7 Best SUV For Cyclists In 2022 – You Desire To Know

Are you a cyclist and looking for a solution to carry your bicycles in different places? We all know that transporting bicycles on top of the car or by using a rack is not a safe and comfortable option because of the thieves. So why not make it work with an SUV which has a spacious cargo area.

For any cyclists who want to operate the bicycles on a regular basis, it’s a great idea for them to take their bicycles with them anywhere they go. The companies are introducing various types of SUVs and fulfilling the desire of the customers.

With the SUVs, you can bring your stuff with you anywhere you go. So let’s just not waste any more time and get back to the business of choosing the best SUV for cyclists.

Best SUV For Cyclists

Product’s Name Color Power MPG Seating Key Benefits Price
Honda HR-V EX Milano Red 141 HP 34 Highway / 28 City 5 Stylish And Convenient Details On Amazon
Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring Soul Red Crystal Metallic 187 HP 30 Highway / 24 City 5 User-friendly And Handy Details On Amazon
Kia Sorento L Snow White Pearl 185 HP 29 Highway / 22 City 7 Fast Engine Speed Details On Amazon
Ford Escape Titanium Magnetic Metallic 250 HP 31 Highway / 23 City 5 Nice For Snug Ride Details On Amazon
Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium Super White 270 HP 19 Highway / 16 City 5 Large Towing Capacity Details On Amazon
Volkswagen Atlas 3.6L Deep Black Pearl 276 HP 22 Highway / 16 City 7 Fine Speed And Control Details On Amazon
Ford Expedition Limited Agate Black 375 HP 22 Highway / 17 City 8 Comfortable Seating Details On Amazon

There are various models of compact SUVs, midsize SUVs, large SUVs, and many more SUVs that you will get for your demand. But we came up with 2021 models SUVs. Then collect some information about the 2021 model’s best SUV for cyclists from directly below the discussion.

1. Honda HR-V EXHandsome Cabin With Sufficient Space

Honda HR-V EX is the holder of a subcompact design SUV with a handsome cabin. This cabin retains favorable space to carry the things or the bicycles you want for your convenience.

This SUV trim comes with the engine of turbocharged with 141 hp of 1.8-liter four-cylinder. In the city, it gives an EPA-estimated gas mileage 28 mpg; where on the highway, 34 mpg is the confirmed mileage number.

There are various extra features functional in it, like a moonroof, automatic climate control, HD radio, wireless charging, navigation system, Apple car play, Android Auto, 7-inch touch screen, six-speaker stereo, automatic emergency braking, etc.

In the second-row seats, the two latch system is functional. The cargo space is 24.3 cubic feet but, when rear seats are folded, it will be 57.6/58.8 cubic feet space. This space is enough to carry gadgets.

The HR-V EX is covering with a corrosion warranty of five-years/unlimited miles, drivetrain warranty of five-year/60,000-mile. Along with a basic and roadside assistance warranty of three-year/36,000-mile, it will be a great way to get this SUV.


  • Fairly frugal powertrain
  • Well built cabin
  • Amazing fuel economy
  • Large cargo space
  • Stable ride


  • Infotainment controls can be frustrating sometimes

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2. Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring– Shining Performance And Incredible Fuel Economy

Mazda CX-5 grand touring is the top choice for those who want a small crossover SUV for carrying the bicycles. It will give you shining performance with its peaceful ride and exceptional handling capabilities.

To provide the incredible fuel economy, it has a base engine. Further, this engine will give you a proper acceleration. You can even pick an engine of turbocharged four-cylinder because it has a turbo-diesel option. This engine will provide in the city 24mpg and on the highway 30mpg.

By its new updated version of 2021, you will get a package of road keep assist, road departure warning, adaptive cruise supervision, modern standard driver service etc. Additionally, the seats of this car are as comfortable as apparent.

In the cargo space, CX-5 is contributing 30.9 cubic feet space and if you fold the rear seats, you will get 59.6 cubic feet. In this space with 2000 pounds towing capacity, you will easily carry your bicycles.

This SUV offers you a 3 years Roadside Assistance and 3 years basic warranty of 36,000 miles. Plus, you will get 5 years of Drivetrain/60,000 miles and unlimited miles corrosion warranty.


  • User-friendly features
  • Upscale interior
  • Decent gas mileage
  • Incredible handling


  • Above-average price

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3. Kia Sorento L– Least Expensive SUV

Kia Sorento earns many honors for its value and quality. Its L trim is a midsize SUV known as the least expensive SUV in the current state of the year.

It has a spacious interior with tech features that are user friendly and fuel economy is standard with the four-cylinder engine. The base engine gives 22/29mpg for city/highway. This one also used high-end cabin materials.

Standard features of these L-SUV cars are navigation, wireless charging, 10 speaker audio system of Harman Kardon, Apple CarPlay, bluetooth, USB port, Android Auto, satellite radio, etc. Into the control panel, there are logically organized manual controls, quick menu reaction, sharp sketches by a 7-inch touch screen, etc.

Behind its 3rd row, it has 11.3 cubic feet cargo space and after folding the seats 38 cubic feet space, you receive. If you fold the 2nd and 3rd row, you get 73 cubic feet space which is enough to carry bicycles.

The towing capacity of this SUV is 2,000 lbs which is an amazing thing for your bicycles to carry. On top of that, it offers the longest warranties of a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain with a five-year/60,000-mile basic and road assistance warranty. Moreover, you get corrosion protection of a 5-year/100,000-mile warranty.


  • Comfortable ride
  • Below average price
  • Premium cabin
  • Adult friendly seating


  • Provide less engaging drive

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4. Ford Escape Titanium– Accident-avoidance Technologies For High Safety

Ford Escape Titanium is a compact SUV and the technologies it has been using for high safety is accident avoidance technologies. With this technology, it gets the highest safety ratings and trustworthiness of buying it for dragging bicycles anywhere.

It comes with the engine of a four-cylinder with 221-horsepower. This engine delivers quick acceleration to the SUV along with getting 44/37 mpg for city/highway individually.

Titanium has so many other features like wifi hotspot, satellite radio, audio system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation, 8-inch touch screen infotainment system, etc. Standard Escape comes with a USB port, 6 speaker audio system, a 4.2-inch SYNC system display, etc.

This SUV submits cargo space much more than other competitors. Behind the rear seats, it has 33.5 cubic feet space, but when you fold it, you will get 65.4 cubic feet space.

The Escape provides a warranty of 5 years/60,000 miles for Powertrain, Safety Restraint System along with Roadside Assistance Program. For only Perforation, the Corrosion warranty is 5 years/Unlimited mile. Although it can tow more than 3,500 pounds.


  • Reliable
  • Comfortable ride
  • Adept handling
  • Adult friendly seats
  • User-friendly infotainment system


  • Middling-interior quality

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5. Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium– New Safety Sense P Package Availability

Toyota 4Runner 2021 is the midsize SUV that has a new package of safety sense P. By that safety sense, you will have the category of developed driver aids and effective safety characteristics. Even this model includes a new infotainment system.

The 4Runner SR5 premium arrives with a 4.0-liter V6 engine with 270 HP. The V6 engine will provide you with a five-speed automatic transmission. On top of that, this SUV gives gas mileage of 16/19mpg for city/highway separately.

The new infotainment technique improves the interface with a larger touchscreen. Its buttons are chunky, large which are simple to control. Furthermore, the user-friendly technologies have a premium 15 speaker of JBL stereo, navigation, effortless smartphone integration, automatic climate control, voice recognition, satellite or HD radio, etc.

Behind the second row, this SUV has the basic cargo space of 47.5 cubic feet. However, when you fold the second row’s seats; you will get 90 cubic feet of space. It offers you a ton of cargo area than other SUVs.

Toyota drapes the 4Runner SR5 SUV with a powertrain warranty of five-year/60,000-mile, also a basic or limited warranty of three-year/36,000-mile. The towing capacity is 5,000lbs.


  • Off-road capability
  • Airy and comfortable cabin
  • Huge list of features
  • Large cargo sector
  • Variation of configuration


  • Less fuel-efficient

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6. Volkswagen Atlas 3.6L– Balanced Ride With Spacious Areas

Volkswagen atlas is one of the most beautiful, and the best mid-size three rows SUVs because of its spacious benefits. Here you will find tons of capacity to carry bicycles, that too with a balanced ride system.

This SUV will offer you an engine of a 3.6-liter V6 engine with 276 horsepower that is also available for this model. With its base engine, it will provide you 16/22mpg for city/highway respectively.

You can remotely interact with the SUV by its VW Car-Net assistance via smartphones with wifi hotspot. Apart from that, you get bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, mirror link, extra three USB ports, navigation, voice recognition, etc.

It normally has 20.6 cubic feet cargo space but if you fold the third row, then you have 55.5 cubic feet behind it. When you fold the third and second rows, behind the first row of seating you will get 96.8 cubic feet of space.

Atlas is delivering you with a limited warranty of four-year/50,000-mile. On top of that, its safety rating is amazing if we see the overall performance of it.


  • Incredible fuel economy
  • Infotainment controls are user friendly
  • Car-like handling
  • Cavernous cargo
  • Roomy seats


  • Under Power engine

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7. Ford Expedition Limited– Full-size SUV And The Most Spacious One

Ford Expedition Limited 2021 is the most spacious and full-size SUV in modern vehicles. Its cargo space is massive, where you will be carrying your bicycles easily. It’s towing capacity is 6000lbs.

Limited Ford Expeditions carry the EcoBoost V6-turbocharged engine with a 10-speed automated system of transmission. In the full-size SUV, it has the best figure of mileage by EPA-estimated of 17/23 mpg on highway/city.

The 8-inch touchscreen has simple menus with massive virtual switches, including the 12-speaker sound technique of Bang & Olufsen, rear-seat relaxation system, household-style power platform, etc. Additionally; standard features like audio adjustments, climate control, effortless smartphone integration, etc are there.

Behind the third row of this SUV, the cargo space is 19.3 cubic feet and if you fold the third row, it has 57.5 cubic feet space. The 104.6 cubic feet space is available when you fold both rows.

Ford Expedition gives a Safety Restraint System, powertrain, along with the Roadside Assistance Program of five-year/60,000-mile warranty with a Corrosion for Perforation warranty of 5 years / Unlimited miles. It has average reliability given by J.D. Power.


  • Huge cabin for cargo
  • Premier interior
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Powerful turbocharged engine


  • Expensive

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Points Need To Know Before Buying SUV

Points Need To Know Before Buying SUV

You must check out these points to buy an SUV for your benefit. Let’s get to know them first.

Pump Considerations

Pump consideration comes when you drive a long distance frequently then you can get a four-cylinder engine SUV. It will be a better choice than 6 or 8 cylinder engines which decreases the fuel economy.

Two-Wheel Drive vs Four-Wheel Drive

The two-wheel-drive will be easier to maintain and also save your gas. But this one only is beneficial for you if you drive only in urban areas. When you drive off-road, then a four-wheel drive will be a must.

Parking sensors

For saving your SUV from any kind of scratch, a parking sensor is the best way to get it done. Without it, you will be blindfolded when you park your SUV. It must have front-back cameras to protect your valuable car.


When you buy an expensive SUV you go for a comfortness. Because you have to carry your stuff so if it’s not a comfortable ride then what’s the point of investing so much money in the rubbish.

Safety Considerations

Whatever you buy, safety comes first. It is not different here either because when you will get a large SUV, it must have a rollover for an accident. But currently, there are various safety features. So you don’t have to bother about it.

Crossover or Conventional

SUVs now have two sections one is the crossover and the opposite one is conventional. In terms of size, the crossover is smaller than the conventional ones. Moreover, conventional SUVs can take more load than the crossover.

Size Requirements

The size of the SUVs is required to specify before buying this because if you want to carry 1 or 2 bicycles then definitely you don’t want to get a large SUV. For this reason, we define each of the SUVs forms to make it simple to know which one is going to be yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to carry 3 or 4 bikes in an SUV?

If you know the way of carrying or fitting bicycles in an easy and effective way, then you can easily take 3 or 4 bicycles in your SUV. It also depends on which type of SUV you have. If you want to take more than one bicycle, then you need a spacious SUV which has a large cargo area.

Will a bicycle fit easily in an SUV?

For fitting a bicycle, it depends on the model of the SUV you have. Further, the way of fitting is also a point to notice. Both the technicalities need to check. follow before doing the fitting process.

How will I know which SUV is for me as a cyclist and it won’t put me into an issue?

To know that which SUV is for you or for a cyclist, you need to make some sort of notes like-
* What is the requirement you want from the SUV?
* For what direction do you want to get it?
* How many bicycles do you want to take on your tour?
* How much space do you want in the cargo area?
If you answer these questions then you will be able to choose one for you. But if you want to avoid issues, then you can check each SUVs safety measures.

Wrap Up

It is not easy to drive all the way to the destination by cycling. But for cyclists, they can’t think of a day without their cycles. Although they have so many competitions to participate in around so many places so they have to carry their cycles with them.

For this reason, we came up with the seven best SUV for cyclists and make it easier for them to choose it from these limited options. Otherwise, we all know how many options are available in the need which makes us confused.

So make the right choice because all the SUVs that we bring in here are all well-deserving for a cyclist convenience.