What Are The 7 Best Running Boards for 2019 RAM 1500?

Form providing a stylish rough look to giving that flexible in and out comfort, there’s a lot of benefits that comes along with the right running boards. When it comes to looking for the right model matching your RAM 1500, pleasingly there are quite a few names to take. But are they serve the best ones that you are craving for? That’s something that needs your time, effort, understanding, and decision.

We are here with some of the best running boards for 2019 ram 1500 that sounds appealing with not only amazing features but also a flexible price point. So, Keep on Reading!

Best Running Boards for 2019 RAM 1500

Product’s Name Material Weight Capacity Key Benefits Price
APS iBoard Black Running Boards Aluminum 300 LBS Durable And Firm Construction Details On Amazon
Tyger Auto TG-RS2D40208 Riser Running Boards Carbon Steel 300 LBS Lasts A Long Time Details On Amazon
APS iBoard 6 inches Running Boards Aluminum 300 LBS Improve Ground Clearance Details On Amazon
Onine 6 Inch Black Running Boards Alloy Steel 500 LBS Tough And Solid Details On Amazon
MaxMate 4 Inch Oval Running Boards Stainless Steel 220 LBS Fine For Daily Use Details On Amazon
Onine 6 Inch Chrome Running Boards Aluminum 350 LBS Simple To Step-in Details On Amazon
APS Auto Chrome OE Style Nerf Bars Running Boards Alloy Steel 300 LBS Increase Fuel Mileage Details On Amazon

Let’s not wait any more moments and jump right into the complete reviews for today’s star models…

1. APS iBoard Black Running Boards– Say Goodbye to Rust with This One

The running boards for Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab from APS brand are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum to avoid rust and decay. This material on top makes sure no snag of peeling too.

With an amazing design, they on top make sure you are getting better grip and traction while walking into the surface. As they are designed with an anti-slip thread style that allows you to never face the snag of slippage. This set on top ensures you are enjoying a fine grip to enter with no snag.

On top of that, this set comes with 6 inches wide space that makes sure you are getting full freedom to walk or enter into the surface easily. You see, a larger running board gives better room to walk for not only to get ornate but also to get the job done well just like this set.

Want to know the coolest part of this set? They appear with rough and tough brackets that allow anyone to use them with no snag. This running board set on top can support not more than 300 lbs. with no bending. Besides, they make sure no snag of lasting value.

On the whole, this running board set is an ideal pick for anyone who wants a good blend of comfort and sturdy. You can try them out for decorating your truck in the smartest way.


  • The running boards are easy to set up.
  • They are great for functionality and style.
  • The mounting bolts are easy to use.
  • They are durable to lasts for a good while.
  • Good pick for the money.


  • Not for the 2019 Classic Body Style trucks.

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2. Tyger Auto TG-RS2D40208 Riser Running Boards– Finest Pick for DIY Riders

The Tyger Auto TG-RS2D40208 is one of the finest 2021 Ram 1500 Crew Cab running boards set for riders who alone install them. The package on top appears with a user manual to fit easily.

And, the running board set is triangulated tube material that makes sure you are getting rid of the torsional rational. They on top make sure you are getting high potency and toughness that makes sure long-term usage. This running board set also allows you to better ground clearance.

But wait, that is not all. They on top have good quality that makes sure you are cleaning the surface with no snag. To clean the running boards, use any of your favorite shine shield sprays in the running boards and wipe them. They on top ensure you are easily clean with no snag.

The brand also comes with 5 years of quality assurance to enjoy good replacement benefits. They on top make sure you are getting both restore and repair benefits with no extra cost. And, the brand given client service makes sure you are getting a good solution for product-related issues.

If you want slip-free and rust-free running boards for a longer period usage, then this set is your best bet. This running board set is also a good pick for 2019 to 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Trouble-free to install.
  • Brilliant makeup and coating that lasts long.
  • They are good in design and quality.
  • The price is decent for daily use.


  • The brackets are hard to higher or lower adjust.

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3. APS iBoard 6 inches Running Boards– Toughest Pick to Try Out Now

The APS iBoard running boards are made out of 100% aircraft-grade aluminum build material that ensures better lasting ability. They on top ensure you are using this set even for years.

With solid running boards, they on top make sure you are getting rid of no rust snag even after touching with water. The running board set also makes sure you are getting better shields and strength. They as well as make sure you are having better stability and toughness.

No wonder of this set greatness for daily use with a perfect 6 inches wide corrugated rubber step pad that makes sure you are comfy using with no damages. They on top make sure you are taking a comfy and secure step to easily get in and get out by stepping into the surface.

With an excellent look and design, they come with gloss crystal clear chrome finish for getting rid of rust snag. This awesome finish on top makes sure you are getting a low-profile design that allows a shiny and attractive look. They as well as make sure good makeup for your truck.

In general, this running board set is a good pick if you want a clean, low outline and solid options. They are also a decent option to try out for patented 2 piece running boards.


  • The package comes with 2 running boards.
  • They help to improve fuel mileage.
  • The installation manual is well written to appreciate well.
  • They turn most cars look to brand new.
  • Wonderful option for long-term usage.


  • Not for the 2018 Previous Generation trucks.

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4. Onine 6 Inch Black Running Boards– Get Ideal Weight Capacity with This One

The running boards set comes with an amazing load capacity that allows you to take weight more of 500 lbs. They on top make sure you and your family member are easily using it with no snag.

This running board set as well as is built with long-lasting, strong, and top-grade 16-gauge steel that allows them to lasts for a long time. They on top make sure you are getting no snag of rust and heat damage, unlike others. This running board set also makes sure no crack or fracture snag.

On top, they are compatible with the 2019-2021 Dodge Ram 1500 trucks to use with no-drill installation. But they have not used running boards for Dodge Ram 2500. However, the running boards come with DIY instruction and mounting hardware to easily install in the suitable models.

They on top are coated with the texture black powder that makes sure you are getting no snag of sunray damage even when using under direct heat. Besides, the running boards make sure you are getting no snag with the peeling and other issues for years of use.

By and large, this running board set is a decent pick for anyone who wants higher strength mounting brackets and other hardware. You can try this set out for off-road look and ride.


  • The manual is user friendly for DIY installation.
  • They come at a decent price point.
  • The brand given client service is helpful.
  • They are protected in quality assurance.
  • Good pick for off-road look and louvers style.


  • Not good for faster riders.

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5. MaxMate 4 Inch Oval Running Boards– No Snag of Sunray with This One

Another brand hard not to mention is the MaxMate that comes with 4 Inches running board with amazing UV-free design. This feature on top makes sure a better shield against UV rays.

The package on top comes with 2 full side front doors and 2 narrow rear doors applicant running boards to use in most trucks. They as well as make sure you are using in the 2019-2021 RAM 1500 Quad CAB model to match with the look and style with no snag.

Made with oval stainless-steel tubing, this 4-inches running board set makes sure more strength and protection against the most damages no matter which weather you use. They not only allow you to increase the gas mileage but also help to avoid the wind bad effect to reach to the bottom.

In addition to that, the running board end caps are made out of welded stainless steel that makes sure good safety against the weather and water resistance. They on top make sure extra security against rust and oxidize. The running boards on top ensure no wearing out snag too.

In short, this running board set is a huge deal for anyone who wants good features at a decent price range. You are free to try them out for getting easy setup, non-slip, and good-looking options.


  • For the price, it is hard to beat.
  • They are solid in design to last longer.
  • The running board set is great for solo installation.
  • They are functional and get the job done well.
  • The running board set gives good protection.


  • It takes more than 1 hour to install.

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6. Onine 6 Inch Chrome Running Boards– Avoid Slip Snag with This One

The best side steps for Ram 1500 should come with non-slip thread step pads that ensure you are facing no slippage just like this Online 6 Inch set. This set also allows you to avoid accidents.

The 2019 Ram 1500 running boards OEM quality makes this set on another level for any riders to enjoy extremely good looks. This set is made out of aluminum with mirror polished makeup to match with your truck looks and gives you a light and cozy feel when stepping on the surface.

Besides, the running boards come with 6 inches step width that makes sure you are getting more room to step your foot in when entering. Thing feature not only allows you to comfortably move inside but also avoid the mishaps that occur in small side steps.

They on top comes with safe and secure foot design with polypropylene step pads at each door that gives you more traction and terrain to easily find clearances. The side steps as well as make sure you are feeling safer and steeping in the surface securely with better footing.

Generally speaking, this 2 side step set is a big blessing for daily riders who want to keep away their truck from debris. You can try them out if you want a shining smooth style.


  • The instruction guide is easy to learn from.
  • They are simple to mount and remove.
  • For the quality, it is hard to beat.
  • The client service is decent for solving issues.
  • The running boards have a nice and stylish look.


  • Some people don’t like its quality.

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7. APS Auto Chrome OE Style Nerf Bars Running Boards– Improve Your Truck Style with This One

This 2019 Ram 1500 power running boards set comes with an amazing retracing style that makes sure fine feel and looks with your truck. This side step set also allows making your truck look cooler.

They on top made with a protective design that makes sure you are getting rid of snow, mud, and debris. The running boards set also allows you to get a polished OE style that makes sure no damages of debris. With this feature, they tend to look clean and shiny as usual.

The set of 2 side steps also is made in bolt-on style for users to easily install them in a few secure mounting points. They on top make sure you are installing the bolts and brackets and other hardware to do an extremely easy task.

And, they come with slip-proof step design that makes sure no snag of slippage snag. The side steps also make sure you are easily avoiding the mishaps and accidents snags. They on top allow you to comfortably walk in the surface with no risk.

To sum it up, the side step set is a perfect pick for anyone to get a 100% secure, polished, and crack-free surface. They are also a good option for most trucks.


  • They are light in weight to carry easily.
  • The running boards are made in bolt-on design to mount well.
  • Good pick for most trucks use.
  • The hardware of this set is strong and breakproof.
  • The brand appears with 5 years of warranty option.


  • Not as durable as the other running board set.

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How to Pick the Best Running Boards for 2019 Ram 1500?

For sure, you want the best running boards for ram 1500 by considering some aspects. So, check down below for a smooth pick:

Types of Running Boards

Recently, there are 3 types of running board for the 2019 Ram 1500 such as lighted and retracting. Here are good details of them:

Lighted Running Board

The lighted running board is good for style and utility. This type of running board is made for use in dark places usage to see in the night time. In addition, the lighted running board has light features to be visible when releasing the doors.

Retracting Running Board

The retracting running board is all about a smooth look and better clearance to step up easily. If talking about a comfortable and natural ground feel, you want the retracting running board.

Materials Facts

Material is another aspect you want to notice before picking running boards. Most running boards are made of either steel or aluminum.

The aluminum is light and improves gas mileage yet bad for off-road use. Conversely, the steel is rigid and suitable for off-road rides yet includes poor fuel mileage. So, based on your preference, pick one.

Weight Capacity

To avoid cracking and breakage, you want to check the weight capacity of the running boards. Most running boards should have 200 to 500 lbs. weight capacity to hold your weight when walking into. So, depending on you and your companion weight, choose running boards.

Consider the Coating

The good coating of the running boards gives greater protection against UV rays, slip, and rust snag. Most running boards have chrome or matte black coating. If you want shiny effects, the chrome coating is better. Conversely, the matte black coating is good for protection.

How to Install Running Boards on 2019 Ram 1500

To install running boards on 2019 Ram 1500, you want to follow some rules. So, take some snack and start reading:

Use floor Jack to Remove the Tape

At first, check if you have any mounting holes in your vehicle by using a floor jack. If so, then you will see the holes are covered with tape. Detach the tapes and move to the next step.

Install the Stud, Nuts and Plastic Retainer

Then, install the stud and nut plate in the naked holes. After that, secure the plastic retainer into the stud plate tightly. Complete this step in both sides of your truck.

Set Up Side Mounting Bracket

Install the side mounting bracket into the stud plates by using your installation kits. Then, go to the next step.

Align another Stud from the Front Vehicle

Next, align the second stud with the rocker panel hole and bracket slot. Install the bolt, washer, and other washers gently in the plates.

Detach the Body Bolt and Install Mount Bracket

Take out the body mount bolt and install the bracket in the midsection of the body mount and body mount bolt assembly. Detach the tape from the rear of the driver’s side door.

Attach the Running Boards on Both Sides

Then, install the rear mounting brackets and align the second stud plate in the hole. Attach the running boards in both sides by using the bolt and washer easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of using running boards?

Using running boards is really useful for your truck that will give extra protection. The running board also helps riders to enter into their truck with no snag. With the running board support, your truck will be secure a lot from mud and debris.

What are the running boards?

The running boards are a narrow footboard that ensures you are setting up into your truck easily. They are actually helpful for granting a smooth walking place to get inside and out of the ram 1500 with no slippage.

Do running boards help increasing gas mileage?

For increasing the gas mileage of your truck, the running boards are helpful depending on their weights. You see, a heavy-weighted running board won’t able to increase gas mileage. For light running boards, they will boast vehicle gas mileage.

Are running boards necessary to use?

The running boards are actually essential for riders who want easy to go into and out. On top of that, they allow users to keep the surface clean from dirty germs and debris. The running boards also help your truck to hardly get filthy.

Wrap Up

Finally, we are by the end of today’s chit chat over the best running boards for 2019 ram 1500. We hope you are now accessible to some of the finest recommendations and will be able to choose one wise model out of these.

The added ease of access is something you won’t regret getting with a quality running board. Especially with lifted trucks, it’s even more stressful for your body. Because with high jacked-up RAM, it’s quite common to find it hard for getting in or out. So, if you are still not sure whether to invest in this additional thing, we’ll say you should…