Revealing 7 Best Leveling Kit For 2015 F150

There can be many events that lead you to bring a versatile tool that helps in leveling your truck. And in such needs, a quality leveling kit is what makes your job easier and safer. However, ensuring it is capable of providing proper steering and suspension effects as well as the proper maneuverability on rough terrains is important.

Today we are here with 7 best leveling kit for 2015 f150 options that are not hard on your pocket but at the same time offer value that you should be desperately seeking.

Best Leveling Kit For 2015 F150

Product’s Name Key Benefits Price
ZY WHEEL 3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit Improves Driving Comfort Details On Amazon
AKM F150 Lift Leveling Kit Good For Tire Protection Details On Amazon
YITAMOTOR Leveling Lift Kit Fine Finish And Coverage Details On Amazon
Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit Gives Nice Position And Pose Details On Amazon
MotoFab Leveling Lift Kit Improves Truck Steering Details On Amazon
Supreme Suspensions Leveling Kit Improves Ground Clearance Details On Amazon
KSP PERFORMANCE Leveling Kit Lifts Truck Tires Evenly Details On Amazon

Let’s dig deep into each of these 7 recommendations through their complete reviews right below.

1. ZY WHEEL 3” Front and 2” Rear Leveling Lift Kit– Get Aggressive Truck Look With This One

Why Buy It
For the best leveling kit for F150 truck, this ZY WHEEL lift kit comes with 3” front and 2” rear position that gives an aggressive look. You can also try this out for getting clearly hostile look.

This leveling kit is quite easy to install and assemble that allow you to do it yourself. It also takes only 1 to 2 hours to install or fit in your truck with no help from experts.

On top of that, this leveling kit is designed to use in both the front and rear sides of the truck that allows you to add larger wheels. It also ensures good clarity and performance.

And, the package features 6 nylon insert lock nuts that allow you to get a better fitting with no help of tools. These nuts are also strong in design to resist impact or shock.

In short, this leveling kit is an ideal pick if you want a stable and consistent lifter for daily use. It is also great for you to have a perfect height and lifting position to make your truck efficient.


  • This leveling kit is easy to assemble and insert.
  • It is firm in design to last for a good while.
  • This leveling kit comes at a reasonable price range.
  • Great client service to help with awesome advice.
  • This leveling kit is great for DIY people.


  • It does not fit the 2004 heritage trucks.

Available On Amazon

2. AKM F150 Lift Leveling Kit– High Strength Option To Raise Your Truck

Why Buy It
The AKM F150 leveling kit is made out of aircraft standard materials to last for a long while. It is also worth trying out if you want a solid leveling kit to raise your truck in an ideal pose.

This leveling kit gives a right range between lift height and kit thickness to use on most Ford trucks. It as well suggested using on 35 by 12.50 tires of 2004 to 2021 Ford F150 trucks.

But wait, that is not all. This leveling kit comes with 12.9-grade premium bolts that have great strength and stability. These bolts on top make sure good resistance to get rid of water spoils.

In addition to that, this leveling kit has a powder-coated black finish that gives great defends against rust. It on top makes sure no snag of break or crack to use on a daily basis.

To sum it up, this leveling kit is a fine pick if you want your truck to find steady and even clearance on the terrain. It is also good for your truck to put on a bigger wheel.


  • It comes with great tech support to solve issues.
  • This leveling kit is easy to install and assemble.
  • For the money, it is hard to beat.
  • One of the finest picks for 2004-2021 Ford F150 trucks.
  • It comes with great thickness to lift trucks.


  • Not suitable for most truck models.

Available On Amazon

3. YITAMOTOR Leveling Lift Kit– Find Fender Clearance With This One

Why Buy It
The YITAMOTOR leveling kit is designed for 2004-2018 Ford F150 to give better clearance and quality ride. It is also good enough to try out if you want a quality steer and clarity ride.

This 2015 F150 4×4 leveling kit is efficient that helps getting rid of factory rake for driving comfort. It on top helps your truck to get the finest levels on both front and rear sides.

With a great shield, this leveling kit has aircraft aluminum billet and heat-free 10.9-grade bolts to go for a long while. It on top makes sure good resistance against rust to avoid break or crack.

The brand on top comes with 5 years of warranty with a full cash-back guarantee for you to get a reliable return. They also make sure their buyers are getting fine client service to solve issues.

In brief, this wheel spacer or leveling kit is a big deal for those drivers who wants a 100% simple bolt-on fitting options. It is also worth trying out for you to have a great riding feel on the road.


  • This leveling kit lasts for a longer period of time.
  • Good option for the price range.
  • This leveling kit is good for balancing trucks.
  • It helps to improve your truck looks than stock.
  • This leveling kit helps trucks to get better stability.


  • Some people find this leveling kit hard to install.

Available On Amazon

4. Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit– Enjoy Smooth OEM Like Ride With This One

Why Buy It
The Rough Country presents one of the best 2015 F150 leveling kit that has OEM standard like riding benefits. It is also fine enough to try out if you want a smooth and stress-free drive.

This leveling kit includes solid strut extensions that are made out of composite material to resist most damages. They on top make sure no snag of rust or break snag even after years of usage.

And, we are not through yet. This leveling kit helps your truck to lift up to 2 inches from its position. It on top makes sure you are getting fine raise and lifting benefits to drive smoothly.

Also, this leveling kit helps to eliminate the nose-down look of your truck to give a brand new appearance. It on top allows you to fulfill your purpose without ruining the look of the truck.

In general, this leveling kit is a good pick for you to get a great blend of performance, protection, and style in one pack. It is also awesome for your truck to perform well.


  • This leveling kit helps trucks to drive smoothly.
  • It comes with lifetime quality assurance for their buyers.
  • This leveling kit is simple to fit and mount.
  • It comes with a thick surface to lift trucks easily.
  • This leveling kit helps to give a brand-new look.


  • Sadly, it has bad client service.

Available On Amazon

5. MotoFab Leveling Lift Kit– Find Longer Lasting Finish With This One

Why Buy It
The MotoFab leveling kit F150 is 2.5-inch in front and 1.5-inch in the rear that has a powder-coated to get a longer-lasting finish. It is also good enough to try out if you want a better lift.

This leveling kit comes with solid and firm parts that make sure good lasting value. These parts are also great in support to stop rust, corrosion, break, or other damages for long-term usage.

Not only that the leveling kit is stable but also it comes with a 100% guarantee and lifetime quality assurance. The brand as well as allows you are getting fine restore and return benefits.

And, this leveling kit comes with 4 longer U bolts that are great for use in the truck. These bolts on top make sure good solidity that won’t face damages for a longer period of time.

On the whole, it is one of the finest picks that offer a 1 to 1 ratio with a good space thickness to lift safely. This leveling kit is also fine for your truck to get an ideal pose and structure.


  • This leveling kit is great for long-term usage.
  • It makes sure good riding quality on any surface.
  • This leveling kit needs 2 hours to install.
  • It gives an ideal fit and stance.
  • This leveling kit has a practical price range.


  • A few people find the leveling kit instructions terrible.

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6. Supreme Suspensions Leveling Kit– Avoid Sag to Flat Issue With This One

Why Buy It
To avoid sag to flat issues, this leveling kit is a great option that helps your truck to find a poise position. It is on top worth enough to try this out if you prefer a stable and correct riding feel.

Unlike other leveling kits F150, this set is compatible with 2004 to 2008 Ford F-150 trucks. It is also great for 2003 to 2017 Ford Expedition and 2005 to 2008 Lincoln Mark LT trucks.

This leveling kit on top makes sure your truck is getting increased ground clearance for driving on most road conditions. It as well allows your truck to put on larger wheels and tires at ease.

On top, this leveling kit has 2 T6 Aircraft Billet Aluminum front strut spacers that are tempered to yield force no more than 35,000 PSI. It on top allows 3.5 inches lifting point to drive smooth.

Overall, this leveling kit is an excellent pick if you wish for inserting bigger wheels and enhance the look of your truck. It is also perfect for 1 to 2 hours of fitting process with no expert help.


  • It helps your truck to lift for up to 3.5 inches.
  • The instruction guide is easy to understand.
  • It is great for 2015-2018 F150 trucks.
  • For the quality, it is hard to beat.
  • This leveling kit gives good ground clearance.


  • It is not good for race purposes.

Available On Amazon

7. KSP PERFORMANCE Leveling Kit– Achieve Perfect Geometry Position With This One

Why Buy It
This 2015 F150 2.5 leveling kit has an ideal ratio that allows you to get a fine geometry position. It is also worth trying if you want to get rid of braking pressures to drive in fast stops.

This leveling kit is great in safety that makes sure your truck to drive in intense riding conditions. It on top makes sure a good shield to drive at fast speed with fine steer and control.

No wonder of this leveling kit goodness as it comes with 12.9 grade solid bolts and aluminum billets. It on top makes sure good fitment with no-snag of rust or corrosion for safe driving.

This leveling kit as well gives trucks extra clearance and a violent appearance. It on top allows your truck to use larger tires and rims to give a monster look for a crazy off-road ride.

By and large, this wheel leveling kit is a wonderful pick for you to gift your truck a good look and function. It is also great enough to try this out if you want a lifetime warranty service.


  • It comes at a logical price rate.
  • This leveling kit has an anodized exterior to resist rust.
  • It comes with great client service to ask anything.
  • The package comes with good-quality hardware.
  • It doesn’t need experts to help on installation.


  • Not a good option for the 2010 expedition.

Available On Amazon

How To Pick Leveling Kit For 2015 F150?

Finding the right leveling kit for the 2015 F150 needs a good hour of study. You will see different leveling kits in the market that offers some good points which sometimes lead to mistakes. To shorten your work, here are some aspects you need to confirm:

Check The Warranty

The warranty indicates the lifespan of a product. Most leveling kit brands offer 2 years of warranty service. It also ensures good repair and refund benefits. So, makes sure your chosen brand has a good warranty.

Consider The Material

Just like other aspects, check the material when picking leveling kits. Most leveling kits are made out of aluminum, steel, or other aircraft materials. If the material is strong, a leveling kit will give a lasting value and a quality feel.

Think About The Compatibility

The compatibility of the leveling kit is an essential factor for fitting in the trucks. If you want a leveling kit for the 2015 F150 trucks, then it needs to be well-matched. Therefore, check that before picking one.

Ensures The Protection

When choosing the leveling kits, the safety of the surface is another important factor. A protective leveling kit will resist rust, break, heat, dust, and other stuff. Thus, consider that when in the market.

Confirm Lift Height

The lift height will ensure a good raise to look classy and aggressive to drive well. It also allows adding larger wheels to the truck. For that reason, ensures your picked one has good lifting ability.

How To Install Leveling Kit On F150?

To install a leveling kit, there are some steps you want to follow. Read down below to find the installation process:

Use The Jack

Then, use a car raiser or jack to lift the truck. This thing will help you do the following step easily with no struggle.

Loosen The Parts

First of all, you need to get rid of all the parts to insert leveling kits. Remove lug nuts, upper ball joint, lower strut bolt, and other parts too. Once done with removing all the parts, it’s time to head to the next step.

Check The Instructions

You need to check the instruction before starting the actual process to avoid mistakes. And, it will help you learn the process easily.

Take Out the Spindle

Next, take out the strut bolts from the upper ball joints. By using a strong line or ratchet straps, you want to take out the spindle. Just make sure the car jack doesn’t move when you are working.

Remove The Strut Top Nuts

Then, take out the strut top nuts so that you can insert the leveling kit. Make sure to use a 15mm socket to remove the lower strut bolt. Make sure all the little bolts and brackets are in a safe place.

Insert The Leveling kit

Now, attach the leveling kit on top of your strut. Make sure you have leveled your strut both front and rear sides. For those of you who don’t feel safe on the DIY project, try to get help from professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do leveling kits affect MPG?

Yes, the leveling kits influence MPG. It actually reduces MPG depending on the height of the truck after the installing leveling kit. The leveling kit on top helps to increase the frontal surface area that helps rising drag.

Will a leveling kit hurt my truck?

Some people believe a leveling kit hurts or gives damage to the truck which is claptrap. If you choose a good-quality leveling kit for your truck, then it won’t harm the surface. Also, it is great for both on and off-roading play.

What are the advantages of a leveling kit for your truck?

There are many benefits of using a leveling kit to your truck. It helps the truck to get a consistent look, balance pose, stability, fine clearance, and so on. The leveling kit also allows your truck to get big wheels with no struggle.

Are leveling kits a good idea?

For those of you who want a balanced and stable truck, a leveling kit helps your truck to get more poise in the roadway. Not only that it helps your truck to get rid of bulk but also helps to add some extra stress point.

How much does a leveling kit cost?

Depending on the quality and features one offers, the leveling kit can be costly or cheap. However, most brands come with a leveling kit that will cost no more than $40 to $200. Some brands offer higher quality leveling kit that costs even more.

Wrap Up

And on that note, we are done with our recommendations on the best leveling kit for 2015 f150. Hopefully, you will find at least one pick suitable for your leveling needs and budget requirements. Make sure you pay attention to the provided instructions in case of a DIY installation.

Also, don’t be in a rush to just purchase any random leveling kit. You want your money to bring back value by providing all the right types of features. And if this takes some time in deciding, then let it be.