These 5 Best Ball Joints for Jeep TJ Are Super Budget Friendly

So eventually it’s the bad time that’s been surrounding you when your Jeep JK has decided to come up with a damaged ball joint. And so, you are on this mission to find the best replacement possible that can serve as good as the previous one. After all, your Jeep’s steering and suspension system will be depending on the replacement ball joint. And you can’t let that responsibility be taken by just any random boil joint that fails to provide the required performance.

Don’t worry, we are here with 5 best ball joints for jeep TJ that are pretty good at what they are supposed to do. Not to mention the reasonable price tag that comes along. So, Keep on Reading!

Best Ball Joints for Jeep TJ

Without any dramatic pause, let’s get into knowing about the 5 picks that we have for you today through their complete reviews right below. Choose Wisely!

1. Synergy Dana 30/40 HD Ball Joint Set– Get Smooth Driving Experience with This One

If you are looking for the optimum Jeep XJ heavy-duty ball joints in the market, then the Synergy is your best bet. It also comes with Dana 30 ball joints for buttery smooth driving feel.

On top of that, the package comes with an upper and lower ball joint that is made from 4140 steel for you to get a better lasting ability. It as well as makes sure you are using it outside with no heat damages for a better life span.

The upper ball joints also designed with fully greaseable metal that makes sure a better performance. It on top make sure you are free from nylon liner stock style options to rotate your truck wheel better for better driving.

Besides, the ball joint boot is made out of silicone polyurethane material that makes sure no tear or wear snag. It also makes sure you are easily using it on your truck with no peeling snag.

In general, this ball-bearing set is a big blessing if you want a 12-month unlimited-warranty with good quality.  It is also worth giving a try for its amazing resistance ability.


  • The ball joint set lasts for a longer period of time.
  • It is quite easy to setup.
  • One of the finest picks for Jeep TJ.
  • It comes with 2 upper and lower ball joints.
  • The ball joint set is fine for wintery and sunny weather.


  • Sadly, it is expensive than others.

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2. TRQ Ball Joint Tie Rod Drag Link Sway Steering Kit– Strongest Pick to Try Out Now

The best ball joints for Jeep Wrangler TJ should be made of strong materials that make sure a longer life span just like the TRQ Ball Joint kit. It as well as allow you to use it for a good while.

The steering kits on top make sure you are getting more responsive and maneuver design. It on top makes sure full rotational benefits for you to easily move or twist it with no snag.

But wait, that is not all. The ball joints on top come with amazing construction that makes sure no snag of friction. As the ball joints have a greasing design, that allows you to easily lubricate the surface for avoiding resistance.

This ball joint set is also rigorously tested that indicates their quality and strength for street application. It also makes sure the ball joints are standing fine even if your truck is driving in an uneven road.

On the whole, this ball joint set is a great pick for regular drivers who want direct-fit design, convenient and effective options. You can try it if you want quality control standards.


  • It appears at a decent price point.
  • For the quality, it is hard to beat.
  • It is easy to lubricate and clean.
  • The ball joint set is super simple to store away.
  • It is great for removing the death wobble.


  • Only for 1997-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ.

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3. PartsW 4 PC Suspension Kit– Undergo Street Impact with This One

This suspension kit is one of the best ball joints for Jeep JK from the PartsW brand for its brilliant impact resistance ability. It also ensures you are driving your truck with no fear of dropping the ball joint.

On top, this ball joint kit comes with an amazing load-bearing capacity for users to easily use it on their truck. It is actually coated with metal oxide material that makes sure better strength to carry any load from the truck.

Amazingly, this suspension kit comes with a greaseable design of ball joints that allow you to easily lubricate the front and backside. It also makes sure you are getting rid of rust snags.

The ball joint form this brand as well comes with dust boot that makes sure better durability to use longer. It as well as makes sure to reduce pollution for you to avoid daily maintenance. This thing also allows you to enjoy driving with no cleaning pressure like others.

If you want a good blend of enhanced life and performance suspension kit, then it is what you need to try out. The ball joint kit is also good for you to endure fatigue snag.


  • Great bang for the price range.
  • The ball joint set performs well than others.
  • It appears in good quality for long-standing usage.
  • The ball joints come with amazing stability and strength.
  • It is easy to maintain.


  • The rubber boots are not removable on the lowers.

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4. Dana Spicer Axle Spindle Stub with U-Joints & Ball Joint Set– Easy Mounting Style to Try Out

The Dana Spicer ball joints Jeep TJ comes with a brilliant mounting style that allows users to easily install with no snag. It on top allows you to easily set up with no help from experts.

The package on top comes with 2 outer axle stub shaft that makes sure better clearance for you to easily use. They on top make sure you are getting no snag of rust or corrosion trouble even when contacting with rain.

In addition to that, the upper and lower ball joints also built with strong and sturdy materials that make sure no wear issue. It also makes sure you are using it fine for years.

With amazing body construction of the U Joints, they have needleless bearings cups and snap rings with O ring attachments. The attachments also make sure you are getting rid of ring ejection. The U joints parts are also durable that won’t break or crack easily.

In short, the ball joint kit is a big deal for you to get a longer-lasting and good quality option. It is also worth trying out for the budget-conscious people.


  • The ball joints come at a good price point.
  • Great pick for the 2003 Jeep TJ trucks.
  • It doesn’t need professional help to install.
  • The ball joint set comes with grease fitting.
  • It is easy to adapt in the truck.


  • The ball joints are not for long-term use.

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5. Dana Spicer Wrangler Commanche Cherokee Upper/Lower Ball Joints– Carry Heavy Load with This One

Another mention of the Dana Spicer brand that comes with the best ball joints for YJ Jeep that can carry huge loads. It also makes sure no snag even if your truck is loaded with people.

The Jeep YJ ball joints on top are compatible with the 1987 to 2006 Wrangler TJ, 1984 to 2001 XJ Cherokee, and 1986 to 1992 MJ Comanche models. They are also a good option for 1993 to 1998 ZJ Grand Cherokee models.

The ball joints on top come with amazing durability that can last for 100,000 miles of usage. This thing also makes sure you are using it for a good while with no resistance.

Plus, the ball joints come with easy maintenance design that allows you to grease the upper side at ease. It also makes sure you are not getting the rust or oxidize snag.

Generally speaking, this ball joint set is a good option if you want a good quality, easy handling, and maneuver options. You can try this out for a seamless driving experience.


  • It has good durability to stand longer.
  • The ball joint set has good quality close to factory original.
  • Good pick for the value.
  • The installation process is like a piece of cake.
  • Ideal fit for 1992 MJ Comanche.


  • Unfortunately, we don’t like their client service.

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Consideration for Buying the Best Ball Joints for Jeep TJ

Looking for the finest ball joints for your Jeep TJ? If so, you want to consider some aspects that will lead you to the optimal ball joints. To select out the best in both worlds, look into the given details:

Check the Stability

When in the market, you want to consider the stability of your picked ball joints. The stability of ball joints actually indicates their lasting ability if any impact or crash occurs. You see, ball joints are attached to the side of the wheel that usually helps the truck to stay strong.

The ball joints also make sure your truck wheels ride better while attached to rotate. For that reason, you want to pick constancy ball joints that hold the wheel for a good driving skill even in jagged roads.

Consider the Material

An ideal ball joint should be made out of strong and good material that helps it to last long. The ball joints actually can resist heat, rust, water, and other damages depending on their materials.

Most brands made ball joints of silicone polyurethane, alloy steel, and other materials. Know that the better the material is you will be able to use the ball joints in your truck in any weather with better lasting value.

Quality Matters

Another thing that matters when you are buying a set of ball joints for your Jeep TJ is the quality. Of course, the quality of any product should be your first priority for not regretting later.

A good quality ball joint set should give you assurance of no break or crack after years of usage. So, makes sure you are investing your valuable money on high-quality ball joints.

Fitment Facts

Before going with ball joints, you want to make sure the fitment is good for your Jeep TJ. To understand the fitment of your chosen ball joints, spend more time reading the user manual or search on the website to find the fitment guide. No matter which one you want to pick, just be sure it is suitable for your truck models.

Know The Comparison

TeraFlex Vs Synergy Ball Joints

When we are talking about ball joints, the two most popular brands that will hit on our mind are the TeraFlex and Synergy.

To be honest, both TeraFlex and Synergy ball joints are good in their own features and benefits. Yet, both ball joints have some differences which make one better than the other.

The TeraFlex ball joints come with good body construction, quality, and durability at a logical price. On top of that, they are mostly coated with Teflon and military-grade materials, unlike Synergy ball joints. The TeraFlex ball joints are also fine for off and on-road driving.

Conversely, the Synergy ball joints are super simple to install, good in quality close to OEMs, and last for a long while. Yet, they are expensive in the price range. As the Synergy ball joints are made of rough and tough materials, we find the price reasonable.

Also, both TeraFlex and Synergy ball joints are good for any type of road use and stay firm in rough conditions. So, if we have to take sides between these two ball joints, the Synergy ball joints are our pick. For budget tight drivers, the TeraFlex is a good option.

Jeep TJ Ball Joint Replacement- Steps to Follow

For replacing the ball joints, you want to follow the given step to safely remove and install the new one:

Step 1: Attach Lug Nut

Remove your truck wheels. Then, insert the lug nut to the wheel studs. This thing will help your truck brake caliper to detach smoothly without dropping the brake rotor that can damage the surface.

Step 2: Detach Bolts and Other Attachments

The next thing you want to do is to remove all the bolts, ABS wiring, brake caliper, the brake rotor, and other parts around ball joints. After removing them, detach the lug nuts too.

Step 3: Take Away Ball Joint

Next, pull out the cotter pins from the ball joints. Then, take away the lower and upper ball joints. Ensure to loosen the steering knuckle. After that, remove the older ball joints.

Step 4: Clean the Surface

Then, clean the area where you are going to replace the new ball joint. Try to put some grease on the seat.

Step 5: Attach the New Ball Joint

Take out your new ball joint. Then, press in upper and lower ball joints by attaching all the bolts and other parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When to replace a ball joint?

Basically, when you see your ball joints are starting to worn out or leading your jeep to drive badly. The ball joints usually last for between 70,000 miles to 160,000 miles. The moment you see your jeep is responding worse or spending more fuel it is the right time to replace.

How to lubricate ball joints?

To lubricate the ball joints, you want to follow some simple rules. Start by pumping grease into the rubber boots of the ball joint. When lubricating, make sure you are filling the grease by taking a good amount to lubricate better.

Are the ball joints adaptable?

Depending on the types of ball joints and its construction, you can assure if they are adaptable or not. As nowadays the ball joints brand serves different features that make them versatile or fixed.

How to indicate a ball joint is bad?

The simplest way to say whether your ball joint works bad or not is to notice some negative difference. Mostly bad ball joints make loud noises or vibration that worsens your jeep riding ability too. Also, if your ball joints look worn out that indicates they are bad or need to change.

Wrap Up

So that was our take one some of the best ball joints for jeep TJ available right now. You can definitely research further if there’s any confusion yet lingering inside your mind. However, make sure you take the decision with responsibility and enough findings. Because by the end of the day, it’s your choice that will matter. So, don’t rush through the process and give yourself some time. We hope you get the right best ball joint for your Jeep JK!