Know The 4 Methods on How to Drain Dodge Fuel Tank

To Fill a gas tank is known to all of us, but draining a fuel tank, it seems a little offbeat.

Most of the time, people may make mistakes in filling a petrol tank with diesel or fill an oil tank with gas, or many need to mend or change the fuel tank or going to sell the vehicle and so need to vacant the tank. Even in case, in the middle of the road, you need to fill your tank from others.

So, all these facts need a draining process. But draining a tank seems like making the impossible one into possible sometimes.

Howsoever, we have gathered here all the possible ways about how to drain the Dodge fuel tank. And tellingly, these ways are also applicable to other vehicles. And you can do them without others’ assistance.

If you want to know, then read it further.

How to Drain Dodge Fuel Tank

Here, we will be going to show you four methods of draining the fuel tank. Let’s get started.

Method 1: Running the Engine

If you think you have to drain a little amount of fuel, then this method is going to work for you. Sometimes, it happens like your tank got some gas or air, and you need to drain them out. Or, your tank has remained with a little amount of oil inside, and you need to soak out thoroughly.

In these cases, you can apply this method.

What you have to do is-

  • Start the engine and let it have a little warmth
  • Keep your truck in gear if it’s auto
  • Remain on the brake pedal and apply the choke until you can see the wheel is turning.
  • Repeat doing the same until the engine gets run out of the fuel.

In this way, you can drain out the gas, or your fuel tank will be empty in no time. But remember, if the tank has too many fuels then, don’t try this method. It will rather waste fuel and may damage the engine as well as make the environment contaminated.

Method 2: Using a Hose tube

Well, with a hose, you can drain your tank from the engine parts. For example, if your vehicle has been damaged enough and needs a lot of mending. In that case, you can choose this method to drain the fuel tank.

What you need

  • Any type of container
  • A hose tube
  • Steel wire
  • Hex key

Let’s see the steps for it.

Step 1: Get Access to The Front Engine Part

Open the car’s front engine side and get access to your fuel filter.

Step 2: Take Off the Fuel Filter Hose Pipe & Insert New Hose

Take the hose off with a ratchet and insert the new hose tube, because we are going to drain the fuel from the same path.

Step 3: Insert The Hex Key

Insert the hex key into the previous hose so that no leakage happens.

Step 4: Insert The Other End to Container

Take the container pot and insert the other end of the new connected hose.

Step 5: Remove Negative Terminal From the Battery

Now, remove the negative connection from the battery.

Step 6: Find Your car’s Relay Key & Take Out the Fuel Relay

Go inside your vehicle and open the relay electric switch part. You will find it located under your gauge dash area.

Find your fuel relay key from the switch signals. You can contact the car company, or you can even search on Google to know your one’s fuel relay key number. After you have found out, take that off from the key switches.

Step 7: Insert a Steel Wire & Stuck the Key Switch

Now, in this step, you need to be very careful. Take a sturdy steel wire and make it like U shape. Then, stuck it onto the two-terminal from where you have taken out the fuel relay key.

Step 8: Connect the Negative Terminal Again

Now again, get back to the front engine part and connect the negative terminal. You will see the fuel coming out and falling into the container pot.

In this way, you can drain your fuel tank.

Method 3: Using Siphon Tube

This method is a popular and most widely used method. Most of the mechanics seem to use this type of siphon tube to drain the tank. Let’s see the steps for how to siphon gas from Dodge Ram.

Well, in this method, you can drain in two options. Whether with a siphon pipe only and with an advanced siphon pump machine. We are showing here both ways. You can choose anyone you wish.

#Option 1: With the Help of Mouth

Don’t be afraid after hearing about using, mouth. You just have to blow air and nothing else.

Step 1: Insert the Siphon Tube

Open the gas tank and insert the siphon tube into your car’s gas tank that is on the rear side. You have to enter the full pipe of around 6 feet long. You may feel stuck in the middle but push and insert almost half of it.

 Step 2: Insert Other End into the Container

Now, insert the other end of the tube into a container where you will put the fuel.

Step 3: Blow Air In the Tank

Take a small pipe and some clothes. Isolate the fuel tank access area and blow air inside with the tube. You can blow air with your mouth, but be careful you don’t inhale any fuel. It can be hazardous for your health.

You will see the fuel coming out with the siphon tube.

Now let’s see the alternative of step-3.

#Option 2: With the Help of a Pump/Alternate to Step-3

If you are afraid you may take-in fuel while blowing air with the mouth, then you can go for this step. Here, you just have to avoid the step-3 of option-1 and follow this.

If you get a siphon pump provided with the siphon tube, then you don’t have to use your mouth. Simply, Pump the pumping machine to start siphoning, and you will see the fuel coming out.

Make sure your pump is sealed correctly and from a well-branded company. Otherwise, you may lead to an enormous explosion.

Method 4: Using a Gas Tapper

If you can afford to buy any gas tank drain plug kit such as the Gas-Tapper, then you can go for this method. It is super easy and costly, though. Here, you won’t need to pump using your hand or mouth also. So, very relaxing and safe it is.

Step 1: Place the Fanel to the Tank and Insert the Small Tube

Place the fannel inside your gas tank given in the kit box and then insert the small, sturdy tube through it.

Step 2: Insert the Gas Siphoning Tube through the Previous Tube

Now insert the gas siphoning tube through the previously inserted tube. This tube has a thin bevel edge. You have to enter this edge inside the gas tank.

Keep inserting until a small part left outside.

Step 3: Insert the Machine Attached Pipe

Now take the pipe that has a connection with the machine. You will see there is a mark about the direction of which side of the pipeline will go where. Notice and understand them carefully then, insert.

One edge will be attached to the gas siphoning pipe, and the other side will go inside a container.

Step 4: Connect the Power Cord to a Battery & Switch on

You will find another wire for power. Connect the power cord to any 12 Volt battery. Now switch on the machine, provided with it.

You are done with the process. Now, relax and wait to finish the draining. You may hear some motor running sound while draining. But don’t freak out. It’s normal.

When you need to stop the process in the middle, just pull the gas siphoning tube a little out, and it will gradually stop sucking fuel.

Make sure you are using this kit for yourself, not for stealing fuel from others. It is illegal and can cause you in the long.

Method 4: Draining Directly from the Tank

Sometimes siphoning can not soak out all the fuel from inside. So, to clear out the whole tank, you can apply this method. It is a little messy process but going to remove all the fuels from the gas tank.

Step 1: Find the Draining Plug

You have to find out your car’s draining plug. Most of the car’s gas line is beneath the car with the gas tank. But if you can’t find there, you can even search for them under the seats of your vehicle.

Step 2: Open the Plug Line

After you have found out the drain line, open it with an appropriate screw or wrench. Make sure you don’t break it.

If you are opening from under the seats, then it may take a lot of time to open.

Step 3: Start and Off the Engine in the Middle

After opening the screw, your fuel will fall like leaking. So, make sure you already place a big bowl type container under the vehicle before opening. Otherwise, it may create a mess and danger to any severe havoc.

Now start and off the engine in the middle of this method. So, your car’s engine gives pressure to pull out all the fuel from inside.

In this way, you can remove all the fuel and then close the screw properly as it was before.

Many cars don’t have a screw or opening line on the gas tank. for that

  • You can drill and make a hole to drain out the fuel.
  • After draining all the fuel put a screw with a rubber washer to seal the hole you made.


In this process, make sure

  • You have already placed a big spread container while following method-4.
  • Don’t lighten up any sparkle or cigarette while draining the fuel tank.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher beside while draining.
  • Make sure you don’t spill the fuel on the roads around.

Your one careless move can cause a severe explosion. So, be careful in every step.

Final Verdict

Well, in this article, we have mentioned about four fruitful and practical methods on how to drain Dodge fuel tank.

You can apply any of the mentioned methods and vacant your tank.

Process-1:  Hearing  Injector Sounds.