowering Kit For Dodge Ram

Most of the time, while installing an airbag, we need quite a good number of tools. For Dodge Ram, many companies provide such kits combination set. When you are going to select the airbag kit, you must have explicit knowledge of suspension kits that needed.

Major Airbag Suspension Kits

In an airbag lowering kit, you will find some tools used for a different purpose. Some significant parts of them are airbag, air cylinders, air shocks, air struts, air tanks, brackets, filters, towing etc.let us know about their working purposes.

  • Airbag– Airbags are rubber sac. It is also called springs. It does sustain the vehicle’s weight and pressures.
  • Chassis– It mainly holds the vehicle cab. The sizes of chassis and position affect the airbag positioning.
  • Air Shock– it is used to absorb and eliminate the extra energy creating by the road shocks.
  • Struts– It shifts the unbalanced movement of the wheels and stabilizes the vehicle.
  • Spring– it does the work of removing unwanted bounce. If you are driving on rough roads, this kit will help reducing discomforts created by that bouncing.

So, these are the primary level airbag suspension kit. There are many more according to the user’s demand for comforts.

Top 5 Airbag Kits You Can have

Let’s check out the top 5 airbag lowering kits ideal for Dodge Ram.

1. Air Lift 57215– Easily Manageable Kit

This kit comes with so many tools that can provide such comfort in driving you can’t imagine.  It removes any rough driving and improves a comfortable use of the steering and the time of braking.

It’s easily installable and manageable. It can align up to 5000 pounds. But the best of it is it is much durable, and the pumping system is straightforward.

2. Air Lift 60769– Spring Fitted Vertical Airbag Kit

It needs no drilling. The air is adjustable to custom tuning. It comes with both front and back kits.

This kit helps in eliminating any vehicle rolling, creeper impact, getting pigmy for added load and rough driving, etc. it’s set up quality is much higher and can balance up to 1000 lbs loads.

3. Air Lift 57295– Quick Installing Back Spring Kit

This airbag kit is the perfect one for the Dodge Ram. It’s a highly recommended one for Ram users. You can install it within 2 hours with simple tools.

It helps with proper night time driving, rough driving, suspension elimination, and removes porpoising for heavy load and provides a safe and more relaxed driving.

4. Air Lift 88365– The Eventual Airbag Kit

It is the ultimate one with 5000 lbs load lifting capacity. It can absorb any road shock and has the efficiency of eliminating sudden bouncing. It’s the perfect one for Dodge Ram 1500.

Its installation is much more comfortable, and you can install it with the provided tools along with instructions. It gives a stressless, comfortable, and safe driving.

5. Air Lift 57275– Easily Fitted Airbag Kit

This airbag suspension kit is entirely customizable. And this one is the perfect one for Ram 2500 HD and 3500.

It perfectly balances the vehicle from being towing or tugging. Again it also provides the fullest safe riding with two airbags. Moreover, this kit comes with an exclusive offer of 60 days trial and pleasing facility. If you are not pleased, then you can return it.

Benefits Of Airbag Lowering Kit

Using an airbag lowering kit for Dodge Ram provides hundreds of benefits.

  • It will help in driving with full safety
  • Most pleasant riding effect
  • Declines sudden unwanted bounce of the vehicles
  • Removes any bending or towing of the vehicle
  • Balance the vehicles from getting tilted
  • Reduces the tugging for extra loads

Handicaps You Need to Keep in Mind

Well, besides so many benefits, these airbag kits have some cons you need to know. These can’t be referred to as cons also. It is just some considerations you need to keep in mind before you go for having one. These kits

  • Tend to be expensive enough- so, be sure before choosing if your pocket is ready for the budget.
  • Need a lot of maintenance- as these kits are likely becoming less durable. So, it needs many maintenances for longer-lasting facts.

Things  To Consider Before Buying Air Bag Lowering Kits

Before going to buy an airbag lowering kit for your Dodge ram,  consider these following thing

Load & Pressure capacity

Check the load capacity and the maximum pressure that the airbag kit can uplift according to your usual loads.

Airbags Quantity

Be sure if you need a duel airbag or single one having only one air spring. It much depends on how much load your truck or van has to carry usually.


As the airbag kit seems to be a little bit expensive, so be sure of your budget before going to buy.

Proper Maintenance

The airbag suspension kit needs much patronage. So, make sure if you can provide adequate maintenance to your kits; otherwise, all your expenditure will go in the vein within a few days.

Final Words

The article is sufficiently concerned with the airbag lowering kit for Dodge Ram. Before choosing the airbag kit, one must have a clear idea of the equipment and its applications. Read it and get all your solutions regarding the airbag suspension kit.