7 Common Cummins Lift Pump Failure Symptoms You Shouldn’t Avoid

Do you doubt that your lift pumps if the vehicle fails to pump fuel? Then, go through this article now and know the symptoms of lift pump failure before it’s too late.

The task of the lift pump is to pump fuel. This lift pump is situated where the fuel tank of your vehicle is. By using a vacuum or a DC motor, the lift pump pulls fuel oils from the oil tank, pumps it with high pressure, and sends it to the injector lines to create a spark and, consequently, a burning to run the engine.

Well, there may be several reseasons for the lift pump fails to pump fuel oil, and your vehicle disrupts from running. After long term research, we find out Cummins lift pump failure symptoms that you can keep in mind.

And these symptoms are also applicable to any other lift pump of engines. So, read it out fast to know.

7 Common Symptoms for Lift Pump Failure

Without knowing the symptoms, you can’t find a solution to problems. But many a time we don’t get the right information and so, we can’t get rid of our problems rather the problem gets bigger. So as your lift pump also. You must know the right symptoms first, and then you can go for the solutions.

Here, we have included 7 Cummins lift pump failure symptoms. These are almost overall indications that your lift pump is failing. Let’s check out the symptoms fast.

1. The engine is Not Taking Start

Well, this is a fundamental and general symptom. Your fuel tank is filled, and you are trying to start the engine, but it is not taking the start. Then, you can consider it as the indication of lift pump failure as the lift pump cannot pump fuel and pressurize the piston of the engine to run. But in this case, you need to check the lift pump properly because there are many other reasons also that your engine is not starting.

2. Needs to Fill the Tank Frequently

If your fuel oil tank needs to fill frequently, then be sure your lift pump is having a failure. It fails to pump the proper fuel oil and also does not restore the unused fuel. As a result, you need to fill the tank frequently than the general.

3. Fuel Pressure Rate is Low

While driving, you must check how much fuel your vehicle is taking and how much pressure it is creating. The general pressure rate of Cummins engine 20 to 40 PSI( Pressure force per Square Inch) or 15 to 20 PSI for others. So, if you see your pressure gauge is lower than the idle rate, inspite of accelerating, then be sure your lift pump is failing to pump properly.

4. High Temperature of the Vehicle

If you see the temperature is rising and your vehicle is halting, then don’t delay anymore. Your lift pump must be having some issues, and it can create a vast ignition. So, the rising temperature of your vehicle is a warning symptom for the failure of the lift pump. Change it as fast as you can; otherwise, it can cause a serious accident anytime.

5. Vehicle Doing Squeaky Sounds

If you can hear some squeaky noise from your fuel tank, then it is a sign for lift pump failing. Usually,if you try to heed then, you can hear some humming sound inside the fuel tank, but it’s a calm one, but when you hear a noise like whimpering or squeaking, then be sure your lift pump needs to replace. It’s a symptom that the lift pump is having problems to pump fuel oil.  So, quickly change it or your ignorance to it may lead to severe damage.

6. Sudden Vehicle Rippling & Engine Dying

You are driving your car, and suddenly it gets rippling getting halted, and then again, you have to restart your engine. This can be a symptom of a failing lift pump. Another sign that you are having a failure in your lift pump is your engine dies all of a sudden. You have a filled tank still the engine surges. Then, be sure that the lift pump fails, so you need to check and replace it to make your engine run.

7. A Leak or Crack in Fuel Line

Well, a leak in your fuel line is the common symptom for lift pump failure.if any leakage is found in your fuel line or any crack then, you will see your fuel oil is leaking.  It’s a visible sign that your lift pump fails and so it can’t send the oil slightly falling around. So, you should immediately change your lift pump. Otherwise, you will not only waste your fuels but also can’t run your engine.

These are overall symptoms of Cummin’s lift pump failure. Whenever you have doubts, or you can see these signs mentioned here, check your lift pump and change it at once because your delay can create terrible incidents in someone’s life.

Final Verdict

Our article includes Cummins lift pump failure symptoms, which you can take as signs not only for the Cummin engine but also for other companies engines. These are overall symptoms of failing lift pump and is applicable for almost all type of engine.

So, read it carefully and know the right symptoms. You should not ignore if you are facing any symptoms rather check and change the lift pump at once.

Have a safe driving!