Finding The Best Big Block Ford Heads – Our Top 5 Picks

It’s not very unusual to wish about burling a lot of horsepower. And that desire may come with one of the most prevent engine choices, big block ford. When you want to make sure that the engine comes with only huge power assurance, choosing each and every component of it becomes necessary.

And so, being serious about getting the best big block ford heads is actually a very obvious thing to happen. To help you sort out your concerns, we are here with the top 5 recommendations that might be what you’re looking for. Keep on Reading…

Best Big Block Ford Heads

Product’s Name Power Combustion Chamber Volume Intake Running Volume Key Benefits Price
Edelbrock 60669 BBF Cylinder Head 500 To 600 HP 95 CC 292 CC Great Speed Control Details On Amazon
Edelbrock 60779 Performer RPM Cylinder Head 350 To 450 HP 63 CC 171 CC Increase Engine Response Details On Amazon
Edelbrock 61649 BBF Cylinder Head 550 To 750 HP 75 CC 310 CC Simple To Install Details On Amazon
Edelbrock 5023 Cylinder Head 200 To 400 HP 60 CC 170 CC Reduce Scratch And Scuff Details On Amazon
Speedmaster PCE281.2075 Cylinder Head 400 To 700 HP 95 CC 275 CC Increase Engine Air Velocity Details On Amazon

Let’s start with the complete reviews of the 5 recommendations that we have for you.

1. Edelbrock 60669 BBF Cylinder Head– Get Fast Engine Speed With This One

If you want your truck engine to get better speed to run longer at a good speed, the Edelbrock 60669 is one of the best BBF heads to try out. And, it makes sure the combustion engine achieves better RPM that helps your truck to find good clearance to ride at a good power.

Thanks to its 292cc intake runner volume, this tube helps your truck engine air to flow in a good way with no snag of blocking. It on top makes sure your truck engine to get better clarity during the intake stroke. This thing also helps fast acceleration and stops of the engine.

Among all, we are in love with its 95cc combustion chamber volume that affects greatly to increase turbulence and combustion speed. It helps your truck engine to avoid releasing heat to the cooling system to run better.

Besides, this 100cc exhaust runner volume helps air to release faster with the small tube. It also helps your engine to act fast even in an idle position. This thing also controls flow velocity without blocking flow volume.

And, this cylinder head is suggested to use with Champion RC12YC spark plugs or any 14mm x 3/4-inch reach of flat gasket seat. It also comes with valve guides and seats installed.

In short, it is one of the best Ford 460 heads for increasing the performance of riding with improved flowing intake. This cylinder head is also worth trying if you want smoke-free exhaust.


  • It comes with a satin exterior to avoid rust.
  • This cylinder head has 5/8″ deck thickness.
  • It comes with a 7/16″ rocker stud slot.
  • This cylinder head is good with Edelbrock gasket sets.
  • It has good client service to give advice.


  • We find the price expensive.

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2. Edelbrock 60779 Performer RPM Cylinder Head– Find Better Throttle Response With This One

The Edelbrock 60779 cycling head comes with great quality that helps dyno-proven increases of throttle response for your truck engine to retort well. It not only allows your truck to ride in a good manner but also makes sure the engine is making low noise.

But wait, that is not all. This cylinder head comes with a flat tappet camshaft that allows your engine to use widely and perform well at the same time. It also allows your engine to get better acceleration and speed up to work well.

Amazingly, this cylinder head uses a stock location that ensures better compatibility to use any aftermarket parts. It on top allows you to insert intake & exhaust bolt holes, flanges spark plugs with valve cover rails at ease. This thing also allows easy fitment of parts.

On top, this cylinder head comes with threaded inserts in the rocker studs and exhaust manifold bolt holes to get better strength and toughness. These parts also make sure a longer lifespan to use with no snag of rust or corrosion.

This cylinder head on top comes with interlocking ductile iron valve seats that make sure no snag of damaged when fitting on the engine blocks. It also stops compressed gaseous bodies and gas leaking.

On the whole, this cylinder head is a perfect match for 967-91 Chrysler 318, 340 & 360 CID engines. It is also good enough to try out if you prefer a performance grade type cylinder head.


  • This cylinder head comes with an Edelbrock cover.
  • It comes in a reasonable price range.
  • This cylinder head is easy to install or assemble.
  • It lasts for a longer period of time.
  • Great option for increasing the RPM of trucks.


  • Some people find the quality weird.

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3. Edelbrock 61649 BBF Cylinder Head– One Of The Best Ford 460 Heads For Street Performance

The Edelbrock 61649 cycling head is great for Ford 460 model that is tested for street performance. Not only that it is good for Ford truck engines but also recommended using on SVO 514 models. It also ensures better engine operation for daily rider’s comforts.

On top of that, this cylinder head comes with a 310cc intake runner volume that makes it wonderful for transferring the air better. It also makes sure a better reaction of the engine when riding on the roadway at full speed.

One drawback that we find on this cylinder head is the price point that seems costly to us. The price of this cylinder head does feel expensive judging by looks. However, looking at the function and quality options of this cylinder head, the price seems logical.

Also, this cylinder head comes with great speed control that allows your truck to accelerate for up to 1500 to 6500 RPM. It on top allows your truck to ride for a long while at a balance speed even in bad road conditions.

In addition, this cylinder head comes with an 11/32in valve stem that is heat-treated stamped to use well. It on top allows using locks to secure the attachments in a safe fit.

To sum it up, this cylinder head is an ideal pick for those of you who want a quality option for pre-pollution-controlled vehicles. It is also worth trying out for long-term usage benefits.


  • One of the finest picks for Ford 429 & 460 models.
  • This cylinder head has a clear-cut instruction guide.
  • It is great for hi-performance and street use.
  • This cylinder head has an 11/32in valve stem.
  • It stands for a long-term period.


  • Sadly, the price of this cylinder head is costly.

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4. Edelbrock 5023 Cylinder Head– Improve Engine Airflow With This One

One of the best flowing SBF heads is Edelbrock 5023 that offers better engine airflow with 170cc intake and 60cc exhaust runner volume. It on top allows your truck engine to act well without making the gas or smoke trouble on the exhaust system.

This cylinder head also comes with a 60cc combustion chamber volume that makes sure a good compression ratio works well. It on top allows your truck engine to result in good higher strength to get rid of detonation. This thing also ensures better operation of the engine.

In addition to that, this cylinder head comes with a hardened steel guide plate that makes sure good coverage with no struggle. It on top allows no snag of corrosion or rust even if oil leaks. This thing as well as ensure good durability to resists heat damages.

On top of that, this cylinder head comes with a great design with the softest finish to makes sure better pamper paint finishes. It as well as make sure no snag of scratch or crack snag even if contact with other parts.

And, this cylinder head allows your truck to run faster for up to 200 to 400 horsepower in the street. It on top allows helping your truck engine to respond well.

In brief, this cylinder head is a great option for those of you who want a satin exterior and body-hugging fit. It is also good enough to try out if you want an easy to install a cylinder head.


  • This cylinder head helps the engine to work better.
  • It helps to increase engine clearance to run faster.
  • Great pick for the Ford 302 small block.
  • This cylinder head helps smooth the chamber intake.
  • It helps to remove exhaust irritating gas snags.


  • This cylinder head is not for 350 Chevy engines.

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5. Speedmaster PCE281.2075 Cylinder Head– Solid Construction To Try Out Now

The Speedmaster PCE281.2075 is one of the best Ford 460 heads made out of aluminum material to give a light and strong strength against most damages. It on top allows longer-lasting durability to the last even after years.

Also, this cylinder head 10 degrees lock style that ensures a secure fit to never open when the truck engine is operated. It also ensures good fitting than another traditional-style lock system for avoiding loose attach.

Unlike others, the brand comes with 12 months of quality assurance for their buyers to get reliable replacement benefits. They on top make sure their buyers are getting nothing but quality to be satisfied with the purchase. The brand also offers a friendly client service.

No wonder of this cylinder head’s goodness as it comes with a smaller cross-section that helps to boost your engine incoming air velocity. It also ensures your truck engine to get a better performance to use with no vapor snag.

On top of that, this Ford’s head comes with CNC combustion chambers that make sure your engine gets superior control over flame travel and quench area. It also ensures improved drivability, power, and economy.

For those of you who prefer 400-700 horsepower engine running ability, then this cylinder head is your best bet. It is also worth trying for your truck engine to get robust and uniform speed.


  • It comes with a 3-angle style valve seat machine.
  • This cylinder head valve guide is made out of bronze.
  • It comes with through pushrod oiling style.
  • This cylinder head is good for Ford 429 & 460.
  • It comes with .600 max lift capacities.


  • This cylinder head doesn’t have a heat crossover.

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How To Pick The Best Big Block Ford Heads?

How To Pick The Best Big Block Ford Heads

Finding the right big-block Ford head needs a good hour of research especially if you are a novice. Since different brands offer special features, you need to think of many factors to get the best in both worlds. So, here are some good aspects that help shop faster:

Consider The Compatibility

When in the market, try to pick a big block head that is compatible with your truck and engine model. Not all cylinder heads are made for all truck models. So, makes sure your picked one is compatible with your truck engines.

Check The Intake & Exhaust Runner Volumes

Every cycling heads has intake and exhaust runner volumes that help your engine to get low-end torque and rick throttle response. You see, smaller intake ports focus on performance while the larger one gives higher revival and airflow. So, pick one that matches your demands.

Think About The Design

The design of cylinder heads is another big fact for getting better energy efficiency. You see, the cylinder heads have a combustion chamber size that needs to have a fine design that increases the compression ratio. So, when picking ford’s head in the market, think about the design.

Don’t Forget The Durability

Most cylinder heads for Ford truck engines are made out of aluminum, cast iron, or other solid material that ensures better durability. You want to pick strong cylinder heads that last for a longer period of time. Long-term cylinder heads will also save future costs too.

Installation Tips & Guide- A To Z

If you don’t know the safest installation tricks and hacks of cylinder heads, then check out the following tips with good details to know how it actually being done:

Read The Manufacturer Manual

The first trick that will help you the most is the manufacturing manual. This type of guide usually has good info on the right installation method and specifications.

Check The New & Old Parts

You should match the new and old parts when replacing to know which parts fit where. This trick does help a lot since the installation will be the exact opposite of replacement.

Check all ports, water jacket, combustion chamber shape, water outlet, and other brackets and parts. By doing so, you can also point out errors if parts are different.

Clean The Surfaces

After checking parts, you want to clean the cylinder head, intake manifold, valve cover, and engine block to get rid of messes.

Insert Cylinder Head Gasket In Right Position

Put the cycling head gasket in the right position to avoid blocking oil and water passage by spoiling the engine. Check the gasket marking to ensure which way to fit.

Use New Bolts To Fit

Most professionals suggest using new head bolts if the manufacturer recommends. For iron cast cylinder heads, most head bolts can be reused. If you have an aluminum cylinder head, read the manufacture’s recommendation to know since most suggest replacing bolts.

Start The Engine Idly

Once installing the cylinder head to the truck engine, start your engine at an idle between 1200 to 1500 RPM. Also, it should run for up to 15 minutes at the same speed to create the proper pressures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to identify bad cylinder heads?

The cylinder heads usually work well so it would be easy to identify if it gets bad or needs repair. Mostly, a bad cylinder head will drop in coolant and oil levels. You will see weird engine work unlike normal. Also, a bad cylinder head results in smoke coming out of the exhaust.

How much time does it take to replace a cylinder head?

By and large, a cylinder head will take less time depending on the application platform. If you are using a chemical sealant to replace the head, it would take a few hours. Conversely, it will take 2 to 3 days if you replace the head in the garage or DIY.

How a cylinder head does operate?

A cylinder head usually works well in the most truck engine that makes sure good space for passages that help to feed air and fuel to the cylinder. It also makes sure your engine work well when running in full speed. Also, a cylinder head helps smoke to go away from the exhaust.

Does a cylinder head increase horsepower?

The cylinder head does help to increase your truck horsepower since it improves the throttle response. It also makes sure a good generation of engine performance to speed up when riding in the roadway.

Wrap Up

And on that note, you have your 5 options of best big block ford heads to choose from. Now which one will actually make it up to what your expectations are, this is your job to figure out. Because by the end of the day, every person has some individual interests, needs, and preferences. And so more than any recommendations, your final call is what matters the most.

Make sure you take that decision after enough research, ponderation, and thoughts. Best of Luck!