6 Most-Common PPE Duramax Tuner Problems Explained

People have been using tuners since the second World War. And in recent times it has become so popular for modifying the car’s specifications  &  some other activities.

PPE(Pacific Performance Engineering) Tuner has always been very popular among crazy race lovers. It has proven a better choice in tuning the engine most of the time. But tuning is not a piece of cake, especially for the novice. Again tuning the Duramax engine sometimes causes some issues that you should know before adjustment.

So, here, we are going to mention all the PPE Duramax Tuner problems that you can face while tuning. Read it now and know them fast.

What is The PPE Duramax Tuner

Different models of PPE tuners are compatible with the Duramax diesel engines. You can increase the HP(Horse Power) up to 2/3 levels, diagnose the data of the engine in a real-time updating system. You can adjust gear ratio along with speed limit adjusting. Again with this tuner, you can even manifest or read DTC(Diagnostic Trouble Codes) data and regenerate DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter).

But like the saying every coin has the other side, you should think about the after-effects also. And many of us have faced some issues while tuning. So, after researching all the problems we have brought out them here so that you can know before you go to tune your car.

6 Common PPE Duramax Tuner Problems

We have listed here only the crucial troubles you can have. If you face apart from these, then they may not be that much acute or related to tuning. So, let’s explore what they are.

Exhaust Issues

Well, while you tune your car, it gets under the control of software. It loads all the data that it has stocked and then run them in your vehicle according to your desire. But in this tuning can cause massive havoc in the exhaust system of your car. Especially when you remap, it increases the temperature of the affinities. It sometimes auto exhausts white fad, which may fall you in a fix. But this is not a big issue at all.

DPF  Issues

Sometimes, with the PPE tuner, DPF still shows to delete where you already have deleted the DPF data. This type of problem may arise if your tuner not upgraded. You may see that in some days DPF sensor is showing again after running some days; the sensor is deleted automatically. So, this type of DPF sensor issue you can face if your tuner is not updated.

Huge Black Smoke Coming Out

Sometimes after doing the tuning, you may see that your car is exhausting a considerable amount of black smoke. Whenever you are accelerating, it creates such smoke. This is big trouble for the one who is driving behind you and also makes enormous pollution. This type of problem can be caused if your tuning can not load with the parts your car has. So, be sure before tuning.

Milage Does not Increase

Most of the people who have tuned with PPE tuner face the problem in milage increasing. People tend to increase their milage power of the car above the capabilities of their car, and consequently, even after tuning, they can’t get the desired power. So, at first, learn to what extent you can increase then try tuning. Otherwise, you also may have to come across this kind of trouble.

High Level of Fuel Consumption

As tuning is mainly for the increase in a car’s performance like power increase, speed, transmitting, etc. so, when you tune the engine the other parts of the engine needs to be compatible with the tuning modules, and as a result, it can create a significant loss in the fuel-economical term.

You may see some small amount of white smoke exhausts while the car is not running. So, it may cause you to fill the tank many a time. But this kind of problem is very rarely experienced.

Leakage Problems

You may have to face leakage problems if you don’t do your tuning under the right guidance or following instructions. The primary gasket may leak if you try to tune while your fuel is in a fixed or standard compressing ratio rate. Make sure what you are trying to tune can take the load or not. Otherwise, serious havoc can take place in the middle of driving.

Overall PPE tuner is the most favourite one among the users now. It doesn’t make any issues at all if you tune professionally with the right instructions. But make sure whenever you are tuning you close the door because any engine can be detuned with other engines.

Final Words for You

PPE Duramax tuner problems are not so critical to handle. They can be mitigated if you are tuning in the right way. Moreover, if you want these problems don’t arise in your car then read the article to know about the issues and be alert from the very beginning. Because to do tuning is not that hard but to set back to the previous condition is a bit hard issue!